Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 19: Alice’s Provocation

Chapter 19 Alice’s Provocation

“Mr. Sullivan, I think… Perhaps you should let her in.” Victor’s eyes turned frigid. “Are you telling me what to do?” Alice felt her stomach tight. She immediately shook her head and retracted her statement. “No, you misunderstood me. I suggested that because I know my sister all too well. If she’s driven away without seeing you, I’m sure she’ll cause a scene. I remember she has done that several times in the past at the entrance of the company. What if this time” “If she tries anything, I’ll have a good reason to call the police on her and have her arrested,” Victor sneered Alice’s eyes lit up with malice, but she quickly guised it with innocence when she looked back at Victor. “Mr. Sullivan, Rachel is your ex-wife after all. If something happens, and the police arrest her, she will be immensely humiliated.” . daily new latest chapters update “Do you think I care about that?” Victor said with indifference. “But… Please at least give me a chance to speak to my sister,” Alice pleaded. “Are you sure you can convince her to leave?” Victor looked at her with curiosity. “I’ll try my best, sir. If she doesn’t listen to me, you can hand her over to the police, and I won’t say a word,” said Alice. Victor stared at her in silence for a while. With every second that passed by, Alice’s heart started beating faster and faster, and her palms started sweating. Latest chapters only The way Victor looked at people made them feel like he could see through their minds. “Fine. Go ahead,” he responded. Alice breathed a sigh of relief when Victor was no longer looking at her. She then swallowed her saliva, cleared her throat, and smiled. “Thank you, Mr. Sullivan.” Afterwards, Alice left the office.

At this time, Rachel was waiting in the lounge on the first floor. She had been staring at her phone all this time, and decided that if no one was coming down to meet with her in five minutes, she would just leave. In all honesty, she never expected to see Victor when she called Ivan to ask for a meeting with Victor.

But in spite of that, she must go through this process, so that by the time she had gone home, she could tell Andy that she had tried set up a meeting with Victor, but he didn’t show up. daily new latest chapters update And before long, five minutes had passed. Rachel stretched her arms out, took a sip of her cup of coffee, stood up, and grabbed her bag, ready to leave. But as soon as she walked out of the lounge, she saw someone approaching her. The woman’s high-heeled shoes click-clacked on the cyan tiles. ‘What a small world,’ Rachel thought. Frankly, she wasn’t surprised to see Alice here.

“Rachel, my dear sister.” Alice stood face to face with Rachel. She was a little taller than Rachel at the moment, for she was wearing high-heeled shoes, and Rachel was in flats. Their gap in height somehow gave Alice a sense of superiority. She glanced down at Rachel and said, “You didn’t expect to see me here, did you?” “As a matter of fact, I didn’t. It seems that the Sullivan Group had no idea you’ve been detained by the police,” Rachel remarked lazily, ignoring Alice’s provocation. Compared to her bitchy “best friend” in her past life, Alice was nothing. Her friend was a fraud, and a hypocrite-a complete fake. The complacency on Alice’s face disappeared. “Rachel, you’re so stubborn, you know that? It doesn’t matter if you won’t admit it. You’ve done everything you could to pester Victor, but you’ll only make him loathe you more.” Rachel lowered her eyes, half-closing them. What Alice said didn’t even make her skin crawl.

The loser Alice was talking about wasn’t her, but the original owner of this body– the real Rachel

She wasn’t that Rachel who was so madly in love with Victor that she cast aside even her own dignity. However, when Alice saw that Rachel wasn’t responding and keeping her head down, she thought that Rachel felt humiliated by what she had said. And because of that, arrogance and complacency returned to Alice’s face. “Now tell me, are you here for Victor? Do you really think that you can convince him to remarry you? Allow me to tell you something. I’m here because Victor asked me to be here,” said Alice. Rachel got annoyed because Alice was spouting too much nonsense. Latest chapters only “Oh, really? Why did he ask you to come here? Did he think that ten days at the police station wasn’t enough for you, so he wants me to send you back there again?” Alice lost her composure, clenching her hands into fists. “Rachel! You…” “Alice, if you’re running out of ways to annoy me, just get out of my way. I’m leaving.” Rachel didn’t want to waste another second speaking to a ***** like Alice. She had already achieved her goal of getting a justification for not meeting Victor, so she couldn’t care less why he asked Alice to be here. Alice goggled and cried, “Rachel, how dare you act so arrogantly here? This is the Sullivan

Group’s headquarters! You have no right to tell me what to do!” “I see. Go ahead, continue talking. Be my guest.” Rachel sat back down on the sofa, cross legged.

Alice was rendered speechless when she heard that. Rachel tapped on the armrest of the sofa. It had been a while, and she still hadn’t heard Alice say anything, so she looked at her and asked, “Aren’t you going to say anything?” That calm look on Rachel’s face made Alice livid. Gradually, her face was bubbling up with so much anger that she gritted her teeth to the point of nearly shattering them. “Rachel, I know you came here to speak to Victor about the Bennet Group’s bankruptcy.” Alice suppressed her anger, forced a smile, and made it seem like she could tell what Rachel was thinking

To Rachel, Alice was nothing but a ***** peacock, desperate to spread its tail and mate. “Just get real. Victor asked me to tell you that he’s not going to save the Bennet Group even if you get down on your knees and beg. Besides, once the Bennet Group goes bankrupt, you’ll have a mountain of debts to pay! Victor told me that he’s not going to help you pay for it, not even a penny!” daily new latest chapters update After saying that, Alice crossed her arms, and looked down at Rachel. On the other hand, Rachel slowly got up. Upon seeing her standing up so calmly, Alice couldn’t help but think of the day Rachel kicked her shin and made her kneel down, causing her to take a step back subconsciously. It was the kind of fear which was instinctive. And by the time Alice had realized it, she had already gotten far away from Rachel. Rachel saw how scared Alice was of her, which made her put on a smirk. “Are you done?” she asked, raising her eyebrow. Alice’s hands were balled up into fists as she straightened herself up, taking two steps closer

to Rachel. All of a sudden, Rachel looked Alice dead in the eye. When Alice looked into Rachel’s eyes, a grave sense of fear overcame her entire body. Her jaws tightened. “Rachel, do you think you can occupy the villa just by kicking us out? You wish! Latest chapters only That villa isn’t yours, and it never will be! Once the Bennet Group goes bankrupt, the villa will be sold off for auction. I’d like to see if you can still be this arrogant by then.” Rachel scoffed at Alice, walking towards her.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 19: Alice’s Provocation

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