ALL TOO LATE (Completed)

–Author: NovelsYou 
–Romance novel
–Number of chapters: 503 (Completed)


Nothing is more devastating than returning home only to be presented with divorce papers by your own husband. Unfortunately, that is the reality for Kathleen Johnson. She tries to change his mind by reasoning that she is pregnant with his child, not expecting that he would so emotionlessly tell her to have an abortion. Their relationship doesn’t involve mutual feelings anyway, for her husband Samuel Macari has another woman in his life, whom he deems as his savior. However, when Kathleen finally agrees to divorce him, he finds himself reluctant to do so. Hence, he holds on. When things go south, she loses her trust in him. After their divorce, can he win her back? Can he make her fall for him again?

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All Too Late Chapter 503

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Chapter 503 Love You All My Life The next day, Kathleen brought Eilam and Desiree to school. In the morning, Samuel had discussed with Eilam, telling the boy that they hoped he would only go abroad a few years later. Eilam did not object to that as he knew Samuel and Kathleen’s concerns. Therefore, he …

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All Too Late Chapter 500

“I’ll call and thank them later.” Kathleen felt apologetic. “Okay.” Yvonne nodded. Kathleen held Betty’s hand. “Grandma, I’ll introduce you to Old Mrs.Macari when we return.Her temperament is very similar to yours.I’m sure you two will become very good friends.” Betty smiled brightly. “Okay.” Kathleen accompanied Betty and chatted for a long time. “Grandma, it’s …

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