I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1040

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 David only used a split second to send the leader of the lead Sangruil Sinners flying. Immediately after, David chased after him again to deak him the final blow. 

Astrid, her gang, and the more than a dozen Sangruil Sinner hybrids were the only ones left at the scene. 

Astrid and the others were stunned. 

‘What‘s going on? 

‘Is he going just to ignore us? 

There are so many human–beast hybrids here!‘ 

Since the materialized mind power was transparent, they could not see it. Therefore, they did not know that David had a backup plan for them. 

They only felt that David was very unreliable. 

More than a dozen Sangruil Sinner hybrids were also left stunned. 

‘He left just like this? Isn‘t he giving us a window to act?” 

As long as they captured Princess Astrid and returned to report the news, their mission would be completed, and  the king would reward them. 

Other than that, they could also continue to increase their combat power. Who would not want to be a Celestial Ranker? 


Someone said this, and then dozens of hybrids acted at the same time. They quickly approached Astrid and the gang, extending their scaled claws to grab Astrid. 


Astrid and the gang screamed. 

At the same time, they closed their eyes, waiting for disaster to come. 

But after a while… 

Bang bang bang! 

More than a dozen loud sounds rang in their ears. 

They were not hurt in any way. Then, Astrid and the others opened their eyes. They saw more than a dozen Sangruil Sinners hybrids with painful expressions on their faces. 

They seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier a few -meters away. 

These people were very fast, so the sudden appearance of  the invisible barrier caught them off guard, causing their claws, body, and head to slam into the barrier simultaneously. They were all feeling dizzy after the collision , and they had pained looks on their faces. 

‘What happened?‘ 

The trio was curious. 

Although it was not clear how this situation occurred, they all understood in their hearts that the young man who rescued them must have done this. 

These Sangruil Sinners were naturally not pleased since their target was kept away from them. 

Hence, they began to use all kinds of means to attack the mind barrier set up by David. 

However, only a tiny ripple appeared after countless powerful attacks. They could not do any damage to it at all. 

David‘s mind power had reached Celestial level 10, so only a partial Infinity Ranker could break it. 

These Sangruil Sinners were all Cosmos Rankers, so they would not do anything to it even if they continued attacking for three days straight. 

At first, Astrid and the gang were still nervous and scared the barrier would be broken. However, when they saw 

everyone being blocked outside, they started to calm down slowly. 

This made them feel more and more curious about David. 

He was so young, and yet, he was so terrifyingly strong. 

He could even overpower a beginner Celestial Rank Sangruil Sinner. 

Furthermore , he even possessed this freakish invisible barrier. 

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