Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 369 A Trap (Part One) 

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 369 A Trap (Part 1) 

The waiter looked down, gently put the glass on the table, and left the lounge without looking back. Victor felt a like his temples would explode. He rubbed his temples with his thumb, but the drumming didn’t cease. When he heard the door of the lounge closing, he sat up and tried taking the glass the waiter had left. That was when he realized that the side effect of the drug seemed to be getting more severe. He felt dizzy and weak the moment he touched the glass.

Unable to keep his hand steady, the glass slipped from his hand, falling to the floor with a crisp sound.

Brows furrowed in concentration, Victor held the handrail instinctively for support. At the same time, the door was opened from the outside.

Clara stood and watched Rachel. She couldn’t stop wondering what had happened to Rachel, and where she had been for the past four years. Clara had a lot of questions for Rachel, but she recognized that she had no right, and was in no position to ask her anything. So, she had to contend herself with small talk.

“Mommy!” A figure in light yellow ran out of the banquet hall and coming straight at Clara. Clara caught her just in time and pinched her face dotingly. “Shouldn’t you be with your grandparents? What are you doing here?” With her hair tied in a bun, the little girl looked like Clara.

When Rachel looked at the girl, she immediately recognized her—Riley. “Grandpa and Grandma are chatting with Uncle, and no one wants play with me.” Riley puffed out her rosy cheeks to her mother. Slowly, her smile died down and she looked puzzled as she spotted Rachel out of the corner of her eye. Clara followed her little girl’s eyes and smiled softly.

“Oh! This is your aunt Rachel.” Clara gently put her hand gently on Riley’s shoulder, encouraging her to be open with Rachel. Riley tilted her head and observed Rachel attentively.

“Auntie, you are so beautiful.” Everyone liked to be praised, and of course, Rachel was no exception. A smile naturally made its way to her face. Seeing her smile brought a smile to Clara’s face. This was the first time Rachel was actually smiling genuinely since the birthday party started. Rachel’s earlier smile was faint and somehow not real. It made Clara worry about her emotional problems. Clara didn’t know how Rachel had managed in the past four years. As a woman, she knew fully well that it was difficult to live in a land you weren’t used to, and having to conceal your identity at that was worse. She felt sorry for Rachel, especially when she saw how faint her smile was. Rachel was ridiculous four years ago, but her bright eyes sparkled. She still had some light in them. Clara narrowed her eyes at Riley’s comment. Rubbing her nose, she said, “I’m so sweet to you, but you’re not calling me beautiful.”

Riley blinked her eyes rapidly, put her arms around Clara’s waist and said in a singsong voice, “Mommy, you are, and will remain the most beautiful woman in my eyes. I’m meeting Aunt Rachel for the first time. I want to leave a good impression on her.”

Clara chuckled at the little girl’s words. Rachel raised her eyebrows when she heard what she said. “Riley, this is not the first time we’re meeting.” Riley widened her eyes and looked at Rachel in dismay. Indeed Rachel looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember how she knew her. “I also think you look familiar,” she said, then looked up at Clara for help.

Clara touched her head and said, “You do know her, sweetheart. She saved your life. You got lost once when you were a little kid. Aunt Rachel searched for you everywhere and even almost had a car accident.” These words triggered Riley’s memory, and she began to remember Four years wasn’t a very long time, but it wasn’t a short time either. Riley was still very young at the time, and her memories of that period were vague. However, she could remember that she got lost. She also vaguely remembered Roger crying when she was in his arms.

Naturally, Riley didn’t understand why her uncle was crying at that time. But as she thought of it now, the reason was obvious

He had been crying because of Rachel. “I remember!” Riley smiled. “I remember I saw your picture in Uncle Roger’s room before! No wonder i find you to be so beautiful! It was the same reaction I had when I saw your picture.” ‘Roger has my picture in his room?’ it had been four years already. Rachel thought that Roger must have forgotten her by now. So it was really shocking hearing that he still had her picture on display in his room. This discovery stunned Rachel a little. Clara, too, was beside herself because, Riley had innocently evoked a topic she had deliberately been avoiding. She pinched Riley’s face and said with a smile, “Riley, what are you talking about?” “I’m saying what I saw and can remember, Mommy.”

The little girl was so innocent and absorbed in what she was saying that she didn’t notice the slight change on Clara’s face. “Mommy, I’m not a kid anymore. I’m going to primary school this year, you know?” “Yes, you’re right.” Afraid that Riley would say something else she shouldn’t, Clara answered her hastily so that she wouldn’t go back to it. Unfortunately for Clara, Riley had plans that were different from hers. The little girl walked up to Rachel and greeted, “Aunt Rachel?” “Yes?” Rachel left her thoughts when she heard her name and looked down at the little angel in front of her. Riley reached out and held Rachel’s hand. “Aunt Rachel, my uncle doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. Would you like to be his girlfriend? It disturbs my grandma that he isn’t married yet. If you can be my uncle’s wife, he will be very happy, and eventually, my grandma will be happy too.”

Clara’s eyelids twitched. “Riley…” Rachel was also surprised. That was the last thing she was expecting to hear from Riley. For a moment, it was silent everywhere. Clara pulled Riley’s hand from Rachel’s and said, “I don’t know where you got this from, Riley. But you shouldn’t talk nonsense, my dear.” Riley pouted and muttered, “No, Mommy, it is not nonsense. Don’t say that,” “Rachel, you…” Clara started and trailed, not knowing exactly what to say. She knew it wasn’t Riley’s fault. After all, Riley was only a child. For her, nature had to take its course.

She was neither for or against Roger and Rachel being together. She just believed things couldn’t be forced. “Don’t worry, Clara. I’m not taking it seriously,” Rachel said with a soft smile. Clara wasn’t very convinced Rachel was okay with what Riley said. But since she said so, she decided to let it go and asked, “So, what’s your next plan? I heard that you went back to work at the Bennet Group?”

“That’s right.” Rachel smiled lightly.

You know my mother and grandparents left the Bennet Group to me. I have to take good care of it.” Everyone looked at that group like it was a wastage of time and an error. So, they thought it was rather stupid of Rachel to go back.

Clara also felt the same way. To her, there was no need keeping the Bennet Group, but she just nodded in understanding. “If you need help in any way, just let me know.” Rachel just smiled and said, “I will, thank you.”

“You don’t have to be so polite to me. I really don’t mind doing it. Rachel, I have always regarded you as a true friend. You should know that…”

“….you are the toughest girl I’ve ever met, and I admire you so much.’

Before Clara could speak her thoughts out loud, Riley, who was still standing next to her, suddenly held her belly. Her face turning pale, she said in a voice that trembled, “Mommy, my tummy aches.”

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