Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 295 Eat The Orange

Chapter 295 Eat The Orange

Rachel peeled an orange from the fruit plate

and handed it to Ivan. She interrupted him and

asked, “An orange?”

“Before Ivan could finish his words, he was interrupted by Rachel. He swallowed his words and looked down at the orange she handed him. For a moment, he didn’t know whether he should take it or not.

Seeing that he didn’t take it, Rachel put the peeled orange on the table in front of him, peeled another one for herself, and slowly put it into her mouth.

Ivan wanted to finish his words several times,

but Rachel looked indifferent and didn’t seem

to be interested in what he had said at all.

“Miss Bennet… Ivan called her name


“Is it cold outside?” Rachel raised her head and


“A little.” Hearing her question, Ivan was stunned for a moment. He thought that she was worried that it would be cold when she went out later, so he added, “But don’t worry, Miss Bennet. The heating is on in the car. And

if you don’t mind, I can take off my coat and give it to you.”

Rachel leaned back slightly, showing no intention of following him out. “No rush. Eat that orange first. You have been outside in the cold for several hours, or do you want to wait there longer?”

“Your boss is injured and in the hospital now. He’s not going anywhere. Besides, I am not a doctor, I can go see him later. There’s no hurry.” Rachel said in a low voice and kept eating the orange in her hand.

Looking at the orange on the table, Ivan didn’t say anything, but he still looked worried.

From the corner of Rachel’s eyes, she noticed the expression on Ivan’s face. She knew that he was in a dilemma now and she didn’t intend to continue picking on him. Moreover, she knew that if she didn’t go to the hospital with him today, Ivan wouldn’t leave.

She did have something to talk to Victor.

“Finish the orange in front of you and I’ll go with you.” As soon as she finished speaking, she handed the rest pieces of orange to Andy. Noticing his worried look, she gave him a comforting smile and then stood up. “I’ll go upstairs to change my clothes. The orange is a

little sour, eat it slowly.”

Ivan had thought that it would take him some time to persuade Rachel to go to the hospital with him. Hearing Rachel’s words, Ivan was a little surprised and the worry in his eyes suddenly disappeared. He quickly picked up the orange and ate it


However, as soon as he bit it, the sourness spread over his mouth.

It was so sour.

He shivered and felt the pain in his teeth.

He immediately drank some water to ease the sourness. Thinking of the weird look on Rachel’s face when she looked at him just now, he immediately realized why she told him to eat it slowly.

Rachel didn’t intend to make things difficult for him, nor did she say that it would take some time before she went to the hospital with him.

However, she had one condition. Ivan had to

eat the orange.

The orange…

It was not just a little sour.

Ivan raised his eyes and looked at Andy next to him, who didn’t know that the orange would be

so sour as well, felt toothache at this moment. Noticing that Ivan was looking at him, he touched his nose to cover the embarrassment. “Why are you looking at me? Miss Bennet said that she would go with you after you ate the orange. Don’t worry. I won’t stop her. ” After saying that, Andy put the last piece of orange in front of Ivan and said, “Don’t waste it, the vitamins in it are good for you. I’ll to see Miss Bennet.”

Ivan was speechless. **** it!

Half an hour later, Rachel and Ivan left Bennet family’s house one after another and got in the car.

After getting on the car, it began to drizzle. Rachel turned her head to look out of the window. The drizzle blurred the view outside. Taking a look at her through the rearview mirror, Ivan’s eyes darkened. Then he ordered the driver to drive to the hospital…

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 295 Eat The Orange

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