Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 299 This Isn’t What I Want

Chapter 299 What If This Is Not What I Want 

Victor’s eyes darkened. Rachel narrowed her eyes and said in a low voice, “Even if Miss Salazar don’t mind, I do. I wouldn’t live in the house of others who are without any relatives with me.” “Are you jealous?” He asked in a low voice. Be jealous?

Hearing these two words, the smile in Rachel’s eyes became colder. “What did I say to make you misunderstand me? I don’t like to be jealous.” Frowning, Victor explained, “If you mind the relationship between me and Susan, I -” “I don’t mind.” Rachel interrupted him and said indifferently, “What’s the relationship between you and Susan, what you have said and what you have done have nothing to do with me. Why do I mind?”

“I’ll talk about it with you after you leave the hospital, but it seems that if we can’t make it clear now, I even won’t allowed to go out tonight.” With a faint smile, Rachel looked up at him and said, “The reason why I’m here tonight is that I have two things to talk to you.”

“Talk about what?”

Instead of answering immediately, Rachel walked to the sofa and sat down. After a while, she said unhurriedly, “The first thing is about the Bennet Group’s shares. I want to buy your shares of Bennet Group. As for the price, as long as it is within a reasonable range, I’m willing to accept it.” Victor’s thin lips compressed into a straight line, and his jaw tightened slightly. “The second thing.” Rachel continued, “It’s about our relationship. We should have made it clear four years ago, but it’s not too late now. In fact, I already said that four years ago. But you might have a poor memory for the operation. That is, I already had nothing to do with you four years ago, so I hope that we will not have any connection anymore.” Rachel said calmly and clearly. “Do you really want to break up with me?” Victor’s heart ached so much that he could hardly breathe, as if there was a hole in his heart and much blood gushed from here. He tried to find something from her calm expression. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Her beautiful eyes just like filled with the stars over the sky, but there was no love for him and no a trace of emotional waves Rachel seemed to be completely relieved as soon as she said, and shut Victor out of her heart forever.

“Haven’t we already broken up four years ago? Since I received the divorce agreement from you on my twenty-four years old birthday. ” Rachel asked Victor coldly, “Isn’t this what you wants? Four years ago, we were still entangled with each other because of our child. Now we don’t have a child, and I heard that you are about to get married. I think this matter should be settled.” Although four years had passed, when the child was mentioned again, an imperceptible pain flashed across Victor’s face.  As soon as Rachel raised his head, she saw the regret and grief on his face. She was stunned. ‘Did he think of that child? Is he regretting? Regret for what?’ But the expression on his face changed so quickly that Rachel didn’t have time to confirm it. She pursed her thin lips hard. Then she unconsciously clenched Wishing pendant in her pocket. The sharp corner of the pendant was stabbed into her palm, which brought her back to her senses. “What if…” After a moment of silence, Victor opened his mouth and said in a low voice, “this is not what I want?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 299 This Isn’t What I Want

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