Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 282: I Won’t

Chapter 282 I Won

Hearing this, the atmosphere at the press conference became even weirder. Beads of sweat dripped from the reporter’s forehead onto the microphone. “But… But I’ve heard that Mr. Sullivan has seen this child, and now you are saying you have never met the child, does it mean the child won’t be recognized by the Sullivan family?” Hiss.

A gasp came from the audience. Carson’s smiling eyes turned cold at this moment. It turned out that the reporter was really a fearless one, he even dared to keep asking questions. No matter how they answered it, there would be traps ahead. He looked down and noticed the phone held tightly in the reporter’s hand. His eyes narrowed. It seemed that he didn’t hear it from his friend. It was more like someone had sent him something. Carson looked back at his subordinate, who immediately understood what he meant and turned around to check who the reporter had contacted recently with his phone in his hand. Rachel lowered her eyes. There was a table in front of her that blocked everyone’s view, so none of the reporters could see it. But Victor’s arm was still bleeding, the blood tainted the carpet. At the same time, Victor’s face was becoming paler and paler, it seemed that he couldn’t hold on any longer. “Let alone the fact that this was a groundless guess, even if it was true, it should be a family matter. Moreover, Mr. Sullivan has been busy in the company with Mr. Odin Sullivan’s funeral and the business in the oversea branch company, he didn’t have time to see anyone else. ” The host was stunned for a while, but soon he responded in a clear voice. “And just now, Mr. Sullivan gave a clear answer. Mr. Odin Sullivan’s private affairs are not within the discussion of today’s press conference, so we would appreciate it if everyone could stop bringing up groundless guesses.” The host’s tone was very calm, but he had sent a clear message to warn the reporters. The reporter standing there gritted his teeth. He waited for a long time but couldn’t get an answer from Victor. However, he was unwilling to give up, he looked at Victor and asked, “Mr. Sullivan, please answer my question.” Everyone held their breath and watched quietly. They were all curious about whether it was true or not. After all, the reporter was willing to offend Victor for this matter, which meant he must have something. If it was true, then there would be a new heir to the Sullivan Group, who might be supported by the board of directors to fight against Victor. If that day should come, there would be a turbulence in the Sullivan Group. “What question did you ask just now?” After a long while, Victor raised his head and looked at him. “I… the child… ” the reporter was terrified when he was being stared at by Victor. “Who do you think you are? ” Victor looked at him with cold eyes and said. “Why should I answer your question? Or do you really think that the existence of this child would change a thing?” The reporter’s face turned pale. At this time, Carson’s subordinate sent him a message. Carson looked at the message on his phone, raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Sir, it turns out your friend is a fraud.”. “What… What?” Carson stood up and handed the it to the host, indicating him to put it on the screen. This message was the specific data information of the message that the reporter received a few minutes ago, including the IP address and the registration information of the sender. “I’m sorry. I was just really curious about the gossipy friend of yours. No offense, I am a gossipy man myself, I just want to get to know that friend of yours. So I asked someone to check it out and found that the IP address and registration information of the sender were all fake. ” It was obviously an invasion of privacy, but when Carson said it, he didn’t seem to think of it as an illegal thing. “You, you are invading my privacy!” The reporter was so angry, but he got nothing to defend himself beside this.

“I just wanted to help you from going astray and making friends with a fraud.” “……” The reporter was too embarrassed to speak, and his face turned pale. At this moment, the message he had received was put on the big screen. It was a scam message. But the reporter treated it as a treasure and even questioned Victor with it.

The other reporters all looked at him with strange look in their eyes. The reporter felt ashamed and his face was burning. “I… I….” Suddenly, the door was pushed open from the outside. Two policemen in uniform came in and went straight to the reporter.

The reporter was stunned. The policeman took out his police license and snapped at him. “Sir, you were accused of having connections with a fraud we’ve been tracing. I will have to ask you to go to the police station to help us with the investigation.” Accused? All the reporters under the stage looked up at Carson, who was sitting cross legged on the chair.

“I didn’t…” the reporter’s face changed. “Please.” However, the policeman was expressionless and didn’t give him a chance to explain. The reporter looked at Carson, who caught his sight. Carson smiled faintly and said as if he was coaxing a child, “Be a good boy and go help the policeman.” The reporter’s face suddenly turned red. Looking at the police’s face, he could only lower his head and follow them away dejectedly. The reporters off the stage looked at this scene as if it was a play. They had thought they could get some big news from this topic. The host moved on to the next topic and the press conference got back on track: Victor didn’t have to stay for the whole press conference, the ambulance was already waiting at the back door. He stood up and was about to leave. Seeing that his cuff had been dyed red by the blood, she wanted to support him subconsciously, but Victor looked at her and dodged. “I’m fine. ” He said.

“…….” Rachel withdrew her hand and said nothing.

Victor stepped down the stage and walked steadily step by step. If one didn’t look carefully, it was impossible to find that he was seriously injured. Rachel followed him and found that his back was all wet.

He was fine?

How could he be fine? Rachel frowned and thought why did he have to pretend he wasn’t in pain, his life was at risk.

Sweat broke out on his forehead. Now he had difficulty in taking every step, and his vision was getting blurred. But he knew that behind him was Rachel. He didn’t want to show his fragility in front of her. Moreover, he was afraid that once he fainted, she would disappear without looking back at him and disappear in his world again. Suddenly, a hand reached out and held his left arm. He was stunned and looked at the person who was supporting him. “Rach…” “There is still some way to go before we can get to the ambulance. If you fall to the ground now, I can’t drag you there.” Without looking at him, Rachel said coldly, “You’d better die in the ambulance than here.”

“I don’t want to be treated as a suspect by the police. ” Rachel added, as if she thought her words were not hurtful enough. “Rach…”

Rachel stopped, looked up at him and said word by word, “I don’t want to have mything to do with you, whether you are alive or dead.” The words were like a knife, stabbing to the heart. “Rachel, is your heart made of iron? ” Victor’s eyes darkened and he smiled with self mockery. “You hate me so much. Will you forgive me even if I give my life to you?” “No, I won’t. “Rachel said firmly without any hesitation.

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