Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 102: A Request That Ended On A Bad Note

Chapter 102 A Request That Ended On A Bad Note

“Are these not to your liking?” Victor asked, noticing that Rachel wasn’t moving. Rachel sat still, while looking at him vigilantly. “Are you going to make me sign another agreement after this dinner?” As the saying goes, all that glitters is gold. I refuse to believe that Victor would become nice to me all of a sudden and without asking anything in return,’ she thought to herself. Before he could answer, Rachel picked up her chopsticks again and cut him off. “Forget it. Either way, I don’t have a choice, do 1? If you really want me to sign a new agreement, I’ll do


When Victor heard that, his gaze became cold. “You’re smart.” Rachel swallowed a mouthful of food while looking at him. She then continued to eat in silence with her head down. Seeing that she didn’t respond to his remark, it made Victor feel annoyed and bored at the same time. “Rachel, when Olivia tried to frame you, why didn’t you defend yourself?” Upon hearing that, Rachel burst into laughter. She stared at him, intending to say “Why didn’t I explain myself? You should already know why.” Rachel was just about to say it before changing her mind. “It makes no difference whether I explain myself or not, so I just brushed it off.” She valued her life now more than ever. Besides, Abby was still in Victor’s hands. She knew that she must think twice before saying anything. Still, this man was not satisfied with her


A long silence ensued between them, until Victor finally decided to break it by putting a small bag on the table. “Olivia has been caught. Inside that bag is your earring. The police returned it earlier.” Rachel took one of the earring and examined it. After confirming its legitimacy, she felt relieved. The pair of earrings was left behind by the original Rachel’s mother, Elisa.

Things would get complicated if Olivia pawned one of these. Shelia would feel sorry for the old Rachel if that were to happen. Upon seeing the look on her face, Victor’s eyes dimmed. “I’ll ask Lukas to return to his previous post in the Sue Garden. I must admit, I made a mistake and misjudged you this time. If there’s anything you would like to ask for, just tell me.” Rachel stopped looking at the earring and asked, “What did you just say?” Victor stared back at her, not saying another word. “I can ask for anything?” Afterwards, Rachel put down her earring, and looked at him intently.

“You can tell me first.” ‘Telling him what I wants is one thing. Whether if he agrees with it is another,’ Rachel thought to herself. She then put the earring into her pocket. “Fine, I do have a request. Jack came to me a few days ago, begging me to let Alice back into the Sullivan Group. I’ve already agreed to it.” “You want to let that woman back into the company?” Victor’s eyes glinted with confusion. “What the **** are you up to, Rachel?” Rachel put a piece of beef into her mouth, innocently blinking. “Nothing. My father came to me asking for help, and as his daughter, I can’t really turn him down, can I?” Victor didn’t say anything. Clearly, he didn’t believe that explanation. Rachel smirked and said, “Mr. Sullivan, I think that’s a request you can satisfy, is it not?” Victor’s eyes turned sharp as they fell on her grin. “I thought you’d be asking me about the whereabouts of your little maid.” The smile on Rachel’s face disappeared, and her grip on the chopsticks tightened.  A moment later, she put on a smile again. “Will you tell me if I ask you nicely?” she said. “Nope.” Rachel took a deep breath, put down the chopsticks, and restrained her annoyance. “Since you’re not going to tell me, why should I even bother to ask? I’d rather avoid doing anything useless. You’d best keep that in mind.” Victor got up, walked around the bar counter, and stood in front of Rachel. He grabbed her chin, and said, “Rachel, you better keep your word.” Silently, she stared back into his eyes, showing no sign of fear. “I’ll ask Ivan to arrange the necessary paperwork for Alice to get back.” After pausing for a while, Victor let go of her, and said, “You’re not allowed to return to your room unless you finish all the dishes on the table. Once you’ve returned to your room, pack your things and move back to the guest bedroom!” Having said that, he left without looking back.

Rachel rubbed her jaw, and suddenly lost her appetite after looking at the dishes on the table. After a heavy downpour of rain, the temperature dropped to around eighteen degrees Celsius. Autumn had finally arrived. The following day, Lukas came back from abroad via plane. Everyone in the Sue Garden had heard of what happened to Olivia, so they all treated Rachel with more respect; at least that was what they did whenever Rachel was present. It was early morning when Rachel received a call from Jack. Before she could even get a word in, he shouted, “Rachel! You promised that you’ll help Alice get her job back at the Sullivan Group, but what did you do?” Fortunately, Rachel managed to move her ear away from the phone in time to save herself from Jack’s loud voice. She was lying on a recliner when she replied, “Mr. Jenkins, I have no

idea what you’re talking about. Hasn’t Alice returned to the company? Victor said that he’d ask Ivan to arrange it. I’m fairly certain that Ivan is not an unreliable man, is he?” Jack was taken aback as he replied, “Well, she has indeed gotten back into the Sullivan Group.” “Then why are you calling me?” Rachel asked lazily. Jack was livid with anger. “You know full well why I’m calling you! It’s true that Alice has now returned to the Sullivan Group, but now she’s working as a cleaner. Rachel, are you behind all this? Otherwise, why would Alice end up as a cleaner?” Rachel chuckled. “Mr. Jenkins, you overestimate my capacity. Alice’s job after she comes back to the Sullivan Group isn’t up to me. Why are you blaming me for something I clearly have no control over?” Through gritted teeth, Jack replied, “Rachel, go tell Victor to give Alice her job in the public relations department back! Don’t think that I don’t know you’re behind all of this!” Rachel’s eyes turned sharp. “Jack, what makes you think I’ll agree to that request?” “Because I’m your father!” Jack growled. “Mr. Jenkins, your old age is getting to you. Have you forgotten that you’re the one who wrote an official document, renouncing me as your daughter a few days ago?” Rachel said coldly, before hanging up the phone and not giving Jack a chance to reply. When he realized that Rachel had hung up, his chest heaved up and down out of fury Afterwards, Jack slammed his phone onto the table. Tears welled up in Alice’s eyes when she saw Jack’s reaction. “Dad, I don’t want to be a cleaner. How could Rachel do this to me?” she cried. “She has already taken your equity of the Bennet Group. How could she go back on her word—” 2 “That’s enough! Stop crying!” Jack got annoyed when he saw Alice tearing up. He had been so gentle and kind towards his daughter all this time, but now, he didn’t hold back his anger. “You can either stop crying right now or you can get the **** out of the house!” The sound of his voice frightened Alice. “Alice.” Caroline had her hand on Alice’s arm. Caroline was about to comfort her, but Alice violently brushed off her mother’s hand, before running out of the room with tearful eyes. Caroline went after her, but she failed to catch up with her daughter. She stood frozen in place, clenching her fists as a sinister gaze appeared in her eyes. Sometime later, Caroline took out her phone and looked for a nameless number on her contact list. It took her a moment of hesitation before she finally pressed the dial button. ‘Rachel, I will never allow you to walk all over my daughter! Never!’ Caroline exclaimed in her head.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 102 A Request That Ended On A Bad Note

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