–Author: Summer  
–Billionaire novel
–Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

Nicole’s life changed drastically when she was reunited with the Riddle family. “Nothing is more important than my sister,” said her eldest brother, the domineering CEO. “You are still a student with no income. Take my credit card and spend however you like,” said her second brother, the financial expert. “I will allow no one to bully you at school,” her third brother, a top student, said. “Why did I compose this song? Because it would put a sweet smile on your face when you hear it,” her fourth brother, a talented musician, said. “You’re so delicate. Let me do the dirty work for you if you want to beat someone up,” said her athletic fifth brother. Just when Nicole was barely accustomed to the pampering of her five brothers, she found herself having a fiancé, a nemesis from whom she had hacked a hundred million dollars. She needed to cancel the engagement, no matter what. But he pressed her against the door and said, “How can you run away just like that after stealing my money, you brat?” “Even if I don’t run, I don’t have the money to pay you back,” Nicole acted tough. “Oh, yeah? Then I will take you instead of money.” He then carried her on his back and took her away.

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My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020 “The prices of the raw materials now are ridiculously high, and he will of course have a hard time finding major suppliers.” Jared knew the market like the back of his hand. “Indeed.” Nicole seemed to have thought of something and looked at Jared with a surprised look. “You have the raw materials, …

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My Wife is a Hacker Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Nicole was completely astonished.She did not expect Martin to have developed such a powerful device. Martin, satisfied with Nicole’s surprised expression, continued the introduction. “There is a compartment under this red button.If you suffer a traumatic injury, press the red button and take out the fast-healing injection needle and jab on the wound; …

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