Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 253: Joe Was Taken Away

Chapter 253 Joe Was Taken Away

After driving for about ten minutes, the Volkswagen finally arrived at the hotel where Joey was. Rachel got out of the car and walked straight to the elevator. At the same time, the elevator slowly opened with a tinkle. She looked up at the screen above and saw two numbers on the screen, one showing “1”, and the other showing “17”. Joey was staying in the 17th floor.

What a coincidence.

When Rachel caught a glimpse of the number “17”, she paused for a moment, but she didn’t think further. She withdrew her gaze and walked into the elevator. The elevator door slowly closed. At the same time, the elevator on the seventeen floor also closed.


Two minutes later. Rachel tapped her earphone and looked up at the door number in front of her. “Quintin, are you sure that Joe is in this room?” “Of course, one hundred percent sure!” As soon as Quintin heard this, he put the coke in his hand on the table. He had paid for Joey’s hotel room under Joey’s threatening. Twenty thousand for one night! He had been defrauded of two hundred thousand dollars. How could he forget about the room number? Rachel didn’t say anything but rang the doorbell again. The doorbell rang for the second time. But still no one came to open the door. Rachel felt uneasy, and so did Quintin in the other room. He frowned and said, “Boss… Don’t worry. Maybe he is taking a shower and didn’t hear the doorbell rang. Besides, you have taught him a lot of self-protection skills. Maybe he is taking a shower or doing something else, or maybe he didn’t open the door because he was cautious.” The more he continued, the less Quintin believed in his own words. Another doorbell rang. Half a minute later, there was still no voice coming from inside. Even if Joey was taking a shower, there should be some voice. No matter how cautious he was, hearing the doorbell rang for several times, he should at least have peeped through the peep hole. And if he saw her from the peep hole, he would definitely open the door. “Boss, wait a minute. I’ll find the password of the door. Joe gave it to me. Don’t worry.” Quintin was also starting to worry. He comforted her while he himself was worried.

He quickly scrolled through the conversation he had with Joe. He remembered clearly that he had asked Joe to send it to him last night, but he couldn’t find the message now. “Don’t bother.” Rachel’s voice came through all of a sudden. Quintin stopped. Before he could ask what had happened, he heard a sound of unlocking the door. “Boss, you…” He was surprised, “How do you know the password?” “I hacked into the hotel management system when you were searching.” Then Rachel pushed the door open. All the lights in the room were on, the room was bright like daytime. There were still Joe’s sneakers in the vestibule. At first glance, there seemed to be nothing unusual. “Joe.” Rachel walked into the living room and called out. “……” No one answered. Rachel caught a glimpse of the doll bear on the sofa, which was Joe’s favorite toy. She felt more and more uneasy. “Boss, do you think he is sleeping?” Looking at the doll bear, Rachel picked it up and walked slowly towards the bedroom. There was a dim yellow light on in the bedroom, which made the room a bit dim. daliy latest chapters only She pushed the door open. There was no one in the big room and there were few clothes on the bed, which showed that Joey had lived here before. For some reason, she suddenly remembered the number “17” on the screen she saw just now. A thought flashed through her mind, and she unconsciously tightened her grip on the doll bear. “Quintin.” She stared at the clothes left by Joe on the bed and called in a low voice. Quintin also felt something wrong at this moment. He immediately understood and said with a serious expression, “Boss, I’m going to check the surveillance video now. Don’t worryMaybe… Maybe Joe went out to buy some food.” Rachel pressed her thin lips and her eyes were deep. Her intuition told her that Joe wasn’t out for food, but… He was taken away. “Quintin, check the surveillance video ten minutes ago. Now!” She ordered. Quintin quickly hacked into the hotel’s monitoring system and was about to retrieve today’s surveillance video. When he heard Rachel’s order, he was stunned for a moment, but soon centered himself and immediately found out the surveillance video of the hotel room ten minutes ago In the video, two men appeared at the door. He recognized one of them at a glance. He would never forget his face. Pursing his lips, Quintin clenched his fists, trying to control his emotions.

After a long time, he suppressed the surging hatred in his eyes and said in a low voice, “Boss, I’ve found it out.” “Who is it?” Rachel didn’t ask him if Joe went out, but asked who it was that took Joey. When she saw the doll bear on the sofa and recalled the number “17” on the screen above the elevator just now, she had already guessed it. But she still held a glimmer of hope that Joe was just hungry and was out for food. Unconsciously, she held her breath and her heart beat faster.

She was nervous and a little scared. “It’s…” pursing his lips, Quintin answered in a low voice, “It’s Victor.”

In the sue Garden The Maybach slowly drove in and steadily stopped in front of the steps of the building. Lukas came out of the house to greet Victor. Seeing that Victor was about to get out of the car, he walked up to him and said, “Mr. Sullivan, you’re back. Have you had dinner yet? How about I ask the chef to cook…” Before he finished his words, another person got out of the car. When Lukas saw the person getting out of the car, he paused and called out with uncertainty, “Joe?” “Mr. Smith.” The corners of Joe’s mouth twitched. Obviously, he was not in a good mood, but he still maintained his politeness. Seeing Joey, Lukas was a little surprised. “Is it really you? Joe, why are you here?” Joe didn’t say anything but looked up at Victor. Noticing that he was looking at him, Victor’s face was still cold. He ordered Lukas, “Clean a room for him. From today on, he will stay in the Sue Garden for a period of time.” “Stay, stay here? What happened?” Lukas was even more surprised. He didn’t expect that Joey would come back, and he was even more surprised that Victor would let him stay here. Lukas looked at Joey as if he was asking for confirmation. Joey, whose height just reached Victor’s thigh, looked into his eyes and nodded in response. “Yeah.” Victor answered in a low voice, “He is Odin’s son.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 253 Joe Was Taken Away

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