Author: Lu LaiFoZu
Number of chapters: 1169 (Completed)
“Master, you are too slow to spend money. The family gave you one billion. Why haven’t you spent it in a month?” As the heir to the top wealthy, Chen Feng is very troubled. Go home to farm. And if Chen Feng didn’t work hard to be a door-to-door son-in-law, he could only go back and inherit a trillion family fortune. Alas, life is too difficult.
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Royal Dragon Husband Chapter: 1169 (END) by NovelsYou

[ad_1]Royal Dragon Husband Chapter: 1169 FINAL[ad_2] I don’t know why, so Chen Feng has no fear. When Yuan Lie heard this, he seemed to know that he had lost, but he was not reconciled and said, “Mr. Chen, have you made everything simple?” Chen Feng asked curiously, “Is there anything complicated? It’s just layoffs. Without …

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