Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 290: Why Is She Still Alive

Chapter 290 Why Is She Still Alive 

Tears welled up in Susan’s eyes and then streamed down her cheeks, but Victor was not

moved at all.

“You don’t have to worry that the public will gossip about you after you break up with me. I will ask Becky to think of a plan…” “I don’t want to hear it!” With red eyes, Susan raised her voice, trying to cover Victor’s voice. It seemed that only in this way could she stop him from talking. Victor’s eyes darkened and his face was cold. Susan pressed her lips and looked into his cold eyes. Bitterness spread in her heart. “It was because of Rachel, right? You want to break up with me because she’s back, right?” “Susan, I told you three years ago that if she came back one day, you must return everything that belonged to her.” He said calmly, “She is my fiancée, she is the only Mrs. Sullivan.” “I don’t want to…” “I’ll ask Ivan to draw up a contract and send it to you in three days. On the day of signing the contract;I will announce that I’ve cancelled the engagement.” Without giving her a chance to refuse, he went straight to the point. With red eyes, Susan

stood there like a condemned prisoner tied on the cross. “What if I don’t want it?” with a bitter smile, Susan didn’t want to give up. “You can’t do this to me, Victor Sullivan!” “Susan, do you forget what you promised me three years ago?” Victor’s face was expressionless. But when he heard her refusal, his eyes were a little colder. What she had promised him three years ago? Susan was stunned. She suddenly thought of the day three years ago when she found that she was just someone’s substitute. She was in a mess. Looking at the photo of Rachel’s on the table, she wished she could rush up and tear it up, she even hated her own look. But she knew that she carried the hope of the whole Salazar family, she couldn’t do that. Even if she knew that she was just a substitute of Rachel’s, she couldn’t say anything or do anything to vent her anger. She quickly escaped from that place, but on the second day, she forced herself to calm down. After weighing the pros and cons, she signed an agreement with Victor. She became his nominal fiancée and the future hostess of the Sullivan family. At the same time, the Salazar Group and the Sullivan Group reached a strategic cooperation, and since, she relied on the Sullivan Group to advance in her career as an actress. The cooperation was all good for her.

Victor didn’t get anything from it. However, as a businessman, he signed it without any hesitation.

When Susan saw what was written in that agreement, she was moved and thought Victor must have slight feeling for her and she smiled, “Vic, I knew you…” “Have you finished reading?” Victor sat on the chair and asked. Facing with his cold attitude, the smile on Susan’s face froze for a moment, but she still held a glimmer of hope, “I’ve read it, everything in it is good for me. Victor, I’m sorry about yesterday. I do look like Rachel, maybe that was why you thought of her. It’s okay. As long as you have me in your heart, I don’t mind you thinking of her from time to time.” She told herself that she had to be considerate at this time. However, what Victor said next second made her feel even colder. “I only have one condition. If someday she came back, you have to give back everything that belongs to her.” Victor didn’t hear a word of her considerate words. The smile on Susan’s face disappeared, and the hope in her heart was completely shattered. She held the contract in her hand and forced a smile, “So… I misunderstood.” “I can give you time to consider whether to sign this contract or not.” He said. Susan looked down at the contract, took a deep breath and said, “I’ll sign it.” Then she signed her name on it without hesitation. When she finished signing her name, she caught a glimpse of the photo of Rachel’s on the table. The unwillingness surged up in her heart again. She was dead!

Came back? Why should she worry about someone who would never come back to this world?

So she signed it and naively thought that Rachel would never come back. Susan moved her lips and wanted to refute, but she found that what she wanted to say was extremely useless. She could only keep crying, turned around and ran out of the ward. She would never give it back to Rachel! It belonged to her! Why should she give it to her? Why was Rachel still alive? Why was she alive? She should have died! Susan’s mind was full of various thoughts. She didn’t see the nurse pushing the cart in front of her and directly bumped into her. Bang! The cart fell to the ground, and the needles and medicine were scattered on the ground. Susan couldn’t stand firm and fell to the ground, and her arm was scratched by a piece of broken glass. “Miss, are you okay?” When the nurse saw the bleeding wound on her arm, she panicked. Patients on this floor of the hospital were all rich and powerful, if she offended any of them,

she would definitely lose her job! With red eyes, Susan raised her head and glared at the nurse. Even a nurse could bully her now? “What the **** were you looking…” “What happened?” When Susan was about to scold the nurse, a familiar voice came. The nurse and she looked in the direction of the voice.

“Dr. Turner.” When the nurse saw Dr. Turner, she immediately lowered her head.

Dr. Turner had planned to come to the nurse station to take some documents, but he seemed to have heard the sound of something breaking not far awayAt this time, he also saw the person who fell on the ground. He was stunned and asked, “Miss Salazar?”

Then he saw the wound on her arm…

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 290 Why Is She Still Alive

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