Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 328 Gossip

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 328 Gossip

Following Joey’s gaze, Victor lowered his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Is that why you came to the hospital?”

Joey pulled the pillow and blinked his eyes. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he came here because he was worried about Victor’s injury. He didn’t want to answer this question. He looked around and changed the topic.

“Where is that beautiful lady?”

Frowning, Victor asked, “Beautiful lady?” “Yes, it’s the lady who got out of your car before.”

It was not until Joey reminded him that Victor

realized the beautiful lady Joey mentioned was

Susan. Victor’s expression became colder. He looked at the expression on Joey’s face and asked, “Why did you

mention her? Do you like her very much?”

  • What?” Joey was stunned for a moment. He just wanted to change the topic, so he didn’t listen to what Victor said seriously. He replied subconsciously.

“She won’t come again.” Said Victor coldly.

“Why?” Didn’t you just sign a strategic contract with

the Salazar Group?

Victor looked at Joey, and his eyes darkened. He hadn’t been familiar with Joey for a long time, but they lived together these days, so Victor probably knew that Joey in front of him was a cold and unapproachable person. Moreover, Joey was obviously not interested in Susan before, how could he be interested in her in just a few days?

“Do you really want to see her?” Looking down at the cup in his hand, Victor took a sip of water to wet his whistle and said in a low voice, “I thought you don’t like her very much.”

‘I show it so obviously?

Joey murmured in his heart, but he didn’t answer

Victor’s question. Instead, he asked, “Mr. Sullivan,

don’t you like her very much? You are going to get

married and you will have babies in the future.” When Joey thought that Victor was going to get married and have another child in the future, he felt inexplicably wronged. He didn’t even realize it himself, and his tone was filled with jealousy.

“Who told you that?” Victor frowned.

“No one told me. But everyone knows that you are going to marry beautiful Lady, right? I remember that when I first met the beautiful lady at the airport, the people around her asked her that. After getting married, you will have a baby, won’t you?” Joey curled his lips and said, “And I also know you

will find a way to send me away when you have a baby. They all say that you hate my father very much. My appearance will affect the baby of you and the

beautiful lady.”

The more Victor listened, the angrier he became Joey didn’t notice Victor’s expression. He supported his chin with one hand and sighed, “No. in fact, it doesn’t matter to send me away, but… Can I discuss one thing with you?”


“If you want to send me away, can I choose the place where I go to?” Joey looked at Victor and asked seriously.

Victor looked into Joey’s eyes. He heard the words Joey said clearly, and every word seemed to touch his heart. Looking at Joey’s eyes which were similar to the eyes in his memory, Victor couldn’t help. thinking of what Rachel had said yesterday. Victor felt pain.

He calmed himself down and put the cup aside. He quickly captured a key point from Joey’s words. Then he said, “They all said that? Who are they?”

“In the past two days, you heard someone say something behind your back in the Sue Garden.” Victor asked again, but his tone showed that he was not asking a question but stating a fact.

Joey pursed his lips, and his expression became serious. In the past two days, he had indeed heard a lot in Sue Garden, even though he had already known the general situation. All of a sudden, a child appeared, and he was the child of Odin. Although the servants in Sue Garden were usually serious and cautious, and they didn’t say anything about Sullivan Group and Sue Garden to others, they would discuss it secretly.

Of course, the servants wouldn’t specially come to Joey and tell him about the hatred between Odin and Victor, nor would they be so stupid to say that Victor hated Odin.

Of course, Joey wouldn’t take the initiative to


However, the servants seemed to be too absorbed in their discussion. When Joey went downstairs to find some water to drink, he heard what they said by accident.

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