Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 284: His Fiancee

Chapter 284 His Fiancee

Rachel and Ivan turned to look at where the voice came from. As soon as Susan finished a brand meeting, she received a message from her assistant, who was supposed to be taking a sick leave for physical examination, saying that she saw Ivan in the hospital with a woman. She clicked on the photo in the text and saw the face of the woman standing next to Ivan. Her face changed and she rushed over without even changing her clothes. It was not until she arrived at the hospital that she knew that Victor was injured. As Rachel and Ivan looked at her, Susan had already walked to the front of the two. “Miss Salazar,” Ivan called her name in a distant tone. He subconsciously looked at Rachel and didn’t expect that Susan and Rachel would meet under such a circumstance. For a moment, he didn’t know how to introduce the two of them. Susan was Victor’s fiancée and Rachel was Victor’s ex-wife. He felt it awkward to introduce them to each other. Before returning home, Rachel had heard from Quintin that the reason why Joey sneaked back to Apliaria was that he wanted to pay Abby a visit on her death anniversary. More importantly, Victor was getting married soon. When she heard this, she was stunned for a moment. She didn’t come to her senses until Quintin called her several times. “The woman Victor is going to marry is called Susan Salazar. She seems to be an actress, but…” Quintin said. Rachel didn’t hear clearly what Quintin said after these words, but she remembered Susan’s name. But even though she had heard this name a long time ago, this was the first time Rachel had met Susan in person. At first glance, she thought Susan did look like her. But when she looked at her carefully, she found that Susan looked gentler than her. When Rachel looked at Susan, the latter was also looking at her. But the difference was that it was not the first time for Susan to see Rachel’s face. Her appearance had been engraved in her mind.

Although she had known what Rachel looked like, when she saw Rachel in person, she couldn’t help clenching her fists. On the way here, she looked at the photo and kept telling herself that it was impossible and that it was not true. How could it be possible? Rachel had died a long time ago! She died four years ago! She even visited Rachel’s tomb once with her own eyes. How could it be possible for her to still be alive?

The woman in front of her must just look like Rachel! However, now that Rachel was standing in front of her, she couldn’t deceive herself anymore. “Ra…” Susan opened her mouth and hesitated before she said, “Are you Rachel Bennet?” “Miss Salazar, I’ve heard about you. ” Compared with the nervous and hostile look on Susan’s face, Rachel seemed much calmer. “I thought you…” Susan forced a smile and said, “I didn’t expect you to still be alive.” As soon as she finished speaking, she forced herself to look away from Rachel and looked at Ivan. As if trying to prove something, she asked, “Ivan, how is Vic doing? He was fine yesterday. Why did he suddenly…” Before she could finish her words, the door of the operating room slowly opened. Dr. Turner took off his mask and walked out. “Doctor, how is he?” Susan walked to him and asked. “How is Vic doing?” Ivan followed her. Out of instinct, Rachel took a step forward. But when she saw Susan, she took a step back. Why should she worry? She didn’t care whether Victor was alive or dead. She leaned against the wall, took out the mask from her pocket and put it on again. She lowered her eyes, as if it was none of her business. “Mr. Sullivan is out of danger, the bullet has been taken out. But he may need to stay in bed for a month and he can’t move too much,”Dr. Turner said, “Mr. Sullivan hasn’t woken up yet, and it will take two hours before the anesthesia’s effect past. So better not disturb him.” Then he turned around and left. Susan only knew that Victor was injured, but she didn’t know that he was shot. When she heard the doctor’s words, her face turned pale. “Bullet…” She murmured and turned to look at Ivan, “Ivan, what happened exactly? How could he be shot? I thought you were just having a press conference today?” “It’s complicated. Miss Salazar, you’d better not ask too much without Mr. Sullivan’s permission,” Said Ivan in a low voice. After a moment of silence, Susan suddenly looked at Rachel and said. “He doesn’t let me know. What about her? Why would she know?” “Miss Salazar,” Ivan frowned and said in a low voice with a hint of warning. Susan had been nervous because of Rachel’s sudden appearance. When she heard that Victor was shot, she subconsciously felt that he was injured in order to protect Rachel. For a moment, the scenes how Victor had been missing Rachel over the years and how he took a bullet for her came up in her mind. “Ivan, don’t you forget that I’m the Victor’s fiancée!” She kept silent for a while and then said word by word.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 284 His Fiancee

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