Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 232: See Each Other Soon

Chapter 232 See Each Other Soon

In Apliaria airport “Well…” Looking at the little boy, Susan couldn’t help feeling impatient and annoyed. She had never thought that the little boy would be so difficult to deal with. “Is it so difficult to answer this question?” He tilted his head to one side. Although he covered his big eyes with sunglasses, he looked so pure and kind that it was hard to connect him with Joe, who had made Quintin so angry. When Susan was thinking about how to answer, a man’s voice came. “Miss Salazar.” A man came over with a bunch of flowers in his hands. His eyes were cold and he called Susan with respect. The little boy looked in the direction of the voice. The man looked familiar. Before the little boy could remember where he had seen this man, Susan beside him said first, “Ivan.” Ivan?

He remembered! The special assistant of his father! Under the little boy’s sunglasses, his round eyes looking at the man who had already walked up to him. He looked like a decent man, what a pity he worked for Victor. 2 The little guy sighed. Ivan heard his sigh. He lowered his eyes and then noticed the little boy in front of him. He was stunned for a moment, and inexplicably felt an indescribable sense of familiarity. But it just flashed through his mind. Susan was a star and wherever she went, there would be fans. In order to attract attention, some fans would take their children with them. This little boy might be the child of some fans.

Ivan handed the flowers to Susan, “Miss Salazar, this is from Mr. Sullivan. Congratulations on winning the best actress of Brandy Award.” week ago, at the Brandy Award ceremony, which was held every four years, Susan was highly praised by the judges. With high scores, she won the best actress, which was the first major prize she won. 2 At the award ceremony, Susan told the media that she was going to get married. “Thank you.” Under the envious eyes of the crowd, Susan took the flower with a smile. She looked subconsciously behind Ivan, but didn’t see the person she wanted to see. The smile on her face froze for a moment. She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Ivan, didn’t… Didn’t

Victor come?” “Mr. Sullivan has something urgent to deal with, so he asked me to pick you up at the airport and make sure you go back to the Salazar family safely.” Ivan answered seriously. Susan pursed her lips and said with disappointment, “Thank you, then… Let’s go.” Ivan nodded. Susan handed the flowers to her assistant and was about to leave when the little boy reminded her. “But you haven’t answered my question yet.” Susan stopped and looked down at him. Answering his question? How could she answer his question? Telling him that it meant you had bad parents? Behind her were the media and fans. If she said so, everyone would know how her assistant bullied a child. What would they think of her? She really wanted to leave. But if she left like this, the boy might cry and that would bring her big trouble. “Kid, you may have misheard. She may be just praising you for being a polite little boy.” Susan explained with a smile. “Is that so?” “Yes, yes.” The boy said in a normal tone but somehow it made Susan feel guilty. “…… Well, maybe I heard it wrong.” Seeing that he didn’t continue to struggle with her assistant’s words, Susan breathed a sigh of relief. Then she looked for a candy in her bag, squatted down and handed it to him. She asked with a smile, “Little boy, there are many people at the airport. It’s not safe for you to walk around alone. Where are your parents? Go and find them. I need to go now. Here is a candy for you.” The little boy looked down at the candy in Susan’s palm, but he didn’t take it. He smiled sweetly, which was particularly cute and lovely. “I’m sorry.” He said straightforwardly, “My mommy said that I shouldn’t accept candies from strangers. She said it is for luring children. Only bad people will give children candies.” “……” Did he mean that she was a bad person? Susan felt her words stuck in her throat and didn’t know what to do with the candy. It was the first time that she hated children so much!

“Then… Well, your mommy is right. Children should be vigilant against strangers’ gifts. You are smart.” Susan forced a smile. “Thank you. I also think I’m smart.” The little guy said bluntly. Susan was rendered speechless. Although he had been ignoring the little boy, the conversation between him and Susan attracted Ivan’s attention.

| He looked down at the little boy, and the inexplicable sense of familiarity surged up again.

The little boy also noticed the gaze from Ivan. He turned his head a little and looked at him. The boy smiled at him and raised his voice, “Hello, nice to meet you!” Ivan was stunned for a moment, and then came to his senses. “Hi.” The little guy looked at Ivan and felt it a pity. Ivan was really good looking. Although he was not as handsome as Victor, his good-looking face was conspicuous in the crowd. Besides, he looked like a nice person. If he wasn’t working for Victor, Ivan could really be a candidate for his stepfather. The little guy clicked his tongue and muttered, “What a pity.” What a pity? Ivan was confused hearing his words. “Kid, do you know me?” Ivan couldn’t help but ask. From the moment the child saw him, he had sighed several times. “No, I don’t.”

“……” Ivan was even more confused by the little kid. “But you look familiar. You look like someone I know.” “Someone you know?” Ivan looked at him in confusion. “Well, I don’t really know him. I just saw his photos.” The little boy pretended to think for a while and said seriously, “It’s someone my mommy knows. I heard from mommy that this person is really strong. He’s about twenty-eight years old and has already been a special assistant of a CEO.” A special assistant of a CEO? About twenty eight? Why did it sound like him? “It’s just a pity.” The little guy sighed again and pouted. “What’s the pity?” “He died of brain cancer at a young age.” The boy raised his head and stared at Ivan through the sunglasses. The corners of Ivan’s eyes twitched. He didn’t know why, but he always felt that the child was cursing him. “Then… It’s indeed a pity!” Ivan said. “Right? So when I saw you, I thought of him.” Ivan moved his lips and choked. At this moment, the little boy’s watch lit up. He took a look at it and said to Ivan, “Sorry, my driver is coming to pick me up. I’m leaving now! Bye!” As soon as he finished speaking, the little boy ran with his schoolbag on his back without looking back. Looking at his back, Ivan’s eyes darkened. Suddenly, the little guy turned around and ran back. “By the way.” The little boy stopped in front of him, raised his head and smiled. “My name is Joey Bennet, you can call me Joe.” “What?” Ivan was stunned. “Remember my name! We will see each other soon!” Joey gave a meaningful smile and left in a hurry, leaving no chance for Ivan to ask.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 232 See Each Other Soon

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