Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 13: The Culprit Should Kneel And Apologize

Chapter 13 The Culprit Should Kneel And Apologize

“You mean…” the manager asked nervously.

One look from Victor and Ivan immediately understood what he meant. Ivan took out a black and gold card and tossed it to the manager. “Do you recognize this card?”

The manager caught the card and took a closer look at it.

When the manager saw what it was, his legs grew weak. It was just a card, and yet it felt so heavy in his hands.

Everyone knew who Victor Sullivan was. The Sullivan Group’s business operations spanned across the entire country. It had a deep foundation and the company had been passed on for generations. Its position in Apliaria—let alone the whole country—was unshakable. And as for Victor himself, he was the new CEO of the Sullivan Group. He had only been in this position for two years, but he had brought the company to unimaginable heights with no sign of slowing down.

That was why when the manager recognized him the moment he saw him, and he became very respectful. That respect was given in deference to Victor’s title as the Sullivan Group’s CEO.

But upon seeing the card, the manager believed that respect was not nearly enough for a man of Victor’s standing.

This card was unique in the world, for there was only one such card.

Even if Victor wasn’t the CEO of Sullivan Group, this card was powerful enough to make all the stuff of Crown Club listen to his command.

The manager swallowed hard, trying to suppress his agitation. He showed courtesy towards Victor by genuflecting before him. “Boss, your wish is my command. I will do everything in my power to accomplish your order.”

All the bodyguards were surprised by what the manager said, and then they all knelt down in unison.

“The culprit should kneel down to apologize.” A sinister look appeared in Victor’s eyes when he smirked at Rachel.

Right after he finished talking, Rachel felt a pang in her heart.

She wasn’t surprised to hear him say that, but it still made it difficult for her to breathe.

However, the grief she was feeling at the moment was not her own.

Rachel pursed her lips, and heard the deafening shout of the manager and the bodyguards.

“Have a good day, Boss!”

In the hospital.

It had been three days since Trevor were sent to the hospital and now he finally regained consciousness.

Rachel had been forced by the bodyguards to kneel beside his bed. Her knees felt so painful that they were starting to get numb, and her eyes were half-closed.

Victor kept his words. He made her kneel at Trevor’s bedside for nearly three days.

Other than several glasses of water a day, Rachel hadn’t eaten anything for three whole days. This was also one of Victor’s orders.

He said that she must show her sincerity by abstaining from food as long as Trevor was in a coma.

As a result, Rachel had lost all the strength to even eat anything.

At first, she tried to fight back, and surprisingly managed to knock down two bodyguards using dirty tricks. But later on, when Victor found out about what she did, he sent two boxers from the security agency to supervise her.

And since there was nothing she could do against those boxers, Rachel decided to save her strength and lay low.

The second Trevor woke up, one of the boxers went outside to call a doctor, leaving the other one to watch over Rachel.

A moment later, Rachel fell to the ground. Upon seeing that she had lost consciousness, the boxer tried to help her up. But the second he touched her arm, a light flashed.

Consequently, the boxer felt something pierce his neck. Before he could check what had been lunged into his neck, something was slammed against the back of his head.

The hulking boxer blacked out and fell, knocking over a tea table before he hit the ground.

Meanwhile, Rachel had lost the strength to hold on any longer, so she s

at on the ground.

She no longer had enough strength to get up, and her knees were numb with pain.

Trevor just woke up, but he saw everything that happened, and it left him horrified.

Just now, a really strong man fell down before his very eyes. And the person who knocked him out was Rachel!

Such a scene was frightening for Trevor. It suddenly reminded him of what happened in the private room of that club.

He remembered how the empty wine bottle was smashed against his forehead.

At this moment, Trevor trembled with fear. “You…”

Rachel was rubbing her knees as she looked up at him, and said, “Mr. Guzman, you’re finally awake.”

“What… what are you doing here?” Even Trevor’s voice was trembling. Subconsciously, he looked at her hands and once again remembered the wine bottle shattering against his head.

He swallowed his own saliva and felt dizzy. Every second he looked at Rachel made his forehead more and more painful.

Lowering her head, Rachel replied, “I’m actually here to apologize.”

Trevor was rendered speechless.

‘Is that her way of apologizing?’

*** knew how frightened he was when he opened his eyes and saw a man who was taller and much stronger than himself fall down before his very eyes.

Trevor held the sheet, looking like a frightened rabbit.

Seconds later, Rachel felt that her knees were much better. She put her hands at the end of the bed, using it to help herself stand up. But as soon as her hands touched the iron railing of the bed, Trevor panicked.

“It was my fault! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it! I was wrong! Please forgive me!”

Trevor put his palms together and bowed before Rachel with his eyes closed. He didn’t stop begging for forgiveness until he felt dizzy. However, he didn’t hear anything after a long time, so he opened his eyes vigilantly.

Rachel had managed to stand up, and she was now taking out the sharp object from the boxer’s neck.

It turned out to be a straightened paperclip.

She had obtained it from the pile of documents that Andy gave her. She never imagined that it would come in handy.

Finally, Rachel stood straight, holding the clip between her fingers, and staring directly into Trevor’s eyes.

As the needle glinted in the sun, his face turned pale, and he covered his neck with his hands. It looked like he was about to break into tears.

“Wait! I’ll give you whatever you want. Just please don’t hurt me! How about this? I’ll get on my knees and ask for forgiveness, okay?”

Before he could reach the end of his sentence, the door of the ward opened. The other boxer, along with the doctor, came in. As soon as they got in, the boxer noticed that his colleague was lying on the ground, and Trevor was trembling in fear.

The boxer’s face turned livid.

“What the **** happened in here?” he asked.

Trevor looked like he had seen a messiah and he wanted to cry out for help, but he suddenly felt a chill around his neck before he could open his mouth.

At this moment, he saw that Rachel was playing with her paperclip, and it didn’t look like she was paying attention to the people who came in.

After a moment of hesitation, Trevor said, “Nothing happened. I’m fine.”

“Then what happened to my colleague?” The boxer pointed at his colleague on the ground.

“Well, uh… He’s…” Trevor had no idea how to explain what had happened, so he turned to Rachel for help.

Consequently, she smiled and replied, “He fell by accident.”

Everyone fell silent.

‘That’s a terrible explanation! I could’ve come up with something better,’ Trevor thought.

“Who permitted you to stand? Mr. Sullivan said—” The boxer was just about to hold Rachel down again and force her to kneel, but she managed to avoid him.

The boxer was startled by how fast her reflexes were.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 13: The Culprit Should Kneel And Apologize

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