Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 283 Operation

Chapter 283 First Met (Part One) In the hospital.

As soon as the ambulance arrived at the gate of the hospital, Rachel saw a group of doctors and nurses standing at the gate of the emergency department building from a distance. They were all here waiting for Victor.

The ambulance stopped. Soon, he was sent to the operating room. Rachel got out of the ambulance and looked at the dried blood on her hand. She wanted to find a place to wash it off. When she was about to turn around to go to the bathroom, two bodyguards in suits stood in front of her expressionlessly. Rachel’s eyes darkened and she looked back at tvan. “Miss Bennet, I’m sorry. Mr. Sullivan has told me that you can’t leave for now.” Ivan said respectfully. As soon as she heard that, Rachel pursed her pink lips and looked cold. She didn’t intend to leave, but even if she wanted to, Victor was in no position to stop her. Was he going to do what he did four years ago again? “Ivan, I have made myself clear. Get out of the way.” “Miss Bennet… ” Ivan knew Rachel’s character and that there was no way he could force her to stay. But at the thought of what Victor said to him before he fell into a coma, he was in a dilemma. Looking into Ivan’s eyes, Rachel suddenly felt that ever since she met Victor again, she hadn’t been able to control her emotions. She knew that Ivan did things according to Victor’s order, why should she pick on him? Besides, she had already known that she couldn’t just get away with this by hiding. “I won’t leave. I just want to wash my hands in the bathroom,” said Rachel, trying to calm herself down.

The operation had lasted for two hours.

In the long corridor outside the operating room, Rachel leaned against the wall. Her eyes looked tired. She hadn’t had a good sleep since she came back. “Miss Bennet, how about I arrange a ward for you and you can have a rest there?” Ivan asked his man to buy a coffee for Rachel and handed it to her. Rachel took the coffee and took a sip. The bitterness from the coffee spread quickly in her mouth. She looked up at the red light above the operating room door and shook her head. Thinking of Joey, who was taken away by Ivan, she asked. “J…” when she was about to ask about Joey, she remembered that Ivan and Victor shouldn’t have known who Joey really was or her relationship with him, so she changed her words.

“Where’s that kid?” Ivan didn’t notice anything wrong. Hearing this, he was stunned for a moment and then asked, “You mean Joey?” “…… Yeah. ” Rachel tapped on the coffee cup with her finger imperceptibly. “He was taken back to the Sue Garden now, why did you ask about him all of a sudden, Miss Bennet? ” Ivan was confused. “Nothing. I just thought of him. Just now in the lounge, I saw how terrified he was. ” Rachel lowered her head and said. At least, he was safe in the Sue Garden. Rachel couldn’t help but recall what happened in the lounge an hour ago again. She looked at the man with a knife, hesitated and asked, “That man… Have you found out who is behind this?” Four years ago, she knew that there must be a lot of people in the dark who wanted to kill Victor. In the past four years, although she had deliberately avoided hearing any news about the Sullivan Group and Victor, as the chairman of the Red Hackers, she knew that the members in the Red Hackers received orders from different people every other month, targeting at Victor and the Sullivan Group. However, she didn’t know how many people wanted Victor’s life until today. “Not yet. We are still….” “Ivan. ” Suddenly, a soft and anxious voice came from not far behind, interrupting the conversation between Ivan and Rachel. With a tinkle, the red light was off.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 283 Operation

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