Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 99: Olivia’s Slanderivation by Adolf Dunne Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Olivia’s Slander

“Why wouldn’t I?” Rachel pressed her finger against the nerve point even harder. “Olivia, the only reason I didn’t argue with you before is because I didn’t want to waste my time. And just because I did that, it doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you! You’re right, Victor doesn’t like me. Go ahead, use that fact to make fun of me. And while you’re at it, you might as well think about this. If I accidentally press this point too hard and you die because of it, will Victor call the police to have me arrested?” ‘He wouldn’t.’ Olivia already knew the answer without thinking twice, for Rachel was pregnant with his baby.There was absolutely no way Victor would let the heir of the Sullivan family be born in prison. Moreover, Olivia was just a servant here. He would never punish Rachel for someone so insignificant. The moment Rachel saw Olivia’s face turn pale, she gathered that Olivia figured out the answer. She then released the housekeeper’s hand, turned around, and left. Olivia was left alone, frozen in fear for a long time. Her body trembled as though Rachel was still threatening to kill her, and she couldn’t dare to move at all. It was only when a servant called out to Olivia that she was pulled back to her senses. She watched as Rachel walked away, and clenched her fists so hard that her knuckles turned white. Her eyes glinted with anger and malice. ‘I’m going to do whatever it takes to kick Rachel out of the Sue Garden!’ Olivia’s desire to get rid of Rachel was becoming stronger and stronger. At last, Olivia had been driven mad. By the time Victor arrived at the address Carson had sent him, Rachel was already gone. Ivan was holding an umbrella when he returned to the car from the entrance of the shopping mall. Once he was inside the car, he looked at the backseat and said to Victor, “Sir, Olivia called me just now. Miss Bennet has returned to the Sue Garden.” “Then drive me back to the Sue Garden,” Victor replied flatly. Right after her phone call with Victor, Olivia smashed a vase on the table. She picked up the sharpest shard of the vase she could find, gritted her teeth, and used the shard to slit her arm. The wound was long and deep. Blood dripped along her arm, and fell on the carpet, which turned red within mere seconds.

Olivia’s face was now turning pale from blood loss. She grabbed a light colored silk scarf and wrapped it around her wound. While enduring excruciating pain, she cleaned up the debris from the vase. Afterwards, she patiently waited for Victor’s arrival. Around forty minutes later, his Aston Martin drove into the Sue Garden, steadily parking in front of the yard. Victor and Ivan got off the car and entered the main house. With a pale face, Olivia greeted, “Mr. Sullivan, you’re back.” The man glanced at her and caught sight of the blood-riddled scarf on her arm. “Where’s Rachel?” he asked with obvious impatience. Olivia lowered her gaze, and obediently replied, “Sir, she’s still sleeping in her room. I was hoping to wake her up and ask her to eat something, but I didn’t expect that…” She deliberately paused for dramatic effect, and pursed her pale lips, pretending to be a victim. It seemed that she was about to say something, but she bit it back. Victor looked at her curiously and asked, “You didn’t expect what?” “I didn’t expect that she would tell me to mind my own business and leave her alone. And then she threw a vase at me. I managed to dodge it, but the vase hit the wall and shattered. One of the shards happened to cut my arm,” Olivia said with tears in her eyes. “Sir, I really don’t know what to do anymore. No matter how hard I try, Miss Bennet is always so rude to me. If it would please her to know that I won’t be around here anymore, then I’m willing to leave the Sue Garden.” When she finished talking, tears ran down her cheeks. She forced a smile, looking at Victor with reddish eyes. She was quite a skilled actress. “Ivan, wake Rachel up and tell her to come down here,” Victor ordered, and then he walked towards the living room. Ivan was stunned. He looked at Victor’s back, uncertain of why his boss would want to confront Rachel again, despite knowing full well that Olivia was setting her up again. He had thought that Victor would’ve kicked that horrible housekeeper out of the Sue Garden by now. When Olivia heard this, a smirk was plastered on her lips, but she kept her head low to hide it.

‘You’re right, Rachel. Even if I die, Mr. Sullivan won’t trade your life for mine. But you didn’t expect he’d kick you out, did you? Once his patience runs out, you won’t be staying in this place any longer! When Ivan told Rachel to come downstairs, she didn’t think much about it and just followed him. The moment she stepped foot inside the living room, she saw Victor sitting on the sofa, and Olivia was standing aside with her head down. The blood-soaked silk scarf on Olivia’s arm was eye-catching, so Rachel immediately saw it. All sorts of thoughts ran through her mind, and it didn’t take her long to figure out that Olivia didn’t take her warning seriously. This woman had set her up again. “Tell her what you told me,” Victor said to Olivia while glancing at Rachel. Olivia bit her lip and paused. After a while, she repeated what she said to Victor, in a voice shaken by fear. As Rachel listened to this horrible woman’s ********, her eyes brimmed with anger, until she had finally had enough. Victor had been observing Rachel’s expression.

He thought that she would be so exasperated that she would end up interrupting Olivia halfway through the story, and tell him that the housekeeper was lying, anxious to explain her side. After all, Rachel had always been an aggressive character and would never pass off an opportunity to defend herself whether she was right or not. But now, she hadn’t said a word, nor had she done anything. Other than the obvious displeasure on her face, she remained quiet. Victor was lost in thought. ‘The Rachel now is bold enough to bash a person’s head with a bottle. Her tongue is so sharp that even Ivan would be rendered speechless before her. She’s become so stubborn, and she wouldn’t cry even when she’s hurt. Even when people were walking all over her, she doesn’t cause a scene like before. She’s surprisingly calm and composed now. And she’s always trying to solve her problems on her own.’ When those thoughts flooded into his mind, Victor felt a pang in his heart. He suddenly realized that Rachel had really become a completely different person, someone he could no longer recognize. And it seemed as though he could lose her at any moment. A feeling of loss arose from his heart, and it annoyed him to have such feelings. Victor didn’t even realize that he wanted to hold Rachel in his arms right now. At last, Olivia was done with her story. “Rachel, is there anything you’d like to say in your defense,” Victor asked, staring at Rachel’s beautiful face. When she heard his question, she was actually surprised. She thought that he would make a decision without even asking for her side of the story. She had even considered the possibility that he would either lock her in her bedroom to reflect on her actions, or drive her out of the Sue Garden. But to her surprise, he wanted to hear what she had to say. Rachel turned to Olivia, and she could feel how nervous the woman was. She then turned to Victor, and said, “I have nothing to say.” She had no idea why Victor would want to hear her side, but she was sure that if she denied the accusation and explained herself, he probably wouldn’t believe her. And since she was determined to protect the baby in her womb, she had to mind her words. She could no longer say whatever she wanted like before, so she might as well keep her mouth shut and save herself the trouble. When Olivia heard Rachel’s answer, she looked at the latter in astonishment. Victor was surprised as well. Apparently, he didn’t expect that Rachel would pass off the chance to defend herself. He scowled and asked, “Are you saying that Olivia is telling the truth?” Upon hearing that, Olivia was worried again, looking at Rachel vigilantly. Now, Rachel was confused. She never imagined that Victor would say something like that. She had led herself to believe that after she declined the chance to voice out her side of the story, he would automatically condemn her for hurting Olivia, and that he would command her to apologize to Olivia. ‘Have pigs begun to fly?’ Rachel wondered. ‘No, that’s impossible. Something strange must be going on in Victor’s brain.’

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 99 Olivia’s Slander

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