I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1041

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 

The defense was also outstanding. 

Astrid felt this barrier was stronger than her father‘s protective shield. 

When David returned with the body, he saw more than a dozen people attacking the barrier he had set up. 

He smiled contemptuously. 

These Sangruil Sinners thought too highly of themselves. 

They were not even in Celestial Rank, yet they wanted to break through his mind barrier. How delusional. 

David‘s arrival immediately caught everyone‘s attention. 

Astrid and the others had looks of surprise on their faces. 

On the other hand, more than a dozen Sangruil Sinner hybrids showed panic in their eyes. 

What did they see? 

This kid actually dragged back their leader‘s corpse! Their leader was at Celestial Rank, and he was killed so easily. 

No one said anything, and more than a dozen people scattered in a hurry, running for their lives. 

The strength of this young man was too terrifying. Even their leader, who was at Celestial Rank, was no match for him. 

Wouldn’t they be asking for death if they stayed? 

They had to go back and report to the king immediately. 

David looked at the fleeing hybrids, threw aside the corpse in his hand, and chased after them instantly. He had to kill all of them. 

He did not want his portrait to appear in front of the king of Sangruil. 

It was no joke to be chased by the Sangruil Sinners. 

After a while, David used his mind power to bring back more all of the hybrid corpses. 

Astrid and the gang were already beyond shocked by David. 

Even the palace guards could not defeat the Sangruil Sinners, but David killed them so easily. 

He was too strong. 

David removed the mind barrier and went to Astrid and the gang. 

Behind him were the bodies of the Sangruil Sinners. “Thank you so much for your help. I am so grateful to you. May I know your name?” Astrid bowed and thanked 


“My name is David Lidell, and Your Royal Highness, you don‘t have to be so polite with me. It‘s nothing,” David said indifferently. 

“I see, David. It might be nothing to you, but for the three of us, it is an unforgettable life–saving act of grace that I will never forget for as long as I live,” Astrid thanked again. 

“Thank you for your life–saving act of grace, Master David!” 

Emerald and Ms. Madrigal also bowed at the same time. 

David waved his hand and asked curiously, “Have you seen these hybrids before, Your Royal Highness? You just said these people cooperated with the galaxy beasts and betrayed human beings. What‘s up with that?” 

“David, this is the first time I have seen such a hybrid. If I guessed correctly, Sangruil Sinners should have cooperated with the Nine – Headed Serpents, one of the galaxy beasts. They should have transplanted the cells of the Nine–Headed Serpents into their bodies, resulting in them being able to enter this beast mode. Meanwhile, the Nine–Headed Serpents are humans’ enemies. They like to eat humans the most, and they have long wanted to keep humans in captivity so that we can be their food whenever they desire,” Astrid replied. 

“Oh? The Nine–Headed Serpents like to eat humans, but 

the Sangruil Sinners still dare to cooperate with them. Aren‘t they afraid of things going south? And are the Nine –Headed Serpents very powerful ? Where do they live?” David continued to ask. 

“The Sangruil Sinners and our empire have a long history of grievances. Perhaps they know that revenge is hopeless, so they choose to cooperate with the Nine Headed Serpents to act as a Hail Mary. They should have reached some kind of agreement with the Nine –Headed Serpents. If they can overthrow the empire and control the entire Milky Way, they may delineate an area in the Milky Way for the latter. As for the Nine–Headed Serpents, according to historical records, they like to eat humans the most, and they are very powerful. They‘re even ranked top ten among the galaxy beasts. They live in another galaxy outside the Milky Way, a galaxy belonging to the galaxy beasts called the Beast Galaxy.” 

Even though Astrid was the princess of the Milky Way Empire and was not very old, she was carefully cultivated by the emperor since childhood. Hence, she was very knowledgeable and overall very brilliant. 

So many thoughts filled her mind just by seeing the Sangruil Sinner hybrids, while her analysis was also very reasonable. 

It was almost the same as the actual situation. 

David also felt the analysis was very credible after hearing it. 

The Sangruil Sinners teamed up with the Nine –Headed Serpents, and after they overthrow the empire, the Sangruil Sinners would probably give them a portion of the galaxy. 

Judging from this, it was not an exaggeration to say that these Sangruil Sinners had betrayed humanity and were sinners toward all of humankind! 

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