Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 300: Trade

Chapter 300 Do You Want To Trade Your Shares In Bennet Group For Me Being Your Mistress

Rachel was dazed for a moment, but soon regained her composure and said, “But this is what I want.” Before Victor could say anything, she continued, with clear emphases on each word, “So, Mr. Sullivan, I hope you won’t disturb me anymore.” “Rachel” “Oh, by the way, I probably won’t have time to attend your wedding with Miss Salazar. And I’m sure you won’t want me, your ex-wife, to attend your wedding, right? Now I wish you a happy marriage! If there’s nothing else, I’ll just leave. As for the shares of Bennet Group, Mr. Sullivan, you can consider it carefully and let Ivan negotiate with me.” Then Rachel tumed around and walked out. Looking at her back as she left resolutely, Victor felt as if his heart was tightly seized by a hand. It stimulated his nerves and made him feel painful all over. When Rachel opened the door to the ward, two bodyguards stood in front of her and blocked her way. She was not in a hurry, put her hands in the pocket, and lowered her eyelashes. “Rachel, move back to the Sue Garden. I can give you the Bennet Group’s shares you want.” Victor’s hoarse and deep voice came from behind. 1 Rachel turned around and looked at him. Victor walked to her from the bedside and looked down. Although he was still seriously injured, his vibe was not compromised at all. She looked straight into his eyes and could clearly see her face reflected in his dark eyes. He reached out to grab her arm, as if only in this way could he feel that she actually existed. Noticing his action, Rachel took a step back and distanced herself from him. With a snort, she said, “Mr. Sullivan, you really hope me to live in the Sue Garden, do you? Does it mean you want me to be your mistress in your love nest?” 1 “…” Victor’s eyes narrowed and his face darkened.

Love nest.


These words were ironic and harsh. In the past, Rachel would never say these words so frankly. But now, she was smiling, speaking like this as if nothing had happened. It seemed that these words were not strange to her, and there was nothing that she could not accept In the past, no matter how absurd Rachel had acted, she would never accept these words so

In the past four years, where had she been? What had she experienced? And why did she have thought like this and say it out so casually? . And four years ago, he had seen her jump into the sea with his own eyes. The search had lasted for three days and nights. The corpse they had found in the end had been tested and confirmed it was indeed her. with so many processes, how could she hide it from the public for four years? Rachel had been well investigated when she married Victor. There was no one who could help her hide everything and escape from Apliaria. But he didn’t believe that there was no one to help her. But who could it be? Was this person a man or a woman? What’s this person’s relationship with Rachel? These questions haunted him. As his thoughts sank down, Victor suddenly realized that he really didn’t know anything about Rachel. Four years ago, he hadn’t known her at all, and now, he still didn’t know her. He thought that the love he had for her in the past four years was enough for him to understand her. But he found that it wasn’t. “How do you want to do it? Do you want to trade your shares in Bennet Group with me? It doesn’t seem totally unlikely. After all, to be your mistress should be many people’s dream, right?” Rachel added. Hearing this, Victor’s face finally darkened. “Saying these words again and again, Rachel, do you really want to be someone’s mistress so much?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 300 Trade

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