Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 302: Victor Fainted

Chapter 302 Victor Fainted 

Astonishment flashed across Rachel’s face, but soon disappeared. Since they were in a stalemate just now, Rachel didn’t really have high hopes for the acquisition of the Bennet Group’s shares. She even thought that Victor would refuse her

without hesitation.

But according to what he said now, it seemed that he was willing to sell the shares of Bennet Group to Rachel It was not his style. Rachel didn’t know what he was thinking. After thinking for a while, she said, “Thank you, Mr. Sullivan. I’ll wait for the good news. Have a good rest and wish you recover soon.” No matter what Victor wanted to do, Rachel would firmly take back the Bennet Groups shares from him. After saying that, Rachel walked straight out without hesitation. “Mr. Sullivan!” As soon as Rachel walked out of the ward, she found two bodyguards shouting Victor’s name at the same time and rushing into the ward. Rachel stopped and turned around. Rachel was so resolute.  Victor looked at her back, the pain in his heart seemed to be unbearable. A smell of blood suddenly surged up to his throat, and finally a trace of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth, making his face even paler. Victor staggered and couldn’t stand steadily. Seeing this, the bodyguards hurried forward to support him. And he noticed that Rachel had stopped. He kept away from the bodyguards’ help and gave them a cold warning look. He steadied himself and wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth. When Rachel turned around, Victor had already turned and walked towards the bed. Thus she didn’t see the situation when Victor almost fell down and found the blood at the corner of his mouth. Night wind blew in the ward through a crack of the balcony door, blowing up the corner of Victor clothes. The two bodyguards stared at him worriedly. Rachel frowned and looked at his back for a while. Seeing that he was fine, she turned

around and left. This time, she didn’t stop for even a second. As soon as Rachel’s figure completely disappeared from everyone’s sight, Victor couldn’t hold on any longer. Before he reached the bedside, he had lost his balance.


“Mr. Sullivan!” The bodyguards looked panic. Before they could rush up to hold Victor, Victor had fallen straight to the ground and fainted. “Hurry up! Call the doctor over!”

Ding. The elevator stopped at the first floor, and Rachel walked out. Strangely, she always had an indescribable feeling. Subconsciously, she held the Wishing pendant in her pocket. What was wrong with her? Before Rachel could find out the reason, she saw two nurses rushing over, talking on the phone and entering the elevator. “Didn’t you say that the operation was a success? How could he fainted?” “Don’t mention it. The operation was a success, but the wound broke again and again! It’s only a few hours after the operation. The wound have broken for two times.” “Oh my God! Is he so crazy?” “Alas, hope he is fine, or the whole VIP department will suffer.” “It’s said that all the rich cherish the lives. How could he do it? The wound will be infection. Was he trying to get himself killed??” “Who knows?”

Rachel stood at the elevator and heard the conversation between the two nurses.

The wound broke?

Just had an operation… … Somehow, the scene that the two bodyguards suddenly shouted “Mr. Sullivan” came to her mind. She turned around and wanted to ask the nurses whom they were talking about. But as soon as she turned around, the elevator door just closed. She didn’t have a chance to ask. “Miss Bennet.” When Rachel was in a daze, a familiar voice came from behind. “Andy? Why are you here?”  Looking towards the source of the voice, she saw Andy walking towards her from the entrance of the hall. When he approached her, she found his hair and shoulders were wet. It seemed that it was raining outside. “I was a little worried about you, so I came here.” Andy said. He looked around and didn’t find anyone following her, then asked, “Have you finished the talk?” “Yes.” “Well, let’s go. It’s raining outside.” As he spoke, he handed the umbrella to Rachel. Rachel took the umbrella, but didn’t move. The scene of Victor walking back to the bed flashed through her mind again. She always felt something wrong, making her uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong? Andy sensed that there was something wrong with her and asked. Rachel looked up at him and was silent for a moment. She shook her head and said, “Nothing. Let’s go back.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 302 Victor Fainted

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