Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 293: Not The Same Rachel

Chapter 293 Not The Same Rachel 

Rachel didn’t stay in the balcony for too long. The cold wind blew across her face, making her more sober. Then she turned around and left the balcony and walked out of the room. When she went downstairs, she raised her eyes and saw Andy standing at the door, looking at something. “Andy, what are you doing?” Rachel walked down the stairs to him and asked. Hearing Rachel’s voice, Andy centered himself and turned around in a hurry. “Miss Bennet, you’re up.” Rachel nodded slightly and looked behind him. The lights in the yard were not on, and it was dark. Besides, from where she stood, she could not completely see what was happening outside. She took a look but saw nothing. She looked at Andy and said, “I just got up. I saw you standing at the door looking at something, what’s it?” “Nothing.” Andy was stunned for a moment. His eyes flashed imperceptibly. He said, “Miss Bennet, I’ll heat up the food for you. You slept for a long time this afternoon, the takeout arrived soon after you fell sleep, but I didn’t dare to wake you up.” “…… Okay.” Rachel looked at his face for a moment and didn’t notice the change of his expression. After thinking for a moment, she nodded. She felt that Andy was hiding something from her, but she didn’t see anything wrong on his face. Maybe she was thinking too much. While she was thinking, Andy said, “Miss Bennet, please go to the living room and have a seat. Dinner will be ready soon.” As soon as he finished his words, Andy walked into the kitchen. With a nod, Rachel turned around and walked towards the living room. What she didn’t know was that Ivan had been waiting outside for three hours.

After a while, Andy walked into the living room with the heated food. Rachel hadn’t eaten anything for a whole day, when she smelled the food, she felt really hungry. She took the takeout box from Andy and ate it quietly. Soon, she finished eating. “Andy, you must have ordered a lot of take out in the past four years. The food if delicious.”. When she was full, Rachel became energetic. She put away the takeout box with a smile and was about to throw it into the trash can.

Hearing this, Andy smiled helplessly. But it was obvious that he was preoccupied.

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But this time, Rachel noticed the look on his face and saw him frowning, she called him, “Andy?” “Miss Bennet, what’s wrong?” “I think I should ask you this question.” Rachel returned to the sofa and sat down. “I felt that you were absent-minded just now.” “……” Andy pursed his lips and didn’t deny it.

Rachel was not in a hurry to ask what had happened. She poured herself a glass of water to moisten her throat and waited patiently for Andy to speak. She knew that if Andy wanted to tell her, he would even if she didn’t keep asking.

So what she needed to do was to wait. A look of hesitation flashed across Andy’s eyes. After a while, he made up his mind and asked, “Miss Bennet, have you… Have you met Victor Turner yet?” “Yes, I met him today.” Andy’s question surprised her, but she admitted it without hesitation. “Then the two of you…” After hearing the news from Ivan in the afternoon, Andy had been a little restless. What had happened four years ago was still vivid in his mind. Now that Rachel had come back, she was involved with Victor again. He didn’t know how Rachel felt about Victor now. He knew that if the two of them got back together, Rachel would end up getting hurt again. However, even though he was very clear about that, Andy didn’t have the right to stop them. He had mixed feelings. He didn’t want to see the tragedy four years ago anymore happen again. “I met him by accident, I will have nothing to do with him,” Rachel knew what he was worried about and she said. Andy frowned and kept silent for a while. Then he said, “Actually, four years ago, after your ‘death’, Victor came here several times. I’m worried that he won’t let you go after he found that you are still alive.” Rachel picked up the pillow on the sofa and leaned back with a smile. “He won’t let me go? Will he send someone to kidnap me and lock me up?” “……” Andy didn’t say anything, but obviously he thought it was possible. Rachel understood what he was thinking and said, “He couldn’t lock me up four years ago, let alone now. Andy, I’m not the same as I was four years ago. I was not that weak anymore.” Four years ago, after she was reborn, everything she had as Shelia was gone. Abby, the child and the Bennet Group became her weak spots, which was why she decided to take what she had gotten. But now, after four years, Shelia, the famous King of Hearts and the president of the Red Hackers was gone. Her position was replaced by Rachel. But only Rachel herself knew that it took her four years to get back what had been hers. Now, Rachel had no weak spot and no one dared to do anything to her, the president of the Red Hackers. Looking at the determined look on Rachel’s face, Andy moved his lips, but in the end, he said nothing. Although he was still worried, his worry was inexplicably reduced a little when he saw the firm look on Rachel’s face. “But who told you that I’ve met him?” Rachel asked all of a sudden.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 293 Not The Same Rachel

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