Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 313 Tammy Was Attempting To Loosen Joey’s Tongue

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 313 Tammy Was Attempting To Loosen Joey’s Tongue

In the other room, Tammy didn’t know what was going on between Carson and James. She only knew that Carson was here today to sign a contract with the Salazar Group on behalf of Victor. And this contract could determine the development of the Salazar Group in the next few years, and her identity as Mrs. Salazar would also become a well-known and enviable lady among rich ladies in Apliaria. Thinking of this, Tammy couldn’t help smiling, All of a sudden, the door of the changing room was pushed open from inside. Hearing the noise, Tammy calmed down, and she thought she would see Joey in new clothes, but he didn’t change them at all. “Why didn’t you change them? Don’t they fit you?” Tammy signaled her subordinate to take the clothes from Joey and asked gently. “Yes, they’re a little small.” Tammy picked up the clothes and had a look. She had specially measure the size and it should be right. She looked at Joey and found that he looked cute and innocent. It seemed that he didn’t lie at all. Moreover, as a child, if he really lied, she would find. Thinking of this, Tammy handed the clothes to her subordinate and said, “Well, put them away first. I’ll ask someone to change the size in the shop in two days, and then send them to you.” “Thank you.” Said Joey with a smile. He glanced at the suit casually..

In fact, he didn’t wear it at all.

Tammy had been staring at him from the beginning. After Carson introduced his identity, James and Tammy’s eyes became more complicated. Obviously, they had known him from Susan. He didn’t know what Susan had told them. Of course, he didn’t want to know as well. But since Tammy knew that he was the “son” of Odin and her daughter was going to marry Victor, it meant that if Susan didn’t give birth to a boy as soon as she married into the Sullivan family, Joey would be the biggest obstacle for Susan’s child to inherit Sullivan Group in the future. It was sufficient reason for Joey to feel particularly strange that Tammy was so enthusiasm for him. ‘It’s always better to be careful,’ Joey thought. “Good boy, come and sit down. I don’t know what you like to eat, but all kids like desserts, so I asked people to prepare cakes for you. Have a taste?” Tammy smiled gently and walked two steps towards Joey, trying to hold his hand. Joey ducked under her grasping hand and glanced at the cake on the table. There was a thread of light in his good-looking eyes. Giving the clothes first, then the cake. Joey didn’t believe she had no other purposes, even if the sky collapsed. “Okay.” Joey sat down obediently and began to eat the cake with the spoon. He didn’t worry about the security of the food. After all, no matter how Tammy disliked him, she wouldn’t be so stupid to poison him at this time. “Kid.” Tammy sat down and called.

Joey ate a piece of cake with a faint smile. ‘Well, she will reveal her real intentions now.’ Joey quickly held back his smile and looked up at Tammy in confusion. “Hmm?” He said. “Is the cake delicious?” Looking Joey’s innocent appearance, Tammy thought for a while and asked slowly

“Not bad.” “If you like it, I’ll ask them to buy more and give you later, okay?” “IS — that okay? My mommy said that I can’t accept others’ things at will. “Joey pretended to be upset and greedy. Seeing this, Tammy immediately said, “I’m not others. I will be your grandma in the future.” With his head tilted slightly and eyes wide open, Joey asked in confusion, “Grandma?” “That’s right. My daughter will marry to your uncle soon. When they get married, according to the seniority, you will just call me grandma.” As Tammy spoke “Victor”, she observed the expression on Joey’s face in order to confirm his identity. After taking two bites of the cake, Joey met Mrs. Salazar’s inquiring eyes. And her words made Joey had a guess. The real purpose of Tammy is not giving him cake but loosen his tongue. “So you mean, you are not someone else, so I can take the cake, right?” Joey asked in a childish tóne. “Of course.” Tammy smiled and said, “But it will take some time for the cake to be ready. Maybe you can’t get it before you leave.” “Then what should I do?” “How about you tell grandma where you live now? When the cake is ready, I will send it to you. What do you think? “Tammy said. And finding Joey was following her thought, her eyes lighted up. “Where do I live?” Joey frowned and hesitated again. “That’s right. If the cake is ready, it will be a pity if you can’t eat it, right? And you can share it with your mommy.” “Hmm…… It seems so.” Biting the spoon, Joey answered vaguely. His eyelashes drooped slightly to cover the coldness in his eyes. Tammy was quite impatient, as a result, she couldn’t wait to tell Joey her real purpose after asking a few questions. It seemed that Tammy just want to know where Joey lived, but in fact, she wanted to know what was Joey’s status in Sue Garden and how was Victor attitude towards him, because Victor’s attitude might affect the future status of Susan and even her children in the family. It seemed that they really cherished the position of the hostess of Sullivan family, because Tammy had been so worried about Susan before she married into the Sullivan family.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 313 Tammy Was Attempting To Loosen Joey’s Tongue

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