Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 310 I Heard There Was “Ultraman” In The Lab

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 310 I Heard There Was “Ultraman” In The Lab

Hearing this, James smiled and said, “Hurry up. It’s cold outside. Let’s go in.” Then he put his arm around Carson’s shoulder, as if they were father and son. Taking a glance at the arm. Carson pulled it off his shoulder and said, “I heard that you invested a lot in a tea house last month.” James was stunned because few people knew that. But he had been in the business for decades, James didn’t show it on his face.

He laughed twice and said, “I know what you mean. Don’t worry! I’ve already prepared the best tea for you! And it’s truly a good chance to invite you to help me taste how about the tea produced by this tea house.” James said as he led the way. Salazar Group’s building had a total of twenty floors. The group of people went straight into the elevator to the fifteen floor VIP meeting room. As soon as they was seated, there was a knock on the door. Then someone came in with cups of tea and brought the tea to them one by one. James made a gesture of “please” and said, “Carson, taste it please. I’ve heard that your father loves drinking tea a long time ago. You must also know a lot about tea as a result of being influenced by him.” Carson took a look at the teacup, which was made of porcelain, glittering like jade, with light lake blue. Several pieces of tea floated on the water, and the water was yellowish green. The fragrance of the tea was very strong and refreshing. It looked good. But he didn’t know its quality by tasting. His father indeed liked drinking tea Therefore, there was a whole cabinet of tea in his room. If his father sat here, he would surely make a good point, but the person here was Carson not him.

Carson didn’t like drinking tea. No matter how good the tea was, Carson always thought it tasted light. He preferred drinking wine than tea. After taking a sip, Carson put it down, leaned back lazily and said, “Good tea.” “Ha ha.” Before James and Tammy could react, there was a sudden laughter coming from beside them. Although the laughter was small and short, it was very clear in this large meeting room, All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes fell on Joey, the people who laughed. Considering that it was not suitable for children to drink tea, the staff specially brought a cup of warm milk for him. At this moment, Joey was holding the milk and drinking it lazily.

Noticing that others were looking at him, he still was calm, raised his eyes to look at Carson and joked, “Mr. Newbie, you don’t know how to taste tea, do you?” “….” Sure enough, as long as the little guy was there, he must undoing Carson’s efforts. Tammy, who was sitting next to James, had already noticed the little boy behind Carson when she was going downstairs. She remembered what her daughter Susan had said to her on the phone yesterday. She said there was a child in the Sullivan family now, the son of Odin. So when she saw Joey, she was sure of his identity. Tammy gently hit James’s arm to remind him. And James immediately understood her and asked, “Sorry, I was so confused that I forgot to ask, who is he?” “My friend’s child. He asked me to take care of him for half a day.” Carson took another sip of tea and answered casually. James looked at him inquisitively, the friend’s child? He took a look at Tammy next to him. Tammy looked into his eyes and nodded slightly. James immediately understood.. Tammy had told what Susan said to James that night. But they didn’t know whether the child was real or not and what loss he would cause to them, so they didn’t ask much at that time. But now, the child was right in front of them. James’s eyes darkened.

He thought that his daughter would soon marry into the Sullivan family. Now the family had a child, and he was the child of Odin. He was a great threat to the inheritance right of Susan’s child in the future. “This child is quite good-looking.” James reacted quickly and said. Carson raised his eyebrows and said nothing. The “eye contact” between the couple seemed to be hided well, but Joey saw it clearly. Hearing James’s praise, he smiled childishly and said obediently, “Thank you for your praise.” Seeing the face which looked like Victor’s, Tammy’s eyes darkened. After a while, she stood up. “I remember that my friend gave me several sets of boy’s clothes a few days ago. I’m not afraid of making a fool of you, originally, those clothes are prepared for Susan’s future child.” Tammy said in a gentle tone, “But Susan and Victor haven’t held their wedding ceremony yet, let alone the children. The Clothes are still in idle. How about asking the child to come with me and see if these clothes fit him? And I would like to give them to the boy as a gift of greeting.” “……” Carson raised his eyes, glanced at Tammy and James, and then looked sideways at Joey, without saying nothing.

Seeing this, Tammy immediately reacted. She bent over and looked at Joey. “Little boy, they are adults. We don’t understand what they are talking about. How about going with me? I’ll take you to try on new clothes. What do you think?”. Joey looked at Tammy and then looked at Carson. “It’s up to you. Just don’t get lost anyway. Besides, didn’t you say that you want to see the Al lab of the Salazar Group?” Said Carson. “Al lab? Boy, are you interested in this?” James asked warily, with a gleam shining in his eyes. “Yes, I heard from my friend that it’s about Ultraman, so I want to have a look. If I really see Ultraman, my friend will definitely envy me!” When Joey spoke of “Ultraman” in his cutest voice, his eyes lit up. “U1, Ultraman? Ugh… “James paused for a moment, and then burst into laughter. “I see. Well, I’ll arrange someone to take you there.” Joey was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mr. Salazar!” James smiled happily so that his eyes’ shape just like the crescent moon. And his vigilance just disappeared. He waved his hand to his subordinate and ordered quickly. ‘How could a three-year old child know something like AI?

No matter how good the gene was and how smart Odin’s son was, he was still a child, his brain was not fully developed!’ Mr. Salazar thought he was indeed too nervous! Scanned with CamScanner On the other hand, Carson holding a cup of tea listened to the conversation between James and Joey. His thin lips twitched, but he said nothing, just take two more sips of tea. For a moment, he didn’t know whether to say James was stupid or Joey was smart. Ultraman? Just now in the car, the little guy had showed his good ability to change the topic and made the request to visit the center lab of the Salazar Group. According his behaviors, Carson didn’t believe that he just wanted to see the “Ultraman”. However, he didn’t say it out, because he was also a little curious why the little guy wanted to go to the center lab of the Salazar Group so much.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 310 I Heard There Was “Ultraman” In The Lab

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