Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 288: Risk Your Life

Chapter 288 Risk Your Life

Soon, Dr. Turner came. He did a simple check for Victor and found that all his physical indexes were normal. Then he breathed a sigh of relief. When Victor was sent to the operating room, his physical indexes had all dropped to a risky low. He was on the verge of death. It was really a miracle than he recovered well.

Dr. Turner said respectfully. “……” Victor’s face was cold and he didn’t say anything. Perhaps it was because he just woke up, he looked a bit morbid and he seemed distant and cold. But Dr. Turner didn’t mind his attitude. After all, he had been used to it.

The first time he met Victor was four years ago.

Four years ago, the Dean took him to the Sue Garden and personally diagnosed Victor. He still remembered the first time he saw Victor. The room was filled with smoke and the smell of cigarette. Lying on the sofa, Victor was wearing a wrinkled shirt, it seemed that he hadn’t changed his clothes for days. Depressed and hopeless. At the first sight of Victor, these two words popped up in Dr. Turner’s mind. At that moment, he seemed to see from Victor that he had no desire to live anymore. Before he came here, the Dean didn’t tell him too much. He just said that the patient was having trouble sleeping. But later he realized that Victor was not just having trouble sleeping, he hadn’t slept at all for three days and he might suffer a sudden death at any time. It was not until then that the Dean told him Victor’s real situation. Later, Dr. Turner became Victor’s doctor. “Dr. Turner, may I ask if there is any food he can’t eat?” When Dr. Turner was lost in thought, Susan, who was standing on the other side of the bed, suddenly asked. “Just eat some light food these days. Don’t eat any cold or spicy food.” Dr. Turner raised his eyes to look at Susan and saw that she was carefully memorizing it on her phone, he continued, “He can’t smoke cigarettes, have alcohol and food that’s difficult to digest, such as mushrooms.” “Is there anything else we need to pay attention to?” asked Susan, nodding her head. “That’s all. One more thing, the wound can’t touch water.” “Okay, thank you.” Said Susan in a soft voice. Her eyes were so gentle that it made people feel very soft in their hearts. Dr. Turner had met Susan several times and had a good impression of her. He could tell that

she was worried about Victor. He smiled and said. “This is my job, you are welcome. But Miss Salazar, don’t worry. The hospital will ask someone to take care of Mr. Sullivan’s diet.”

Even if it was someone else in the VIP ward, there would be a specialist taking care of his diet and everything. So Susan didn’t have to worry about it. Of course, Susan knew that. But she wanted to ask Dr. Turner the questions, because in this way, she could show Victor who truly cared about him. It was her, not Rachel. “I know, I was just worried about him.” Susan put her phone away. How could Dr. Turner know what was on Susan’s mind? Hearing this, his impression of Susan became even better. “I understand. If you have any questions, you can come to my office to ask me at any time.” Susan nodded. Dr. Turner didn’t stay in the ward for too long. After he did a simple check for Victor, he left. At this time, Ivan, who received the news that Victor woke up, he came to the hospital. He knocked on the door of the ward, pushed the door open and came in. “Mr. Sullivan,” Called Ivan in a low voice. At the sight of him, Victor looked over at behind Ivan, but there was no one there. He didn’t see her.

His eyes suddenly turned cold. “Where is she?” He asked. Of course, Ivan knew who Victor was talking about. Thinking about the message his men sent him, Ivan hesitated for a moment, “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Bennet… She went back to her hotel to have a rest.”

Susan, who was standing aside, kept silent the whole time, but her hands had been clenched into fists.

“Ask her to come here.” Said Victor coldly. “Mr. Sullivan…” “Call her and tell her that either she comes here or I go pick her up myself.” Victor was still weak after the operation, but he said in a domineering tone.

Ivan was in a dilemma and hesitated. He knew that Victor meant what he said. If Rachel didn’t show up here, he would really go pick her up at her hotel with his weak body. After four years, he knew Victor’s obsession with Rachel very well.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Sullivan. We..Wcan’t find Miss Bennet.” Knowing that he couldn’t hide it anymore, Ivan had to tell the truth.

“…… What did you say?” Raising his eyes to look at Ivan, Victor said. Ivan then lowered his eyes and said, “Miss Bennet said she wanted to go back to her hotel to get some sleep, so I sent someone to drive her back to her hotel and asked them to watch her and ensure her safety…

But half an hour ago, the men suddenly came back.” After a pause, Ivan continued, “They lost track of Miss Bennet. They searched everywhere near the hotel but still couldn’t find her.” Victor’s eyes darkened as Ivan explained. The temperature in the room seemed to have suddenly dropped, making everyone here feel cold. “Mr. Sullivan, it’s my fault. Just punish me.” Ivan knew that the calmer Victor looked on the surface, the angrier he was. Did you check the surveillance cameras?” Victor didn’t say anything about punishing him but asked.

“I’ve sent someone on it. The result will come out soon. Our men are checking the airport, the high-speed intersections and the docks. If they saw Miss Bennet leaving, they will stop her. They haven’t found Miss Bennet yet. We can be sure that she hasn’t left Apliaria yet.”

to escape. So he ordered his men to guard every possible place that Rachel might go. Rachel had disappeared for only forty minutes. She couldn’t have left Apliaria so soon. But it was a large city, it was easy to hide. Just then, Ivan’s phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and answered it quickly. When he heard what the person on the phone said, his knitted brows relaxed. Then he hung up the phone and said in a relaxed tone, “Mr. Sullivan, we have found Miss Bennet.” “Where is she?” “In the Bennet family.” “Get the car ready, we are going to the Bennet family,” ordered Victor in a low voice. Susan and Ivan’s faces changed when they heard Victor’s words. “Mr. Sullivan…” “What did you say, Vic?” “……” Victor didn’t say anything, but it was obvious that he was going to the Bennet family. “Are you crazy? You just had an operation! Just now, Dr. Turner said that you need to stay in bed. How can you go to the Bennet family?” For a moment, jealousy and unwillingness welled up in Susan’s heart. “What? You can even risk your life for her?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 288 Risk Your Life

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