Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 171: Testing Her

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 171 Testing Her

Perhaps it was because Rachel was exhausted after dealing with Wallace and Tara the last few days that she slept in and only woke up when the sun was setting. She opened her eyes but was still in a daze. As she roamed her eyes around the room, she could barely make out something out of the darkness. A low growl came rumbling from her stomach. It was especially loud in the quiet room, and only then did Rachel snap out of her stupor. Rachel straightened herself to sober her mind up before leaving the room and going downstairs to find something to eat in the kitchen. Her stomach was complaining too much that she could not stand to ignore it anymore. “Miss Bennet, you’re awake. I was just about to check if you’re already up.” Lukas came out of the dining hall and bumped into Rachel. He was glad she saved him from going up the stairs and waking her up himself. “I slept in. If my stomach hadn’t complained, I probably wouldn’t have been standing here.” Rachel nudged her nose. 1 “You didn’t come down at noon, so I asked the cook to prepare some food just in case. Now you’re here, and it’s almost dinner time. How about having some snacks first?” “That’s a good idea.” “Miss Bennet, please have a seat in the dining room while you wait. I’ll ask the kitchen staff to bring some desserts.” Then, Lukas pivoted and walked towards the kitchen, not waiting for Rachel to reply. In no time, a servant served some desserts to Rachel. Rachel could not eat more after gobbling up a few slices of cake. The desserts were delicious, but they were too sweet. It was not good for her health. And also, now that she was with child, it was hard to guarantee that she would not regurgitate everything she shoved down her stomach. “Take these away,” Before she could even finish her words, Lukas’ voice reverberated from the hallway. “Mr. Sullivan, Miss Schultz.” ‘Miss Schultz? Is Alicia here again?’ Rachel’s brows were slightly creased together. Deep inside, she did not want another unnecessary encounter with Victor, nor did she want to talk to Alicia. She stood up and was ready to go back to her room. “Lukas, bring me the first-aid kit.” As soon as Rachel took a light step out of the dining room, Victor’s voice that was void of warmth resonated in the halls. ‘The first-aid kit? Is anyone injured?’ As if hypnotized by some random potent enchantment,

Rachel involuntarily stopped and turned around to sweep a swift glance at the hallway. There she saw Victor changing his shoes and walking in, followed by Alicia, hobbling. Seeing that they were about to come in, Rachel turned around and dashed towards the stairs. “Rachel!” Noticing how Rachel turned her back on them in a hurry and was about to head for the stairs, Victor frowned and squeezed her name through gritted teeth. A touch of regret flashed through Rachel’s eyes as she unknowingly clenched her fists. A person should not be too curious. She shouldn’t have glanced at them. “Turn around!” Seeing that she just stiffened on her spot with her back still facing them, a touch of impatience appeared in Victor’s eyes. The woman dared to ignore his presence!

Rachel hauled a breath from d thin, forced herself to turn around and looked straight

at him.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Sullivan?” While the tension between them became almost tangible, Lukas had already fished the first -aid kit out of the storage room. When Victor glanced at the kit in his hand, no more light shone in his eyes. Enduring the surging pain, Alicia gritted her teeth and glared at Rachel. Suddenly, a shadow hovered over her. Victor bent over and lifted Alicia up out of the blue. The gesture would have been romantic if it were not for his frosty aura. He said coldly, “Rachel, bring me the first-aid kit!” Then, he walked towards the living room. Lukas was slightly stunned. “Mr. Sullivan, I can hold this for—” Before he could finish his words, he stopped at the sight of Victor’s glaring eyes. “Haven’t I made myself clear? I said, let Rachel come and bring it!” “It’s alright, Lukas. You can give it to me.” Without waiting for Lukas’ answer, Rachel took the medicine kit from his hand. Anyway, it was not a big deal. But if Victor would punish Lukas for this, then it would not be worth it. She held the medicine kit in her arms, thinking that she could leave after putting it down. She would never talk to Victor more than was necessary to avoid an unwanted squabble and ensure her safety. Before Alicia could recover from the shock that she was held by Victor in his arms, he had already walked to the sofa and put her down. Her heart beat faster and her cheeks turned red. It was the second time he had hugged her. She knew that he cared about her Alicia lifted her head and looked at him. She could not help reaching out to hold his hand. Noticing her intention, Victor evaded her extended hand. “Victor…” Alicia pouted her lips and lowered her eyes, looking pitiful. Although he was not looking at her, Victor sat down beside her. Alicia’s eyes lit up and her

heart hammered against her chest, elated by how Victor was acting towards her. She believed he didn’t avoid her on purpose. Alicia could not help the wide grin from escaping her strained lips. She looked up at Victor’s side profile and summoned up her courage to tentatively hold his arm. Victor was not numb nor dumb. Of course, he noticed it. Still, he did not stop her. Instead, he looked up at Rachel, who was walking towards him with the medicine kit in her arms. He fixed his eyes on her face, trying to search for a hint of jealousy or anger on her face. There was nothing, though. Nothing he hoped he could find was there. Rachel just glanced at them indifferently. It was as if she did not notice or care that the two of them were sitting next to each other, and that Alicia was holding Victor’s arm in an intimate manner. ‘Why does she not get angry when she sees me holding another woman? Does she not feel anything when another woman gets close to me and even holds my arm? Did she not say that she loved me very much?’ With Victor’s thin lips pursed into a straight line, his slender fingers were curled into fists. Noticing the emotional fluctuation on Victor’s face, Alicia found that he was staring at Rachel. She immediately understood why his mood turned sour. The jealousy and hatred in her heart spread like wildfire amidst a hot summer breeze. “Victor… My ankle hurts,” she said in a soft voice, trying so hard to suppress the malice in her eyes. 1 Putting down the first-aid kit, Rachel was a bit disgusted upon hearing Alicia’s cheesy voice. She turned on her heels and was about to leave. “Who said that you could leave?” Victor said coldly. “Alicia sprained her ankle. Come here and apply some medicine to her ankle.” “Victor, do you really want me to do this?” Rachel was taken aback. Was he not afraid that she would take the opportunity to vent out on Alicia’s injury? “What? You don’t want to do that?” Victor’s face darkened. Perhaps because of being intoxicated by alcohol, his temples throbbed painfully, and his tone became laced with impatience. “Don’t forget that this is Sue Garden, and I own it. That means to say you’ll have to do anything I say here!”. Pursing her lips, Rachel looked straight into Victor’s eyes before saying, “Of course.” She hurriedly opened the first-aid kit, took out the swelling spray and walked towards Alicia. Seeing Rachel approaching, Alicia was rather nervous. “Don’t come near me!” Rachel stopped. “I’m afraid you’ll hurt me.” Alicia then turned to look at him with her bright, pleading eyes. “Victor, can you help me instead? I’m afraid that she’ll hurt me. If you help me deal with my injury, I won’t be so afraid.”

There was a trace of sharpness in Victor’s eyes as he said in a cold voice, “Rachel, why are you still standing there?” Rachel wondered just what exactly the man was playing. “Didn’t you hear what she said? She was afraid that I would hurt her and asked you to do it.” Seeing that she asked him to touch another woman, Victor’s face turned colder than it had a few moments ago. Not only that, the temperature around him dropped sharply“You want me to help her?” ‘What?’ Rachel was confused. “She asked you—”. “You don’t care at all about me being close with another woman? Answer me, Rachel.” Without wasting a second, Victor stood up and strode towards her, his eyes about to bore a hole in her soul with his piercing gaze.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 171 Testing Her

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