Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 306: Can You Take Me To The Salazar Group

Chapter 306: Can You Take Me To The Salazar Group

It was not until Carson was reminded by Joey that he suddenly remembered something “Oh.” he said. At the same time, Lukas also noticed the document in his hand. He asked curiously. “Mr. Scott, what’s this?” “A contract, the strategic cooperation contract between the Sullivan Group and the Salazar Group. Ivan couldn’t leave the hospital, so I came here to take it on the way.” Lukas knew the cooperation between the Sullivan Group and the Salazar Group had begun three years ago, but the contract been signed long ago. What was this cooperation? Lukas frowned slightly, but it was Carson’s decision, so it’s not appropriate for him to ask much. In the past three years, with the support of Sullivan Group, Salazar Group’s status in Apliaria had upgraded significantly. They had thought that the Salazar Group should be satisfied, but it seemed that they were ungrateful. Perhaps because Lukas didn’t have a good impression of the Salazar family when he first saw them, so Lukas had always been dissatisfied with them. Sitting cross legged on the sofa, with the thumb deftly operating the game, Joey had been not in the mood to listen to the conversation between Lukas and Carson. But suddenly, he heard this document is about the cooperation between the Salazar family and the Sullivan family. He frowned and couldn’t help but listen to it. He inwardly cursed his father is a **** dad! He felt increasingly that his living expenses totally three hundred million dollars was too little! “It’s getting late. I have to send this contract to the Salazar Group in a hurry. I’m leaving now.” “Let me walk you out.” Lukas nodded and said. Carson didn’t refuse him. He just nodded and walked out, followed by Lukas. “Double kill!” The mobile prompt tone of the game system said. Joey looked at the records in the upper left corner. Red: Blue =3:0 He was in the red team, and all of three lives were killed by him. He couldn’t help thinking of what Carson had said just now. ‘Is my **** dad going to give money to that green tea ***** Susan?’ At the moment, an opponent in the game was ambushing him. Joey break out his unique ability and quickly killed him. : Triple kill. He killed an enemy again. “Boring!” With a twitch of his mouth, Joey quitted the game. He looked up at Carson and Lukas who had already reached the door. After hesitating for a while, Joey put on his shoes decisively and ran out. TO “Wait a minute.” When he ran out, he saw that Carson had just come down the steps. A few steps away, an Mercedes Benz S500L4MATIC, which had the smooth lines, just stopped here. The driver got off early and waited for him at the back door, he was about to open the door for Carson. Carson and Lukas stopped and looked back at Joey. “Joey?” “Little guy, do you change your mind and want to play another game with me?” Both Lukas and Carson didn’t expect Joey would come out, so they said to Joey one by one. “No.” Speaking of the game, Joey couldn’t help but despise Carson. He had always thought that Uncle Quintin was bad enough in the game, but it turned out that there was someone worse! Even if he played with his left hand, he would definitely play better than Carson. “Then why did you come out?” “Are you…… going to the Salazar Group?” Joey blinked and said, pretending to be innocent. Carson squinted his narrow eyes and raised the eyebrows for two times. He didn’t say anything. He knew that Joey must didn’t finish his words, so he just waited quietly. “Can you take me with you?” Joey askėd directly. “No.” Carson refused him decisively. “……” The cute forced smile on Joey’s face disappeared instantly. Joey didn’t hide the change of the expression at all, showing Carson how does his mood changed before and after. It made Carson feel that he had bullied a child. With one hand in the pocket, Carson asked, “Actually, it’s not a big deal to take you with me.” Joey looked up at Carson, and Carson’s playful smile was reflected in Joey’s big eyes. Joey was not in a hurry to ask if it was true. Instead, he waited patiently for Carson to continue. If it had been any other kid, he must hugged Carson thigh and shouted to take him. But Joey didn’t He didn’t show any eagerness. He was so calm that people feel he wasn’t a three year old child. Carson looked at him with a little curiosity. This little boy was really interesting “Tell me the reason why you want to go to the Salazar Group. If you can persuade me, I’ll take you with me. What do you think?” Carson said. “I was interested in the Artificial Intelligence, and the Salazar Group is one of the representative of innovations in this field. I know that the strategic cooperation between the Salazar Group and the Sullivan Group is about Al, and even they have built a laboratory. I want to visit it.” Joey said seriously. This really surprised Carson. The lab of the AI system jointly built by Salazar Group and Sullivan Group was not a secret. It had also caused a sensation in the industry when the strategic cooperation plan was just announced three years ago. Therefore, it was not strange for someone to talk about it. But It was a three-year old boy. Three years ago, the little guy, who was just a little taller than his knees, was probably still not born, but he knew about the cooperation between the Sullivan Group and the Salazar Group! Carson’s eyes darkened. He looked at Joey, lost in his thought. Joey knew that Carson was looking at him up and down, so he just stood there and let him see. After a long while, Carson looked back and said, “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 306 Can You Take Me To The Salazar Group

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