–Author: NovelsYou
–Romance novel
–Number of chapters: (Ongoing)

Last night, I spent an erotic night with a stranger in a bar. I’m not a random woman. I did this because I was too sad yesterday. The boyfriend who had been in love with me for three years dumped me and flash-married a rich girl. Although I act as if nothing happened in front of my friends, I’m really sad. To ease my mood, I went to the bar alone and got drunk. Accidentally, I ran into him. He is beyond attractive and incredibly sexy. As desire controlled my mind, I had one-night stand with him. When I decided to forget everything and move on, I found my one-night stand turn to be my new boss. A possessive guy.

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Bride of Mr.Billion Chapter 456

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Chapter 456 Bella‘s POV: “But you played a trick on me first. I can only fight back.” I quietly raised my eyebrows and said. “I‘m just not happy,” Herbert said in a serious tone, and then lowered his head to drink coffee. I couldn‘t help feeling a little anxious. “We‘re taking wedding photos today, okay? …

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