Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 291: Girls Are Supposed To Be Delicate

Chapter 291 Girls Are Supposed To Be Delicate 

In the medical lounge, Dr. Turner opened the cabinet and found the first-aid kit. Then he took the kit and walked to Susan who was sitting on the sofa.

It was afternoon, they were on the shift. There was no one else in the lounge except the two

of them.

“Miss Salazar, the cut on your arm needs to be sterilized. It may hurt a little.” Dr. Turner adjusted his glasses, dipped a cotton swab in iodine, looked down at Susan, and said. “It’s okay. I’m not afraid of pain.” Susan raised her eyes and smiled. Dr. Turner looked into her eyes unexpectedly and froze for a second. Susan had just cried. Her eyes were still red, meanwhile sparkling and pitiful, which aroused people’s sympathy for her. Dr. Turner’s heart missed a beat at that moment. Inexplicably, he wanted to wipe away the tears for Susan. “Dr. Turner, what’s wrong?” Noticing the absent-minded look on Dr. Turner’s face, Susan’s eyes flashed. She didn’t know what he was thinking, so she softened her voice and asked. “… Nothing. ” Dr. Turner came to his senses and adjusted his glasses again. But this time, his action seemed to be flustered, more like hiding something. “Alright. Thank you, Dr. Turner,” said Susan, withdrawing her gaze and reaching out her hand.


“It’s fine.” Dr. Turner coughed, blaming himself for the thoughts on his mind! What Dr. Turner didn’t know was that Susan had been observing the subtle changes on his face. Just now, her watery eyes flashed darkly with a touch of cruelty. Dr. Turner looked at the cut on Susan’s arm. Fortunately, the cut by the glass was not deep. Although the blood oozed out and looked ferocious. Dr. Turner quickly calmed down and gently wiped the edge of the cut. “Ouch—”, the iodine met the edge of the cut and Susan felt the sudden prickling. She drew back her hand subconsciously and took a deep breath. Dr. Turner stopped cleaning the cut immediately. “Did it hurt?” “It’s ok, I can take it,” said Susan, biting her lips. “I’ll just call the nurse to clean it up. Maybe my hands are not steady enough.” Dr. Turner said and was about to throw the swab into the trash can. There was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. In fact, only he himself knew that it was not because he couldn’t control his hands ‘steadiness, but because of the dirty thought that had just flashed across his mind. Standing in front of Susan made him feel uncomfortable all over.

So he wanted to find an excuse to leave. Maybe he would feel better. However, as soon as he stood up, Susan grabbed the corner of his white coat.

Dr. Turner froze. “Miss Salazar?”

“Dr. Turner, I really don’t mind the pain. Please help me deal with it. Don’t bother the nurse. Besides, I have something to deal with at home. I’m afraid it will take too much time.” “Well… Okay.” Dr. Turner had no choice but to take out another cotton swab and apply iodine on it. Seeing that the cotton swab was about to meet Susan’s cut, he unconsciously raised his eyes and saw Susan’s pale face twisted slightly. She turned her head away and did not dare to look at the cut on her arm. She gently bit her lower lip, as if to prevent herself from making a sound of pain later. Seeing her like this, Dr. Turner didn’t know whether he should do it or not. Noticing that Dr. Turner was looking at her, Susan turned around and said shyly, “Dr. Turner, it’s okay. You can do it. I won’t act like before.” But she didn’t look like she could take other people’s dealing with her cut at all. Dr. Turner was at a loss for how he should react. “Miss Salazar, don’t be nervous. I’ll be gentler this time.” “I… It’s fine.” Susan smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. She looked down bitterly, “Dr. Turner, will you think I’m too effeminate that I can’t take a small cut like this?” “Why would think like that? Even if I do, that’s because girls are supposed to be delicate.” Dr. Turner replied with a smile, after carefully treating the cut and quickly sterilizing it After saying that, he turned around and was about to take the gauze to wrap the cut to prevent it from infection. However, before he turned around, a drop of tear suddenly fell on the back of his hand that he hadn’t taken back.

Dr. Turner raised his head and saw that Susan, who was fine just now, suddenly burst into


Dr. Turner was flustered. “Miss Salazar, why are you crying? Did it hurt because I was too rough just now? Please don’t cry. If I hurt you, I apologize. I’m sorry. O…Or you can hit me. Just don’t cry.” He had been concentrating on his study since he was a child. After he chose his tutor, he had devoted himself to medicine. Dr. Turner, who had little contact with girls, was now thirty five years old and was still single. When he saw a girl crying, he was completely panicked and didn’t know what to do. He could only comfort her awkwardly.

Miss Salazar…” At a loss, Dr. Turner took out a piece of tissue. He didn’t know whether to

hand it over or not.

“Dr. Turner, I’m sorry to scare you,” said Susan in a hoarse voice, wiping her tears. “N…No. You didn’t.” Dr. Turner took back the tissue and gradually realized that it was not because of the pain of the cut that Susan cried. He asked, “Miss Turner, what happened?”

“…” Susan bit her lower lip and didn’t say anything. Although he was curious why Susan cried, Dr. Turner was a well-mannered man. Since she didn’t say it, he wouldn’t ask further. He just stood up and silently poured a glass of warm

water for her.

“Drink some warm water to relax,” he said.

Susan raised her head and looked at Dr. Turner. After a while, she took the water and said, “Thank you, Dr. Turner.” “That’s OK, Miss Salazar. Although I don’t know what happened to you, you should smile more often. Even if the sky falls down, those tall men would shoulder it for you.” He was not good at comforting people. After thinking for a long time, he only came up with a simple sentence. After saying that, he touched the tip of his nose with embarrassment. Holding a glass of water, Susan kept silent for a while. After a moment of silence, Dr. Turner thought that his comfort had the opposite effect, so he was a little embarrassed. “Miss Salazar, have some rest here. I have several patients to check. If you have any problem, you can call me.” After saying that, Dr. Turner turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly, Susan spoke. “Dr. Turner.” Looking at his back, she stopped him and said, “Can you help me?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 291 Girls Are Supposed To Be Delicate

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