Author: NovelsYou
Romance novel
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Their math teacher came in just as they were talking. He looked at Elise the moment he came in, looking pleased. “Now settle down, class,” he said. Unbeknownst to him, his voice was trembling.

Everyone looked at him, and he took a deep breath. “I’m sure all of you know that the Math Olympiad results have been released. Three of your classmates took part in it. Two of them are Samantha and Riley, our new transfers. Their results are good, so I’m sure they’ll get the prize. However, the star of our show today is Elise. She aced the contest without a doubt, and she’s the only candidate who managed to score full marks so far. What a dark horse. I never saw that one coming.”

Every student in the nation knew how tough the Math Olympiad was, especially the nationals. The questions were prepared by the top math professors in the nation, making it one of the, if not the toughest, math papers around. Even so, Elise managed to score full marks, and it was a testament to her talent. The whole class knew about her results beforehand, but still, they were envious of her after they heard their teacher speak.

“You’re awesome, Elise,” Samantha whispered. Elise, on the other hand, looked calm and collected, as if she didn’t care about it.

After class was over, everyone huddled around Elise’s desk, asking for some pointers. Elise generously told them everything she knew despite their previous mocking, and that made her popularity skyrocket.

When afternoon break swung around, Elise told her homeroom teacher she would be taking the rest of the day off. She then went to the nearest mall to buy a present for Alexander. I wonder what kind of present he’d like. She walked around the place and finally stopped before a Hermes shop, intrigued by one of its neckties. Just when she was about to take it, someone else snatched it before her. When Elise turned around, she was greeted by none other than Ashlyn.

“Not bad. I bet Alex will like it if I give it to him on his birthday.” She smiled while looking at the necktie. Then, she turned to Elise, and her smile turned into a sneer. “Well, well, well. Fancy seeing you here, Elise. Oh, do you want this necktie as well?”

Elise was about to ignore her, but she was annoyed by Ashlyn’s sarcasm. “Didn’t think you had a hobby of taking stuff that doesn’t belong to you, Ashlyn.”

Ashlyn chuckled. “I’m not taking stuff that doesn’t belong to me. I saw this first, and have you ever seen this brand before, you bumpkin? I bet you don’t, and I bet you don’t even have the money to buy it.”

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