Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 172: Throw The Cat Out

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 172 Throw The Cat Out

Rachel frowned at what was happening. Seeing Victor’s tall figure approaching, she stepped back, unsure of what to do next. The sofa was right behind her, leaving no more room to


“Vic…” “Ah!” Alicia’s piercing scream echoed across the room. “Meow!” A shrill yowl followed after. Before Rachel could figure out what was going on, a snow-white figure hit the corner of the tea table and fell to the floor. Then, it let out a weak cry. It was the cat! Rachel quickly picked up the kitten and stroked its fur soothingly, completely ignoring Victor.

“Meow!” The kitten raised its head and looked at Rachel with teary eyes. After recognizing that it was in a safe place, it nestled in her arms comfortably but continued to tremble in fright. Seeing its poor state, Rachel felt sorry for the kitten. It must have been subjected to so much pain. “Victor, look…” Alicia’s face turned pale and her eyes were filled with tears. Only then did Rachel notice that there were several scratches on Alicia’s arm. Her skin had several cuts and blood was slowly oozing out.

After hearing the commotion, the servant in charge of watching the kitten hurried to come in. She immediately cowered in fear at the sight of Victor’s menacing scowl. “Who let the cat inside the house?” Victor asked angrily. The servant trembled and knelt at his feet, lowering her head in shame and not daring to make a sound. “I did.” Rachel helped the servant back up and handed the kitten to her. “I took it in because I thought it was feeling lonely outside.” A dark light suddenly flashed across Victor’s eyes, and his aura was cold and intimidating. Rachel knew that her cat had hurt Alicia, so she took full responsibility for the incident. “I’m terribly sorry, Miss Schultz. It’s my cat that scratched you,” Rachel said to Alicia in a sincere tone. This move caught Alicia by surprise. She didn’t expect that Rachel would apologize so soon. Clenching her teeth in frustration, she shed a few tears and turned to Victor. “My arm hurts, Victor.” Victor went to her side and examined the scratches on her arm.

Alicia’s skin was fair, so the ****** cuts on her arms were particularly eye-catching. “I don’t know if the cat has any disease. It stings so much. I might be infected…” Alicia reached out and hugged Victor tightly. “Do you think I’ll have rabies? I’m so scared…” Victor’s jaw tightened in anger. It was a wild cat that had most likely been wandering around the wilderness for a long time and had been to all kinds of places. pregnant woman like Rachel shouldn’t be exposed to such dirty animals. “Throw the cat out!” Victor ordered in a loud voice while removing Alicia’s arms from his waist. He couldn’t afford to risk Rachel’s health at this stage of her pregnancy. “Wait!” Rachel stopped the servant and was about to take the cat back. Seeing that Rachel was going to touch the cat again, Victor’s face twisted into a snarl. He shouted at the servant, “Didn’t you hear what I said? Throw that filthy thing out!” After being screamed at once again, the servant didn’t dare to delay any longer. She held the cat by the nape and hurriedly walked out. “No!” Unable to reclaim the cat, Rachel turned to Victor with an imploring gaze. “It’s in no condition to fend for itself out there. It’s still injured and might starve to death. If you want to get rid of it because it hurt Alicia, I have already apologized. Besides, I had it checked and vaccinated at the vet today, so there’s nothing to worry about.” “So what?” Victor brushed her off with a poker face. His coldness stunned Rachel for a moment. Staring into Victor’s emotionless eyes, she couldn’t manage to utter a word in response. It was clear that he wouldn’t give in to her request no matter what she said. Rachel closed her eyes in regret. She recalled how the kitten rubbed her ankle affectionately, acted as her beloved pet, and that it just crashed into the corner of the tea table a few minutes ago. It felt like a sad ending for the poor creature. If it were thrown out like this without any treatment and care, then it would surely suffer a harsh fate!

After a short silence, Rachel suddenly opened her eyes. With a determined look, she turned around to chase after the servant. At this moment, she knew that she had made a huge mistake. If only she had listened to Lukas, then none of this would have happened. After all, it was better to live in despair the entire time than to receive a glimmer of hope and have it snatched away in the end. Boom! flash of lightning suddenly shot across the night sky, and the deafening sound of thunder rang out. Rachel’s heart sank as raindrops began to fall outside. She paused for a second, unsure if she should continue the pursuit, and then sped up once again.

Watching Rachel run out into the rain for the sake of a cat made Victor’s blood boil. Was this cat more important than herself? He couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. Her defiance to his order undermined his authority It was time to step his foot down and put Rachel back in her place, whatever means necessary! “Stop her!” Victor shouted furiously as his hands curled into tight fists. Several servants immediately stood in front of Rachel to restrain her. With the human barricade blocking her path, Rachel stopped dead in her tracks. The woman stomped angrily and protested, “Get out of the way!” “Miss Bennet, there will be a storm soon. It’s not safe out here. You’d better go back inside.” The nervous servant in the middle lowered her head. If they didn’t stop Rachel and let her be drenched in the rain, they would have to face Victor’s wrath!

With this in mind, the servants remained steadfast in their position, looking even more determined to carry out their master’s order. “I said get out of my way! Or else…” “But Miss Bennet…” The servants stood still. They couldn’t let her go. Boom! Another thunderclap sounded in the air, and then it started to rain heavily. Without any hesitation, Rachel dashed forward into the crowd of bodies. The servants’ faces changed as they hurried out of the way, fearing that the collision might hurt Rachel and the baby. Seeing that nothing was going to stop Rachel from taking the cat back, a wicked smile slowly spread across Alicia’s face. She turned towards Victor, ready to execute the final phase of her plan. “Victor…” The enraged man looked at her with raised eyebrows. “Why don’t you bring the cat back? I realized that I was just overreacting. It’s really no big deal.” Alicia feigned concern. “Rachel is carrying a child. It’s not safe for her to go out at night, especially now that it’s raining.” Victor remained silent. He was in no mood to talk. The coldness in his eyes never went away. A couple of yards away from them, Rachel was still threatening the servants, trying to get past them. The servants kept stepping back, not daring to hurt her, but they also couldn’t let her get away. “You see, I do understand what’s happening to Rachel,” Alicia continued. “When I knew you were going to get married two years ago, I wanted to look for you crazily at that time. Just

like what Rachel is doing right now. I guess she must really like that cat, right? Anyway, she isn’t going out for a man, is she?” For a man? The heartbreaking scene where Rachel and Roger hugged each other came to Victor’s mind. Was it possible that she was not out there for that cat, but for Roger? Driven by bitter jealousy, a ferocious look flashed in Victor’s eyes. He shouted, “If she manages to escape, you’re all fired! And I will make sure you will never be allowed to step foot into Apliaria ever again!” The servants’ faces went pale. They didn’t dare to step back anymore and knelt at Rachel’s feet in unison.

“Miss Bennet, please go back inside. We beg you! Please don’t make things difficult for us. We have our families to feed. We really can’t afford to lose this job!” The leading servant looked up at her and pleaded tirelessly. Faced with this new dilemma, Rachel sighed helplessly and pursed her pink lips. She clenched her fists and loosened them, repeating this process to vent out her frustration. When she had finally calmed down, she turned around and walked up to Victor. “Fine, you win. I won’t head out, and you can send the kitten away, but…” Rachel’s tone softened a little. “It’s still injured, and it’s raining heavily outside. There’s no way it can survive out there without being nursed to good health first. So, can you ask them to bring it back? At least…” “Rachel, are you really just worried about the cat?” Victor suddenly grabbed her chin and forced her to look up, looking straight into his cold eyes. “I know you are going to see a man. You can’t hide the truth from me.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 172 Throw The Cat Out

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