Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 292: Wait For Her

Chapter 292 Waiting For Her Here 

When Ivan arrived at the Bennet family’s house, he was stopped at the gate. When the car drove into the villa district where Bennet family’s house, Andy, who was in the room, saw it on the monitor screen. So he stepped out and waited at the gate before Ivan arrived.

“Mr. Torres.” Getting out of the car and seeing Andy, Ivan greeted him politely. Four years ago, when Rachel just “died”, Victor couldn’t fall asleep at night, so he would drive here and sit in the car, looking at the house all night. It seemed as if he could only have some sleep here. It lasted for half a month until one night, the lights in the house were on. Looking at the lights on in the yard, Victor thought he must be dreaming. But cold wind breeze, and he realized it was not in his dream, someone was there! The villa district was a high-end neighborhood in Apliaria. With good security, it was almost impossible for anyone to sneak in the houses here. Then who would be in the house now? An idea flashed through Victor’s mind. He called someone to unlock the door and rush in as

if he was possessed.

Unexpectedly, he bumped into Andy, who was about to leave the house. When he saw Victor breaking into the house, he was shocked and then got angry, “Mr. Sullivan, did you just break in?” At the sight of Andy, Victor’s eyes darkened. But he still didn’t want to believe this was the truth, he looked over Andy’s shoulder, wanting to find some clue that could prove his guess. However, there was nothing behind Andy. Andy knew that he couldn’t fight Victor. There were million times when the idea of confronting Victor and asking him what exactly happened on that ship flashed through him mind. Why would Rachel, who was just fine few days ago, end up.. “Where is she?” Asked Victor in a low voice, looking at Andy with his deep eyes. Andy, who was trying his best to control his emotions, burst into laughter when he heard the question. “Mr. Sullivan, are you asking me? Who are you asking about?” This house was what Rachel cherished the most, she suffered all those insults in the Sullivan Group to keep the Bennet Group and the house. Now that she finally did it, how could she give it up so easily? For more than half a month, Victor still couldn’t accept the fact that Rachel had died and completely disappeared from his life.

a Seeing the lights on, he somehow felt that Rachel must still be alive. He strode forward, grabbed Andy’s collar and asked, “Where is Rachel? Don’t play tricks on me, Andy, or I will make you lose everything!” With Victor grabbing his collar, it was difficult for Andy to breathe. He sneered and could no longer suppress his anger accumulated these days. “Mr. Sullivan, what you said is really interesting! Don’t you know where Miss Bennet is? You even asked your men to open her coffin, you didn’t even want to give her peace.” After saying that, Andy struggled out of Victor’s grip. It had been several days since the last time Victor had some sleep. He had been relying on his consciousness to support himself. But when Andy struggled, he loosened his grip and staggered back Andy straightened his collar and looked at him. “Now, please leave here with your men, Mr. Sullivan! Otherwise, I will call the police and sue you for trespassing! I think you don’t want any scandal at this time, do you?” Said Andy, taking a deep breath to suppress his anger. Victor looked at him coldly. Although he knew it was inappropriate for them to break in, what Andy said was unpleasant to hear. With a frown, Ivan asked, “Mr. Torres, what do you mean? Didn’t you break into the house as well?” “Of course not.” Without hesitation, Andy replied, “This is the house property certificate, it says clearly I am the owner of this house. So, please leave here right now!” Ivan came back to reality, looked at Andy and said, “I am here for Miss Bennet, please open the door.” “What are you talking about, Miss Bennet?” Andy denied decisively, “I have nothing to talk to you. You can leave now. I am busy and I don’t have time for you.” As soon as he finished his words, Andy turned around and didn’t want to talk to Ivan

anymore. “Mr. Torres, didn’t Miss Bennet tell you that they have met already?” However, Ivan’s words stopped him. Andy paused and turned to look at him. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Miss Bennet about what happened today.” Knowing that Andy was still suspecting if he was playing some kind of trick on him, he continued, “You are a smart man, Mr. Torres. You should know that I wouldn’t have been here if Miss Bennet and Mr. Sullivan haven’t met already.” Andy was not stupid. He soon figured it out. He narrowed his eyes and said nothing. Noticing the expression on Andy’s face, Ivan knew that he had believed what he had said. “Mr. Torres, please tell Miss Bennet that I’m waiting for her here.”

“Miss Bennet is resting. She doesn’t have time to see you.” Ivan refused with a cold face. “Mr. Torres…” “I’ve told you that Miss Bennet is resting. And before she went to bed, she specially told me not to disturb her. Ivan, you can go back first. I will tell Miss Bennet when she wakes up.” “But Mr. Sullivan…” Ivan frowned. “I am just following Miss Bennet’s orders. As for what Mr. Sullivan said, it has nothing to do with me. Besides, I don’t like strangers to come here, so I won’t open the door for you. You can go back and report it to Mr. Sullivan, tell him exactly what I’ve said.” After that, Andy turned around and left without looking back. He had witnessed the confrontation between Victor and Andy four years ago. Ivan knew that no matter how much he said, Andy wouldn’t open the door. He had to give up and raised his voice towards. “Then I’ll wait at the door and wait for Miss Bennet to wake up.” “As you like.” After saying three words, Andy passed the cobblestone path in the front yard and went back to the house. After four years, Rachel lay on her bed again. She thought she shouldn’t be able to fall asleep, but she fell asleep soon. Maybe she was really tired. When she woke up, it was already dark. She took a look at the phone. It was quiet. No one had called, which was somewhat unexpected. She estimated that Victor should be awake by now. She had thought that he would send someone to take her back as soon as he woke up. After all, he had done such a thing four years ago. She didn’t think four years was enough to change a man, especially it was Victor. However, since he didn’t ask someone to kidnap her, she was happy. She calmed down, found a thin coat in the cloakroom and put it on. Then she walked out of the balcony. She stretched herself and looked outside. She saw a car waiting outside the yard. The night was dark, and the street lights were dim. She couldn’t see the car clearly, but she felt a little familiar.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 292 Wait For Her

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