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Romance novel

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is a beautiful novel with a heart-wrenching story. If this cover doesn’t raise your temperature a few degrees, the story will. Grab a fan before reading this one, because it really heats up. This is such a lovely book. The author writes characters that make you feel as if you literally stepped into the pages of her book. Characters are definitely the strong point of the novel. It does take a while to untangle them in the beginning but read carefully and persevere, it’s worth it. A lot of it is predictable but it doesn’t detract from the story at all, since it’s written with humor, entertaining situations and interesting characters.

It is fiction geared toward women, but the message is one we all need to be reminded of in our age of snap judgments & ready condemnations don’t judge someone till you have walked a mile in their shoes and while at times the story is entertaining, sometimes it’s a long mile. It turned out to be more elaborate and interesting. As with all endings, there are things that need to be tied up, and the author did this nicely. It was well-paced, and the reader gets closure. It goes down like an ice-cold guilty pleasure on a hot beach-reading day. This book is perfect for those looking for an easy summer beach read. If you enjoy hard fiction, you will definitely love this book. Even if you think you are not interested in a heavy story, pacing and the optimism of the writing is more than enough to make this book a wonderful, exciting read. To cut the story short, this is an outstanding novel with a powerful story that will keep you up all the night in a highly entertaining way.

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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 848

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Chapter 848 Preparation of Betrothal Gifts “Say yes! Say yes!” “Kiss! Kiss! Muah!” Joining in on the fun, Alexia and Irvin shouted loudly from afar. “Nonsense!” Jamie rolled his eyes at them awkwardly with fidgeting hands. “Enough of this, Narissa. You can fight with your boyfriend all you want, but don’t toy with me.” “Who’s …

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Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 843

Chapter 843 It’s an Invasion, Too “Yes, it is.” Elise admitted it openly. The instant the guest heard this, he immediately walked up on stage. After examining Elise’s embroidery, he sighed repeatedly with fascination, saying, “Marvelous! How marvelous!”   “Could you explain what is unique about such an embroidery technique?” The emcee quickly handed the …

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