Author: Alexis Dee
Alpha novel
Number of chapters: (Ongoing)


I’m Enya Fosters, an omega of the Crimson Fangs Pack. My parents died when I was 6 years old. I stayed in an orphanage until I was adopted by a Gamma family at the age of 12.

People would think my sufferings were over when I was adopted by the gammas, but sadly, the bullying continued. The whole pack didn’t like me, just the sight of me made them roll their eyes.

“Stay away from Alpha King, you little whore!” this is Alpha King Corbin: my mate’s friend.

They hate me because I’m just an Omega and dating Corbin.

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Tasting All My Mates Chapter 334

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Tasting All My Mates Chapter 334 334 Open Relationship  After Walsh wouldn‘t shut up, Christina hit him on the head and . knocked him out once again. We didn‘t take him to the principal yet. The boys decided to leave and go to the bar. The timing was a bit odd. They didn‘t even speak …

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Tasting All My Mates Chapter 327

Tasting All My Mates Chapter 327 327-The Beginning of The Curse  Author’s POV:  Years Ago:  Emelia did get punished by staying with Alpha Yale and taking care of his son, who he would put in the cage all the time. Then one day, Emelia was asked to accompany Yale somewhere. He took her to Hazel‘s home, but she wasn‘t aware of it. Neither did Yale know about their history. He just wanted Emelia to understand the process of the herbs he was feeding Lazlo from Hazel. “She is an herb specialist?” Emelia asked the alpha as she looked around the small but cozy living room. “Yes.” Yale didn‘t want to tell her he was taking favors from a witch, but because Emelia was a witch in the past, she felt that energy in this house. Hazel had kept all the powers of the ancestors, but it had started to affect her. Her health was declining due to so much pressure. But she didn‘t care. She had planned to give all her magic to her daughter when she grew up. “This place!” Emelia whispered to herself, feeling weird. Her eyes then landed on a picture frame behind the books. When Yale wasn‘t watching, Emelia grabbed the frame to observe it, and it was then her heart sank in her chest. “Hazel!” she gasped, putting the frame down and worrying in bewilderment. She never thought of meeting her ever again. In her mind, Hazel betrayed her so that she could take over the mother witch‘s position. Emelia thought Hazel was still living in the forest with the coven. “She must be here any second.” Yale said, “I need to use the restroom. Sit here, don‘t walk around without her permission.” Yale didn’t care about Hazel‘s privacy. He just didn‘t want Emelia to find out more than she needed to know. Frightened and lost, Emelia nodded and watched Yale walk away to the guestroom. The instant she was alone again, she got on her feet and snuck into a room where Yale told her Hazel prepared herbs. Since Hazel wasn‘t home, Emelia had time to snoop around her stuff. “After ruining my life, she is over here living her best life?” Emelia could feel the powerful energy in the room and tell Hazel had most of the magic. She just couldn‘t understand why Hazel was living here. Did she not get the title of the Mother Witch? If so, then what happened to the powers? Did they kick her out, and if they did, why did she still have magic? Nothing made sense to Emelia, but she was angry at the fact that Emelia got punished and was forced to stay away from her babies while Hazel lived her best life with a mate who supported her and a little baby girl. “That pendant?” Emelia frowned when her eyes landed on a pendant that she recalled vividly. This was the same pendant she had seen Shaun wear on their first date. Was Hazel still meeting Shaun? Did he gift …

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