Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 12 Seek Justice For Mr. Guzman

Chapter 12 Seek Justice For Mr. Guzman

Victor put away his phone, stood up, and stated, “Fine. Let’s go.”

Ivan was stunned by Victor’s response.

‘Why doesn’t he seem surprised that Mr. Guzman had gotten injured?

What’s more, Mr. Guzman and Miss Bennet were in the same room thirty minutes ago, and there’s no one else around. It’s easy to figure out that she’s the one who injured him.’

“Are we going to the hospital?” asked Ivan.

“I’ve sent the new contract to your email. Print it out tomorrow, and review it before sending it to our partner.” Victor left the room without even answering Ivan’s question.

A new contract?

What new contract?

With a frown, he took out his phone and opened his inbox. And as expected, he received an email five minutes ago.

Upon opening the email, Ivan was dumbfounded.

This was…

The contents of this new contract was exactly the same as the one they had asked Trevor to sign tonight. However, one minor detail was changed: Party A. It was no longer Trevor’s company, but it was now one of the biggest suppliers for foreign markets. This supplier had no lack of customers, and it mainly targeted foreign markets. Back when this project was launched, Ivan had once contacted this same supplier, but they rejected his proposal, making it clear that they had no intention of entering the domestic market.

At the time, Ivan formulated several plans to convince the supplier, but he never succeeded.

But now, Victor managed to close a contract with the supplier for the next quarter unbeknownst to anyone.

At this moment, Ivan had an epiphany. Everything soon became clear to him.

Victor had never intended to cooperate with Trevor from the very beginning!

Ivan looked at his email, and then glanced at Victor’s back. For some reason, seeing his boss sent shivers down his spine.

After all these years of working for Victor, Ivan thought that he knew his boss well. But now, he realized that he didn’t know him at all.

It seemed that Victor was far more terrifying than he had initially imagined.

However, there was still one thing that Ivan could not figure out.

‘If Mr. Sullivan had already decided not to cooperate with Mr. Guzman, then why did he attend this party in the first place?’

Ivan really couldn’t figure it out. Upon seeing that Victor was walking farther and farther away, Ivan decided to drop his thoughts and caught up with him.

Figuring out Victor’s thoughts was much more difficult for Ivan than finding a needle in a haystack. What Victor accomplished today was enough to prove his unfathomable capabilities.

As a matter of fact, the reason behind Victor’s attendance at the party wasn’t as complicated as Ivan had thought.

Initially, he did want to partner up with Trevor, but before he went to the appointment, he received the results of the investigation regarding Trevor’s background. It was only then that Victor knew that Trevor’s company was not really prosperous as it seemed. In reality, two years ago, their company started running out of money. In addition, the quality of their raw materials were subpar at best. His company was struggling to keep itself afloat.

Thus, it proved to Victor that Trevor did not have the upper hand in this supposed cooperation.

His company urgently needed the Sullivan Group as its partner to fill in his company’s losses for the past two years. Otherwise, his company wouldn’t be able to hold on for another three months.

While Victor was reading the report regarding Trevor’s background check, Ivan came in to report that Alice had been detained.

And that was the reason he attended the party; to make things difficult for Rachel.

When Ivan found out that Victor had no intention of cooperating with Trevor, he thought that Victor would leave the club and go back home.

But to Ivan’s surprise, he followed Victor to the private room where they met with Trevor earlier.

At this moment, all the lights in the room were turn

ed on. It was as bright as early morning.

Trevor had been sent to the hospital, but residues of his blood could still be seen on the gray carpet. The air in the room wasn’t able to circulate well, so the scent of blood was still present in the air.

More than a dozen uniformed bodyguards were standing in the room, and their eyes fell on Rachel.

The club’s manager on duty for tonight rushed here as soon as he heard what happened.

All of their customers were rich, powerful, or both. Even if a person looked ordinary, they could be a big shot who could turn this club upside down with a snap of their finger. And so, the manager wasted no time to try and resolve the problem.

The manager was in a difficult position. He never imagined that something this horrible would happen while he was on duty.

And to top it off, he never imagined that the Crown Club would be put in turmoil, not by some big shot, but by a mere woman.

After knowing who Trevor was, the manager’s face turned pale. Right now, he wished that he was the one sent to the hospital instead of Trevor.

Although Trevor didn’t live in the city, Apliaria, all-year-round, he was still a well-known domestic supplier, and he was one of the best in the country. He was definitely not someone they could offend!

Just the thought of this was enough to drench the manager’s back with sweat.

In stark contrast to the trembling manager, Rachel was quite composed. Quietly, she swept her eyes across the bodyguards in the room, sat on the sofa, and remained silent all throughout the ordeal. Her actions left the manager confused.

The vibe Rachel exuded was hard to ignore. She was aloof, indifferent, and apathetic.

Was this woman who injured Mr. Guzman? Was she more powerful than him or something?

He couldn’t figure it out, so he asked the bodyguards not to act rashly. He decided to call the general manager and wait for his arrival.

Rachel lowered her head, her long eyelashes cast a shadow beneath her eyes. Nobody could tell what she was thinking right now.

“Mr… Mr. Sullivan!” When the manager heard the footsteps, he quickly turned around; but instead of the general manager, he saw Victor. He was immediately stupefied by Victor’s frigid presence.

Victor glanced at the manager, and then at Rachel.

He knew that Trevor didn’t do anything to her. To be exact, before he could take action, she bashed his head in.

Victor narrowed his eyes on Rachel.

The reason he didn’t leave the club right away was because he wanted to see what Rachel would do to make him regret.

When she claimed that he was gonna regret it, he thought that she meant things like she would never love him again.

If she really said that to him, Victor wouldn’t hesitate to laugh at her face.

However, what Rachel did tonight was beyond his wildest imagination.

Amusement flashed through Victor’s eyes. He smirked at the manager and asked, “Are you sure this woman was the one who hurt Mr. Guzman?”

Hesitating for a moment, the manager replied, “Mr. Guzman was still conscious before he was sent to the hospital, and he told us that this woman was the one who attacked him. We also checked the surveillance cameras and found that she had indeed attacked Mr. Guzman.”

At last, Rachel decided to do something.

She looked Victor dead in the eye. As a matter of fact, she already knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape Victor’s clutches the moment she smashed the bottle at Trevor’s head.

Even if she managed to escape the club and get back to her own house, Victor would still have a thousand ways to catch her.

Thus, Rachel decided to wait for him, and see what he wanted to do to her.

“Good. I’m glad that you confirmed it,” Victor responded with a sneer.

“Mr. Sullivan, do you know her?” The manager was stunned.

“No, I don’t. But Mr. Guzman is my guest. And since he has gotten injured, I must seek justice for him,” replied Victor.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 12 Seek Justice For Mr. Guzman

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