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Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 21: Protect The Bennet Family And The Bennet Group

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Chapter 21 Protect The Bennet Family And The Bennet Group 

‘From the very first constitution up to all the existing laws? That’s unbelievable!’ Andy thought. ‘Even the director of the Sullivan Group’s legal department might not have the complete collection of laws and regulations. Any lawyer would consider those books as sacred treasures! “Miss Bennet, those books…”

“My grandparents made it their hobby to collect books of rules and laws. They left their collections to my mother, and my mother did the same for me. Honestly, I’m not that interested in those regulations, but if any new laws are introduced, I would sort them out and add the documents to the collection.”

She was also shocked when she inherited the memories of the original Rachel. Of course, she wasn’t as shocked as Andy was right now. The man was completely stupefied! Rachel’s grandparents were entrepreneurs, but they had the utmost respect to the laws.

In order to remind themselves why they began their business in the first place, they spent more than a decade collecting different versions of the law from all over the country. Later on, when they passed away, Elisa developed a penchant for their hobby. It was a pity that their tradition was almost broken when Rachel succeeded the business. All she did was sort out these laws on occasion.

But perhaps it would be enough for Andy. Right after her narration, Rachel went to her bedroom upstairs to get some rest. Andy was left there, still in shock for a long time, until he finally came to his senses when Abby called his name. Afterwards, he went upstairs to the study to read the laws that Rachel had mentioned.

This wasn’t Andy’s first time in the Bennet family’s study, but it was the first time he came in here with so much reverence. He looked at the shelf full of law books, regretting the fact that he never noticed them the first time he came here. “Shelia… Shelia…” A familiar voice was calling out Rachel’s name in her past life, and it sounded so sad.

Rachel frowned, trying to open her eyes. This time, she managed to open her eyes easily. However, all she saw was darkness. She looked down and found herself floating in midair. “Rachel,” the voice called out. The voice sounded close, and yet somehow far away. It was as if the voice was coming from her surroundings. Rachel felt her chest tighten, and sadness

overcame her heart. She raised her head and felt like the voice was urging her to respond. “Is that you, Rachel? Where am I?” She looked around, but she didn’t see anything. “We’re in your dream,” the voice replied. Rachel swept her eyes across her surroundings and asked, “What are you doing inside my dream?

I’ve been dreaming of someone calling my name and crying several times now. Was that you?” “It is.” The real Rachel’s voice always sounded like it was filled with sorrow. “Shelia, I’ve never been able to get out of here, but I can see everything that’s happening in the real world. That’s why I’ve been calling out to you to get your attention.” “I’m sorry about what happened. I have no idea why I’m in your body.”

“You don’t need to apologize. Even if you didn’t take my body, I wouldn’t have been able to continue living.” A wry smile appeared on the real Rachel’s face. “I’m already dead, Shelia. I just want to tell you to live on. Live a long, happy life for me.” “Rachel… Do you have any idea why you died?”

Shelia was taken aback. She really couldn’t see anything except for darkness, but for some reason, she felt that the real Rachel was standing before her, and looking at her with eyes full of tears. Silence ensued for a long time. Just as Shelia thought Rachel was gone, the voice spoke again. “Drug allergy.” “Drug allergy?”

“You’ve inherited my memory, Shelia. You should already know about what happened that night. Alice suddenly told me that she broke up with her boyfriend, and said she wanted me to accompany her. Afterwards, she gave me a glass of milk. There were sleeping pills in the milk, and I was allergic to those pills.

When the allergy symptoms broke out, I wanted to ask someone for help, but I accidentally found out that Alice had drugged Victor as well, and was planning to have *** with him.” Naturally, Shelia already knew about that. “But I found out way too late. Victor had already drunk the drugged coffee.

I couldn’t let Alice’s plan succeed. After all, Victor was my husband. And so, I managed to reach the butler, and told him to hold Alice off, while I go to my husband’s bedroom.” By the time Rachel walked into Victor’s bedroom, the drug had already taken effect. Despite the fact that it was getting more and more difficult for her to breathe, she managed to reach him. However, when she finally reached her husband, she couldn’t breathe anymore, and she was gradually losing consciousness.

Victor’s grip on reality was fading away, and he put Rachel to bed. But while she was lying in bed, she suddenly had a heart attack. As she cried out in pain, Victor thought that she was just pretending. A teardrop fell from Rachel’s eyes, and she had lost the ability to breathe.

The moment she lost consciousness, her soul was lifted out of her body. Not long after, Rachel saw Shelia’s soul enter her body. At the same time, the body’s allergic reactions to the sleeping pills disappeared out of the blue, but the effect of the pills took effect instead. In the end, Shelia lost consciousness in Rachel’s body That night, Shelia was the one who had *** with Victor, not Rachel.

“I thought that my soul would drift away after I die, but I didn’t expect I’d be trapped in here. Later on, I figured out why. I’m stuck here because of my obsession.” Puzzled, Shelia asked, “Obsession?” “That’s right.” Just then, a beam of light came out of nowhere, revealing a person in front of Shelia.

It was Rachel.

There was a bitter smile on her face, and tears were streaming from the corner of her eyes. Looking at Shelia, she said, “There are far too many things that I can’t let go. Victor, the Bennet family, and my hatred for Alice. That’s why I can’t leave yet.” “But you can’t stay here all the time.”

“I know. And so, I want to ask for your help, Shelia,” said Rachel. “You want my help? What do you want me to do?” “I’ve thought it through, and I realized that Victor never loved me in the first place. It was my wishful thinking. I even used his grandmother’s favor for me to get what I wanted.

I made a mistake from the very beginning of our relationship. That’s why, no matter what I did later on, it didn’t make up for my mistake. I’ve been watching you all this time, and I really appreciate your character and attitude.

Thanks to your influence, I’ve learned how to move on. I am no longer obsessed with Victor. However, there are still two things that I can’t let go,” Rachel said with a smile. Shelia immediately understood her. “You want revenge, don’t you?

You want to punish Alice and her family.” Rachel nodded and paused. “In addition, I want you to protect the Bennet family and the Bennet Group for me. That’s my family’s legacy after all.” Shelia frowned at that. “The Bennet Group is no longer what it was right now, and I don’t hold the majority share. You know that once Victor has decided on something, he won’t change his mind.

He’s already decided to liquidate the Bennet Group, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” “Shelia, I know that it’s going to be difficult,” Rachel paused for a moment, and continued, “But please, I’m begging you. Please watch over the Bennet Group. Otherwise, I won’t be able to pass over to the other side. If I stay here for too long, it will definitely have an impact on you.”

Shelia was not pleased to hear Rachel speak like that to her. “Are you threatening me?” she asked.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 21: Protect The Bennet Family And The Bennet Group

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