Author: Jennifer Baker
Romance Alpha Novel
Number of chapters: (Ongoing)


Avalynn was quiet and kept to herself type of girl throughout school. She couldn’t wait for her 16th birthday for her wolf to show up and shift for the first time. On her 16th birthday that never happened. From there on out she was bullied by Ryder, the future Alpha of her pack, Crest Moon. She thought it odd that when she turned 17 the following year when everyone could feel the mate bond, she could feel something towards her mate. How could the Goddess be so cruel and mate her with him? He and his friends continued to bully her until her 18th birthday when she decided she has had enough and leaves. Stumbling through the woods, tears streaming down her face she’s standing on the Cliffside of the waterfall contemplating on ending it all. A voice in her mind appears, her Wolf? How? She and everyone else in her pack thought her wolfless. Maybe she has driven herself crazy. Then the sound of rustling bushes and snapping tree limbs come from behind her. Then the sound of a deep voice behind her and the most heavenly scent fills her nostrils “Mate.” Her life would never be the same..

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Mated To The Lycan King Chapter 68

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Mated To The Lycan King Chapter 68 Chapter 68 Breakfast was served in the dining hall as I sat there. I looked at my blood­stained hands and sighed. No matter how much I scrubbed them, the bloodwouldn’t come off of my skin. It was more annoying than anything. It was like every part of that …

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