Captivation Want Nothing But You, Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The Vixen Who Seduced Someone Else’s Husband

‘It would be boring to watch today’s show through surveillance videos on a phone, so I think I’d rather watch it in person,’ Rachel thought. As soon as she finished talking, she entered the building. Ivan, on the other hand, was left stunned by her words for a moment before he could follow her. Of course, he didn’t forget to send Victor a message about this. On her way to the elevator, Rachel happened to see the shop assistant of the cafe on the first floor, waiting for the elevator as well next to her. She had dozens of varying beverages, stashed into several brown paper bags. On the bags, “Public Relations Department” was written. Her eyes flashed as she walked towards to the woman. “Excuse me, are you planning to deliver those drinks to the public relations department?” “Indeed, I am. Is there a problem?” “Not at all. I just wanted to say that I could deliver these drinks for you, as I’m heading to the public relations department myself,” Rachel said with a friendly smile. The shop assistant was reluctant to accept her help at first. After remembering that their cafe was packed with customers at the moment, and that they were short on manpower, she nodded gratefully. “That would be great! Thank you so much!” “Oh, it’s nothing, dear.” Rachel smiled while glancing at Ivan. “Ivan, carry these for me, will


The corners of his eyes twitched as he replied, “Miss Bennet, I’ll have you know that I’m Mr. Sullivan’s personal assistant.” He was implying that he wasn’t Rachel’s assistant, so he was under no obligation to listen to her commands. Rachel raised an eyebrow and said casually, “Of course, I know that. However, I’m pregnant at the moment, and there are too many drinks for me to carry. These things are heavyyou know! Pregnant women aren’t supposed to carry such heavy things. If you don’t agree to help me, I’ll end up carrying everything by myself. But if I accidentally tripped myself or something, I’m sure I’ll be fine, but I don’t think I can say the same for my baby…” 1 “Alright, let me help you.” Ivan immediately took the beverages from the shop assistant. Meanwhile, Rachel placed her hand on her belly and grinned. “Thank you, Ivan.” Obviously, her words lacked sincerity.

Not long after, the elevator door opened. She then walked in and pressed the button to the floor where the public relations department was located. Ivan’s mouth twitched, but he followed her into the elevator without complaints.

A short while later, the elevator arrived at the designated floor. Rachel walked out, followed by Ivan. He immediately looked at the half-opened glass door of the public relations department. From where he was standing, he could see everything happening inside the office. It was peaceful, and everyone was minding their own business. ‘She’s here to watch a show? What kind of show is she looking for here?’ Ivan looked at Rachel with suspicion and asked, “Miss Bennet, may I ask what you’re planning to do in the public relations department?” While looking at the timestamp on her phone, Rachel murmured to herself, “It’s about time.” She then turned around, looking at the other elevator. The number on the screen above the door showed that the elevator was slowly ascending from the first floor. “Miss Bennet,” “Let’s go inside and look for a seat with a better view, shall we?” Before Ivan could understand what she meant, Rachel had already entered the nearest office. Upon hearing the noise, the people working inside the public relations department raised their heads. The moment they saw Rachel, varying expressions swept through their faces. The employee nearest to Rachel stood up and scolded her with disgust, “Rachel, what do you think you’re doing here?” Meanwhile, Alice was telling Caroline the good news over the phone when she suddenly heard the commotion. She immediately disconnected from the call, walked out to check what was happening. Upon seeing Rachel, the smile on her face disappeared. “What are you doing here?” she grunted. Rachel looked back at Alice and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you that surprised to see me here? What’s got you so worked up, huh?” Alice stepped back and replied, “What nonsense are you spouting? I’m not ‘worked up’. You’ve been fired, Rachel! It’s only natural for me to ask why you’re here!” “Oh, I see. I thought you were panicking because you did something horrible so you’re afraid to see me,” Rachel said with a fake smile; her eyes glinted with ire. “You’re the one who did something wrong! Why should I be afraid of you? Mr. Sullivan fired you, and you’re no longer a part of this company. If you don’t leave this instant, I’m going to call security!” Alice’s eyes fell on Rachel’s flat belly. When she saw how pale Rachel’s face was, she became more certain that her baby was gone. Emboldened by that fact, she strutted towards Rachel Before Rachel could utter a word, Alice reached out to grab her. Ivan immediately reacted when he saw what was happening. He strode forward, putting himself in front of Rachel. Alice froze upon seeing him. “Ivan, why are you protecting her? She got fired, didn’t she? I

just wanted to kick her out of here. Why are you trying to stop me? Are you two…” She didn’t finish her sentence. Now, her eyes were filled with suspicion. She then looked back and forth between Rachel and Ivan, and something popped into her head. Alice was implying that something was going on between Ivan and Rachel. “Miss Jenkins, please mind your words.” Ivan’s eyes became sharp. Alice was frightened when she saw the look in his eyes, but she refused to back down. Through gritted teeth, she said, “If there’s nothing dishonorable happening between you two, then why are you stopping me? You’re protecting her, which means I’m right!” Ivan’s face turned grim. However, he didn’t want to explain himself to Alice. Instead, he turned to Rachel and said, “Miss Bennet, I think it’s best that we leave.” He regretted ever allowing Rachel to do as she pleased. With an impish grin, Rachel glanced at Alice, and then she turned to Ivan. “There’s no need to rush, Ivan! Let’s stick around for a little longer.” Ivan didn’t look happy to hear that, but it looked like Rachel had no plans of explaining as well. She walked up to him, taking out a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice from the bag he was carrying. As she took a sip, she scanned her eyes along the entire office. When Alice and Ivan could no longer hold their silence, Rachel pointed at an empty desk and said to Ivan, “That seat has the best view. Let’s go there.” Having said that, Rachel walked straight to the desk, not caring whether Ivan followed or not. At the same time, the elevator doors opened. woman stepped out and walked towards them aggressively. Gnashing her teeth, Alice was about to grab Rachel’s hand to stop Rachel, but she nimbly avoided Alice.

Fuming with rage, Alice raised her voice and shouted, “Rachel! This is the public relations department. You’re not allowed tomouch!” All of a sudden, someone grabbed her hair and pulled it back so hard that it almost tore off her hair from her scalp. Alice staggered back uncontrollably because of the pain. Instinctively, she tried to shove her attacker away. Her face was now turning red, for she was using every strength in her body to struggle. “Who are you and why are you doing this to me?” “Who am I? How dare you ask me who I am? Alice, you little bitch!” The woman behind Alice looked disgruntled. She loosened her grip on Alice’s hair, and instead grabbed Alice’s arm with one hand, and slapped Alice using the other. The sound of the slap resonated throughout the office. Judging by the sound alone, anyone could tell just how hard the woman slapped Alice. Meanwhile, Alice covered her face and glared at the woman in front of her in disbelief. “How dare you hit me! You—” Once more, the woman slapped her face.

“So, what if I hit you? You’re a shameless bitch who seduced someone else’s husband! | Whore!” Without hesitation, the woman slapped Alice again.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 80 The Vixen Who Seduced Someone Else’s Husband

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