Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 315 You Are Really The Rubbish

Chapter 315 You Are Really The Rubbish

Joey turned around and saw a man in a red and blue plaid shirt standing behind him with a thin and light laptop in his hand. His glance moving down little by little from the man’s face to the work card hanging on his chest. As for his position writing on the card, there was a vocabulary “trainee”.

“Gatlin, why are you so slow to get a data! Hurry up!!” Not far away, the door of the central control room opened, and a harsh and impatient voice came there.

Before Joey could see clearly what was his name, the man in front of him straightened his body subconsciously and raised his voice, “I’m coming, coming.” Bang. The person who called him just now didn’t say anything and closed the door violently. His voice was neither loud nor low, but it could make people clearly feel that he was not a person could be trifled with at will.

Gatlin swallowed and turned to leave without hesitation,


Joey thought he would leave immediately, so he didn’t say anything. He glanced around the front hall of the lab and was considering if he should go to the central control room to have a look. Unexpectedly, Gatlin took two steps forward and seemed to remember him again, thus he turned back. “Kid.” Gatlin, 1.75 meters tall, several heads taller than Joey, bowed his head and called. “……” Joey raised his head, blinked his big eyes and said nothing.

“You…” When Gatlin looked into his bright eyes, his stiff tone was stopped for a moment. He paused and then sighed slightly. “Forget it. You are so young. You must run in here by accident. Where is your family?” “He is drinking tea.” He said. “Drink…drink tea?” Gatlin was stunned for a while. Obviously, he didn’t expect the boy would give this answer. Joey nodded. Actually, he say the truth. Before he left, Carson was just tasting tea.

Although he was not good at that. “Your ….. Your family trust you so much, they dare to let you run around alone. But this is not a place where you can come in casually. Kid, you’d better leave now.” Thinking that taking the elevator required a password or the work card, Gatlin took off his card and continued, “You know how to get out, right? Just go back the way you came in just now. This is my work card. You can take the elevator down after you click it. And then you can put it into the basket beside the elevator.” “Gatlin!” The urging voice came from the central control room again.

Gatlin shivered and didn’t have time to talk to Joey anymore. He held the laptop tightly and whispered

to him, “Go back to your family!” Then he turned around and trotted towards the central control room.

Joey lowered his head to look at the work card in his hand. Now he finally saw the name — Gatlin James.

The work card was heavy, and there was a chip in it. Joey turned over the work card, and found there was a small square board protecting the chip. The bottom of the chip was engraved with the name of the factory with the laser. It was produced by the electronics company of the Sullivan Group.

When Joey saw the familiar word “Sullivan”, he suddenly remembered what Carson and Lukas had said

before they set out. Joey pursed his thin lips into a straight line and frowned slightly.

“I asked you to sort out the data, you just gave this to me?” The sharp and stern voice came from the central control room again. “Can you be competent? If you can’t, resign immediately!”


The laptop was thrown out and smashed to the ground with a crisp sound. And the laptop was immediately torn into pieces. Joey saw Gatlin had come out of the central control room dejectedly. Standing at the door, Gatlin looked down at the pieces on the ground and clenched his fists. The disdainful and reproachful voice of the superior came behind him, “If you can’t sort it out today, you’re fired! Do they really think that everyone can work in the lab? They even brought these rubbish here.”



Gatlin gritted his teeth and abruptly turned around. Joey looked at them not far away and thought that Gatlin was going to have a fight with that man. When he was about to watch them fighting, Gatlin just took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. “I’m sorry. I’ll go and sort the data now.” And then, as another “bang” came in. The door of the central control room was ruthlessly closed again. Gatlin staggered back two steps in a hurry and almost bumped his nose on the door.

Well, there was nothing to watch. With the mouth twitched, Joey was about to put down the work card and continue to look at the other equipment in the lab. At this moment, Gatlin had picked up the broken laptop, checking the laptop and trying to restart it, and walked towards Joey.

However, no matter how hard he restarted it, he failed.

Seeing Joey frowned, Joey looked at the work card on the table and thought of what Gatlin had just told him. He quickly made a decision.

He wanted to help him, for he just lent his work card to Joey. “The laptop is broken and can’t be restarted anymore.” Joey picked up the work card, walked towards Gatlin and said. Gatlin was putting the laptop on the table and restarting it with all his heart. Hearing the voice of Joey, he didn’t think about it carefully and replied, “But…… The data I have sorted out the whole week is still in the laptop. If it is lost, how can I explain it to director?”

“The hard disk is not broken. You can change a computer and import the data in it.” Joey said and curled his lips. “That’s right!” Gatlin’s eyes lit up and he quickly checked the hard disk of the laptop. But when he saw it, the light in his eyes quickly dimmed. “It’s broken. I can’t even import the data again.”

Maybe it bumped into a sharp corner when it was thrown out. The center of the hard disk was sunken, and the protective shell had been broken as well, revealing the chip inside.

Joey took the disk and looked at it carefully. The chip was complete. “Well. Maybe I’m really not fit for the lab. Director is right. Even I can’t do this well, I’m just the rubbish.” Gatlin allowed himself a wry smile. “Well, you have a clear estimation of yourself.” Seeing Gatlin’s glum look, Joey not only didn’t comfort him, but also hurt him again.

Gatlin:”……” Joey was still fiddling with the chip in the hard disk. He himself connected to a computer that was showing code. The serious self-doubt man Gatlin suddenly realized that the voice was strange. He turned around and found that it was Joey. His eyes widened for astonishment. “Kid?! Why are you still here? Didn’t I tell you to go out with my work card?” “Here it is, your work card.” Joey gave the card back to-Gatlin. Gatlin stared at the card in a daze for a moment.

He came to his senses after a while. He said, “Don’t you remember the way out? Well, you should be only four or five years old, it’s normal for you to forget that. I didn’t think of that. Okay, I’ll take you out now, let’s go.” Then Gatlin hung up the work card and was about to take Joey out. “We have to hurry up. If director comes out later and sees you here, he will definitely scold you.” Gatlin murmured as he walked forward.

After taking two steps, he still didn’t hear any reply from Joey. Thus he turned around and found that Joey didn’t follow him at all. So Gatlin quickly turned back and said, “Kid –“| “Well, you can import data now.” Joey suddenly said, “Have a try. Although the chip is a little damaged, I have modified its program just now. It should be able to work for half an hour, and it is enough for you to import the data.”

“Wha… What?”

“Why are you still standing there? Do you want me to help you with data export? Don’t tell me that you don’t know how to export the data. It’s so easy” Joey frowned and said in disgust. “Of course, I know.” Gatlin came to his senses and said, “But…” “But what? Hurry up. It’s only half an hour. Don’t waste time.”

Being urged, Gatlin was a little in a daze. Somehow, he believed what the child in front of him said. He strode forward, typed codes quickly and skillfully on the keyboard, searched the data in the hard disk, locked it, and then export it. Soon, a progress box popped up on the screen, and the data was being imported. Gatlin was overjoyed, “Unexpectedly, it works!” “Of course.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 315 You Are Really The Rubbish

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