I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1039

I’m A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 David looked at these guys. 

After turning into beast mode, these people‘s combat power improved significantly. 

He had seen such a sudden increase in combat power when he was fighting with Adan from the Tuffin family. 

However, the difference was that after Adan used the Blood – Burning Potion, and although a layer of crimson gas appeared on the outside of his body like a beast‘s armor, at least David could see that it was a person inside. 

Meanwhile, these people were no longer human, they were completely beasts. 

It was not hard to decipher from Princess Astrid‘s words that these guys were not good people. 

David decided to ask what was going on after he took care of them. 

“It‘s not up to you whether we betray humanity. As long as we destroy the Milky Way Empire and become the overlords of the Milky Way, who would dare to sanction us? Only we can sanction others,” the man in the lead said. 

“You won‘t have a chance to do that. My father will never spare you!” 

“Tsk tsk…Your father? We‘ll talk if he can defeat our king! Sangruil is not the same Sangruil centuries ago that was in hiding after being chased and hunted by the Milky Way Empire. This time, we‘ve come back for revenge while filled with endless hatred.” 

“Impossible ! My father is an invincible existence in the Milky Way. No one can defeat him,” Astrid immediately retorted. 

However, they could hear her voice trembling a little, so she had to be nervous. 

“Really? Then why didn‘t he come to save you in person? With that strength, he could cross great distances in the blink of an eye. However, he still hasn’t come, so don‘t you understand , Your Royal Highness Princess Astrid ?” 

“No… No… No! My father cannot be defeated. He‘s only been delayed because something has come up,” Astrid comforted herself in a panic. 

David noticed something different. After Adan took the Blood –Burning Potion, although his combat power increased, he could not control his emotions, and his body would slowly decay. When the time came, he would die without anyone doing anything. 

However, these guys did not seem to be affected at all. 

He could still speak coherently with Princess Astrid; their bodies also showed no signs of decay. 

David did not bother to listen to their nonsense. He used his materialized mind power to form a transparent sphere and wrapped Astrid and the gang in it to prevent them from being hurt by the shockwave

Then, he disappeared from where he stood. 

He appeared in front of the leader of the black–robed men in an instant. 

One should capture the leader if one wanted to capture a thief. Hence, David had to get rid of the most powerful person first. Of course, even if the leader was the most powerful among the men, he was still nothing to David. 

Even if his combat power increased after going into beast mode, he was only at mid–Celestial Rank. 

David‘s current combat power was partial Infinity Rank. 

The difference between the two was so big, and there was no comparison at all. 


The black – robed man who transformed into a beast felt his vision blurring, and a burst of pain overwhelmed him before he could react. Then, his body was knocked away by a strong force. 

David stood in place. He was just trying to get the feel of things. The man‘s scales were very hard, and the defense 

was pretty high. That was why David could not kill the man with a single punch. Although it was just a regular punch, it was not something a mid–Celestial Rank could resist. 

Meanwhile , David was dissatisfied with the effect of the punch, and his body disappeared in place again. 

When he reappeared , he had already caught up with the black –robed man who was knocked into the air by him and still had not stopped. 

The black–robed man was in excruciating pain, but David was by his side again before he could return to his senses. 

The black–robed man‘s eyes narrowed. 

‘What kind of speed is this? How the hell am I going to continue fighting? 

“There‘s no way for me to fight back at all!‘ 

He wanted to make a defensive move, but David‘s soft palm immediately made contact with his chest. 

Top combat skill: Air Crushing Slap! 

This immediately shattered all of the black–robed man‘s internal organs. 

Then, David grabbed the man‘s tail and returned to his original location. 

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