Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 285: I’ll Stay

Chapter 285 I’ll Stay

For a moment, the air seemed to be frozen. At this moment, a nurse came out of the operating room and did not notice the stalemate in the air. She asked, “Excuse me, which one of you is Mr. Sullivan’s family?” Susan realized that she went a little out of control. Hearing the nurse’s voice, she turned around and walked a few steps forward. “I’m his fiancée.” “This is the operation confirmation. Please sign your name here.” The nurse immediately handed her a file and a transparent bag. “And this is the bullet we’ve taken out from Mr. Sullivan’s arm.” After signing her name on the file and taking the bag, Susan suddenly felt that the thing in her hand was very heavy and there seemed to be the smell of blood on it. Perhaps it was her illusion, she felt that there was still Victor’s blood on the bullet, and her face turned a little pale. After confirming that Susan signed her name, the nurse continued, “Mr. Sullivan has been transferred to the VIP ward, but he is not sober yet. In order to ensure that he can have a good rest, only one of you can go accompany him in the ward, which one of you will it be?” After saying that, the nurse glanced at the three people standing in the corridor. “I… I’m his fiancée. I’ll go,” said Susan, suppressing the discomfort in her heart caused by the smell of blood. As soon as she finished her words, she glanced at Rachel. But to her surprise, when Rachel heard this, there was no expression on her face. She seemed to be indifferent about it, which was totally different how Susan had just reacted. Feeling this, Susan felt depressed in her heart. She clenched her fists and turned to the nurse. “Take me there.” “Come with me.” The nurse nodded and left with Susan walking behind her. Ivan frowned. From the moment Susan said that she was Victor’s fiancée to the moment Susan followed the nurse to the elevator, he had been frowning. He wanted to say something, but when he thought that what Susan said was true, he swallowed his words.

Rachel of course noticed how Susan had been gazing at her from time to time, after all, it was hard to ignore since there were only the three of them here. Seeing that Susan had left, Rachel stood up straight, turned around and was about to leave. “Miss Bennet, where are you going?” Noticing her action, Ivan immediately stepped forward to stop her and asked in a deep voice. “Leaving here,” Rachel said and couldn’t help yawning. She didn’t like hospitals.

She didn’t like being here four years ago and she still hated it here now. Hearing that she was about to leave, Ivan became alert, “Leaving? Where are you going? Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan told me that he needed to see you when he wakes up, so…” “But he hasn’t woken up yet,” Rachel interrupted him and said, “You heard it just nowSusan is his fiancée. Since she is here, why should I be here?” “……” Ivan moved his lips. “Susan should be the one he wanted to see the most when he wakes up,” Rachel said. This sounded like words of jealousy, but Rachel said it in a calm tone, as if she was just stating a fact. There seemed to be no emotions in her words.


“Fine, let’s both take a step back.” Seeing that Ivan still didn’t want to give in and step out of her way, Rachel took a step back and distant herself from him a little. “What?” Ivan looked at her in confusion. “Victor is still in a coma, what’s the point of me being here? I am really sleepy and I just want to have some sleep,” She said, “Let me go. I promise you that I won’t run away. I just want to go back and have some sleep.” Still worried, Ivan said, “Miss Bennet, if you are tired, I can ask someone to book a room for you in a nearby hotel.” “No.” Rachel refused decisively, “I want to sleep on a bed I’m familiar with.” “……” Looking at her, Ivan obviously didn’t believe her. Sleep on a familiar bed? They were all hotel beds. What was the difference? “You heard what I’ve promised. And Ivan, do you really think you can stop me if I really wanted to leave?” It seemed that they couldn’t reach an agreement here peacefully. With a

frown, Rachel’s tone became cold. Of course, Ivan knew he couldn’t stop her. Four years ago, even Victor couldn’t stop her from leaving, how could he? “Then I’ll ask someone to send you back to your hotel.” He compromised. Rachel also knew that this was the best Ivan could do. She didn’t want to pick on him in the first place, so she nodded. If she really wanted to escape, she could even if Ivan sent a group of people following her. But she wouldn’t leave. Joey was still here. Soon, Ivan called a driver over. He opened the back door for Rachel. Rachel got in the car. When Ivan was about to close the door, he suddenly remembered what Rachel had said upstairs. He hesitated for a while and said, “Miss Bennet, you know…” As soon as he finished his words, he saw that Rachel was so tired that she closed her eyes. His words were stuck in his throat.

“What?” Rachel didn’t hear Ivan continue, she opened her eyes and looked at him in confusion. “Nothing. Miss Bennet, have a good rest.” Ivan closed the door and took a few steps back, hinting the driver to drive. The May Bach drove away slowly. Rachel looked at Ivan from the rearview mirror, she felt that he had something to say to her just now. But on second thought, since he didn’t want to tell her, there was no need for her to ask. Now she just wanted to take Joey away. She didn’t want to have anything to do with Victor. Standing on the step and watching the May Bach driving farther and farther, Ivan’s eyes darkened and he sighed slightly. Actually, when they were upstairs just now, he wanted to say something. Susan was not the person Victor wanted to see the most when he woke up, it was Rachel. It had always been Rachel

But he knew clearly that he had no stand to say that.

Shortly after Rachel returned to the hotel, she received a video call from Quintin. “Boss, are you okay? Did you get hurt?” With his face close to the camera, Quintin wished he could break free from the screen and check Rachel. “I’m fine.” Rachel took off her coat and mask. “What about Joe? Where is he? Was he frightened?” Rachel paused as she threw the mask into the trash can. With her eyes lowered, she said,

Quintin became nervous and worried again, “Boss, since Victor has known who you really are, how about I go to Apliaria now and pick you two up?” “No,” Rachel pressed her lips and said, “I’ll stay.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 285 I’ll Stay

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