–Author: Jessica Hall
–Romance novel
–Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

Tyson and Ace, two twin hybrid brothers direct descendants of the moon goddess, thought life wouldn’t get any more complicated then being raised by their older brother the Lycan king.
When Ryker their older brother the Alpha king finds his mate, they learn she has a missing daughter and help find her bringing her home, only when they do they can’t help but feel drawn to the young girl and on their 16 birthday, they find out she is their mate, the girl they helped raise their own brothers step daughter was to be theirs, though Lucy was 12 they and they help practically raised her, they knew when she found out in the future she would be a handful.
Lucy is no ordinary hybrid but a mutated version like her mother and there is just one problem, she has no wolf, the scientists that experimented on her as a child killing her wolf counterpart, and basically leaving her more vampire then wolf. Now only do they have to wait for her to grow up, they also have to hope she recognises them when she does.
Lucy has always been different being a mutation of her hybrid mother, raised by her stepfather the Lycan king and his two Twin brothers her life was never easy, she spent majority of her life in captivity before her mother and her mate the Lycan king freed her along with those in facility finding the long lost daughter of the Lycan Queen and rescued her bring her home.
Little does she know that the two young men that have always been by her side since she was child and helped raise her once rescued, are hiding a secret. She is their mate, what happens when Lucy finds out that not only are they her mates but they knew all along, can she look at them as anything more than family, though not blood related they did help raise her but now she understood why she was always drawn to them, drawn to the twin brothers who are both Alpha’s of their pack, will she trust fate or will she reject them?

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My Two Alphas -Chapter 98 – Epilogue

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AYearLater We had just got home from the waterfalls. Today was an absolute scorcher, so we went swimming. Mom and dad had moved out a couple of months ago, and we were glad to have the house back to ourselves. Though I would miss mom’s terrible cooking and Rayan’s constant “I’m bored.” I rushed into …

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