Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 294: Victor Woke Up

Chapter 294 Mr. Sullivan Woke Up 

“I…” Andy was stunned for a moment. Rachel looked at the expression on his face and thought of the car she saw on the balcony just now. She guessed something and asked tentatively, “Were you looking at the car parked at the gate just now?” “Miss Bennet, you knew?” Andy said in shock. “Knew what?” Rachel raised her eyebrows, “Do you mean that car? I saw it upstairs just now, but I didn’t know you were looking at the car just now. I was just asking, but it seems something did happen.” “Miss Bennet, you…” looking at her serious face, Andy didn’t know what to say. It seemed that he fell into her trap. “Who is in that car?” Andy pursed his lips and took a deep look at Rachel.

He didn’t answer immediately. Rachel was not in a hurry. She took a sip of water and said slowly, “If you don’t tell me, I can only guess.” “......” Andy still kept silent, but when he heard her words, his eyes fell on her. Rachel lowered her eyes and looked at the water in the cup. After a while, she said, “I guess the person in this car is definitely not here for you.” “Why?” Andy was confused. “If he’s here for you, he should have investigated you and known that it would be easier to find you waiting at your studio. So I guess this car is not here for you.

Now we are the only people here in this house. I guess whoever that is, he’s here for me. Am I right?” Rachel wasn’t asking, she was stating a fact. Rachel had changed a lot after four years ago, she had become more intelligent now. Andy was surprised at Rachel’s change. He was more curious about what she had experienced in the past four years. “Now, let me guess who is looking for me.” Without waiting for Andy’s answer, Rachel continued, “In fact, it’s not difficult to guess who it is now. Only a few people know that I’m alive. This person knew that he could find me here, so it’s either Ivan or Victor. I don’t think Victor can even get out of bed now, so the person in that car can only be Ivan. Looking at her, Andy’s eyes darkened. “Miss Bennet, sometimes I really hope that you aren’t so smart.” “I have no choice. I was born smart.” Rachel smiled.

“You’re right. It is Ivan waiting for you. He has been waiting there for three hours.” Since he couldn’t hide it anymore, Andy admitted, “Miss Bennet, I’m sorry. I should have told you the second he was here.” “Why should you apologize?” Rachel put down the cup and said, “Even if you told me, he would still be waiting now.”

She was no longer the Rachel four years ago. She wouldn’t let Victor do whatever he wanted to do to her as years ago. So she wouldn’t go with Ivan the second he was here even if Andy told her. As foJoe, in fact, she wasn’t worried about him with Victor’s men protecting him. She knew that no one in Apliaria was bold enough to break into the Sue Garden. Just then, the doorbell rang. Andy frowned and wondered who was ringing the doorbell, he stood up and went to the vestibule to check the surveillance video.

Rachel, who was still sitting there, raised her eyebrows and smiled, then she said, “Speaking of the devil.” As expected, on the monitor screen, Ivan was looking into the yard through the gate. Andy turned around to take a look at Rachel, but said nothing. He was waiting for her instructions. Rachel stood up and said, “It’s cold outside. Let him in.” “Miss Bennet, if we let him in, I’m afraid he will…”

“It’s two against one, you think he can kidnap me? Let him in. He won’t and he dares not do anything to me.” Rachel was right. Ivan dared not do anything to her, if Victor found out about it, he would be in big trouble. After thinking for a while, Andy thought what Rachel said was true. He nodded and agreed. Then he took his coat and went out.

Rachel still felt a little hungry. Seeing that Andy had gone out, she went into the kitchen to look for something to eat. While she was looking, she thought that she should purchase some living goods if she was to stay here for a while.

It had been four years, a lot of things in this house needed to be replaced. After a while, Ivan and Andy entered the living room one after another. After glancing around, Ivan didn’t find Rachel.

He turned around and asked, “Mr. Torres, is Miss Bennet still sleeping?” The reason why he rang the doorbell was that he saw Rachel standing on the balcony on the second floor just now. “……” Andy poured him a glass of water and put it down on the table. Andy didn’t even bother to look up at him, let alone talk to him. Without asking anything more, Ivan sat on the sofa and continued waiting. Three and a half hours had passed since he came here.

“Mr. Torres, are you free tomorrow? Go to the furniture market with me tomorrow. The furniture need to be replaced. I can ask for delivery for the big stuff, but I need your help carrying the small ones,” Rachel asked as she walked out of the kitchen. “I have a court session to attend tomorrow morning. It won’t be over until noon.”

Replied Andy. “Then I’ll drive to the court to pick you up at noon. Let’s have lunch together before going to the furniture market.” Andy nodded. “Miss Bennet.” Seeing that the two of them seemed to have regarded him as an invisible person, Ivan had to stand up and interrupt their conversation.

Rachel pretended to have just realized he was here and asked, “When did you come, Ivan?” “……” Knowing that Rachel was pretending, Ivan was speechless. But he quickly calmed down. He did not forget why he was here. “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan has woken up.” “Oh.” She sat down and didn’t seem to care. Seeing her reaction, Ivan moved his lips but didn’t know what to say to her next. He felt a bit awkward and said, “Miss Bennet, Mr. Sullivan asked me to come pick you up to the hospital, should we…”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 294 Victor Woke Up

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