Author: Jessica hall
Werewolf novel
Number of chapters:  (ongoing)

Addeline is a human woman struggling with helping raise her niece. Overcome with debt and the pressures of work until she meets her new bosses. She soon realizes they aren’t what they appear, their dominant ways and possessive nature sets off alarm bells leading her to one conclusion, they aren’t human.
She is very aware something is seriously off about them and they are hellbent in trying to control her life and having her anyway possible, even if it is by force, yet they soon realize having her and keeping her are two very different things when her past starts to intervene and an old flame comes back into her life.
Addeline tries to resist the strange pull she feels for them, tries in vain to escape the men that claim she is their mate. Unaware that that the very men who claim her have a secret they don’t want her to know, that everything they led her to believe was just another lie to cover up for what they had done.
ONly things aren’t what they appear in her life either. Addelines family has secrets of their own, and a past that may just ruin their mate bond and threaten her life, will it make or break their bond? Will they cast her out or fight to the death to keep her? Will she escape their controlling ways or give in throwing her life away to be with them?

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Fated To Them – Chapter 73

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We ate dinner before watching a movie. By the time the film was done, it was the early morning hours, and I forced myself to bed. Climbing the stairs, half asleep before climbing into bed next to Cyrus, who retiredearlier in the night. Eli climbs beside me, pulling the blanket up before looking at the …

Fated To Them –
Chapter 73
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