Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 98: A Cold-blooded Man Searching For Someone In The Rain

Chapter 98 A Cold-blooded Man Searching For Someone In The Rain

“Mr. Sullivan, if Mr. Scott did see Miss Bennet, then Olivia must be lying. And according to the weather forecast, the rain is only gonna get worse. Any moment now, Miss Bennet may not be able to…” “Get out,” Victor interrupted him. At once, Ivan clammed up and left the office. When the door closed, Victor looked outside the window and saw the rumbling sky, and dark clouds. He lowered his gaze, making it difficult to figure out what he was thinking. After a while, he put his thoughts aside, and dialed a number.

The moment the call connected, he asked, “Where is she?” When Carson received a call from Victor, he had already gotten home. He had just gotten out of the shower, and was wearing only a bathrobe. He put his phone on speaker and creased his brows. “Rachel is a little high maintenance, but she’s quite attractive. I happen to be a gentleman who cares deeply for the well-being of women. Of course, I came to her rescue and brought her home with me.” Right after he finished talking, Carson felt a scathing chill run down his spine. “Carson, believe it or not, in less than thirty minutes, I can make you appear ten thousand meters above another continent.” Victor sounded really frightening. Carson shuddered when he imagined what could happen to him. He could tell that Victor was serious. “I have no idea where she is right now. I left as soon as I gave you a call, but I can send you the address where I ran into her.” Before he could even finish his sentence, the call had already disconnected. Carson looked at his phone and scoffed. ‘He really doesn’t like to waste his breath, does he?’ The following second, his phone buzzed. It was a WeChat message from Victor, saying, “The address.” Carson immediately typed the address in and sent it to him.

Outside the window, the downpour of rain was getting heavier. Carson threw his phone onto the bed, and stood in front of his floor-to-ceiling window with his hands in the pocket of his bathrobe. A triumphant smile appeared on his lips as he whispered to himself, “It seems that Victor has really fallen for Rachel.” Victor was a cold blooded man, and nobody knew that better than Carson. Not only was Victor cold blooded with others, but also to himself. One time, Carson saw him lying on the bed with blood all over his body. Victor asked the nurse to stitch the wound on his wrist without anesthesia. In the end, he received 21 stitches. Carson saw how the needle pierced into his skin, and blood seeped out of it. No ordinary human would’ve been able to endure such pain, but to Victor, it was nothing. He didn’t even groan or wince during the entire process. Once the stitches were done, Victor didn’t even rest. Instead, he changed into a clean suit and headed to the Sullivan Group’s building. And just like any normal day, he attended the shareholder’s meeting, sitting calmly on the chairman’s seat, as if nothing had happened to him. But now, that same cold blooded, heartless man would drop his work and look for Rachel despite the heavy rain. Victor probably hadn’t realized it himself, but he was slowly changing, and all those changes were caused by Rachel. “Stop here,” Rachel said to Roger as she looked out the window and saw the Sue Garden’s iron gate nearby. It was raining too hard, and she couldn’t hail a cab, so she accepted his offer of driving her back to the Sue Garden. However, if she went straight into the Sue Garden while she was in his car, it could breed unnecessary rumors. And so, with that in mind, she planned to get off the car and walk the remaining distance. Roger saw that it was still raining cats and dogs, so he was a bit worried. “Perhaps it’s better if I just drive you directly to the front door. It’s storming, Rachel, and the roads are slippery. You might stumble by accident, and I don’t want that on my conscience,” he said while glancing at Rachel’s belly; his eyes, brimming with bitterness. “No need to bother yourself so much, Roger. I’ll be careful. Thank you,” Rachel replied, seemingly indifferent towards him. Then, she opened the door, held out her umbrella with one hand, and carried several bags with the other. Slowly, she walked towards the Sue Garden’s gate. Roger didn’t withdraw his gaze even when Rachel was out of his sight. The driver looked at him through the rearview mirror and asked respectfully, “Sir, shall we go back now?” Only then did Roger slowly avert his gaze from the manor. He took out a small jewelry box from his pocket and opened it. Inside the box, a simple, yet exquisite ring rested. The diamond embedded into the middle of the ring glinted faintly under the dim sky. Before he came home, he bought this diamond ring. He had asked a famous designer to make this ring, and had it specially customized for Rachel. Although he already found out from Clara that Rachel was pregnant, he still chose to bring the ring with him. He was hoping that Clara was just lying to dispel his intentions of proposing to Rachel. But now, the last vestige of hope in his heart was dissipated. This ring would never even have the chance to meet its owner.

Slowly through the half-open car window, the rain drops fell on Roger’s face, making him feel cold.

Roger closed the small box, and then threw it outside. It landed on the lawn, and rolled for a while before it finally disappeared from his vision. “Let’s go back,” he ordered while rolling up the window. The driver wanted to say something, but when he saw the look on Roger’s face, he swallowed his words and nodded upon seeing Roger close his eyes. He then stepped on the accelerator, slowly turning the car around, and made his way to the Jimenez Mansion. However, a few moments later, Roger suddenly opened his eyes. “Stop the car!” The driver immediately stepped on the brake. Roger got off the car, and ran back to the lawn without saying a word. As soon as Rachel arrived at the Sue Garden, Olivia heard about it from the other servants. She had been jittery all this time, and now, she was finally at ease. It was storming today, and if anything bad were to happen to Rachel because she asked her to do the grocery shopping, Victor would not even let her live through the day. When Olivia saw Rachel slowly walking towards the house, she was livid. She had been on tenterhooks for a long time, and she blamed Rachel for that. As she stood at the door, scowling, she shouted at Rachel, “Rachel, are you a tortoise or something? I only asked you to do the grocery shopping. What took you so long? Don’t you know that everyone has been waiting for you?” Rachel hadn’t even caught her breath, and Olivia had already bombarded her with snide remarks. Rachel did not utter a word, but he stared Olivia indifferently. Stunned by her gaze, Olivia asked, “Why are you looking at me like that? Are you mad because I’m scolding you?” “Not at all. Say whatever you want,” Rachel replied, and then she walked around Olivia, and into the house. She had no energy, nor interest in quarreling with this woman. All she wanted to do at the moment was to put her bags down and go to sleep as soon as possible. Noticing that Rachel ignored her, Olivia became furious. She turned around, intending to grab Rachel’s arm. “Rachel, I’m your boss. What kind of attitude is—ouch!” Rachel’s eyes became sharp. She dodged Olivia’s hand, twisting Olivia’s wrist, and pressed down her thumb on a nerve point. Olivia felt the burning pain and cried out, “Let… let me go!” Rachel pressed down harder on the nerve point, and the pain Olivia felt increased. It appeared as though her strength was running out. In a matter of seconds, Olivia dropped to her knees, and gasped for air. “Did you know there’s a way to kill someone without leaving any injuries on their body?” Rachel asked with a voice devoid of emotion. Olivia’s face turned pale upon hearing that. “What?” “There are 720 nerve points in the human body, and 36 of them are fatal.” Rachel gripped.

Olivia’s wrist and pulled her closer. She put two fingers on a spot a few centimeters above Olivia’s navel. Then, she looked into Olivia’s eyes, and said, “This is one of the fatal nerve points I was talking about. If I press it hard enough, you’re gonna…” Olivia’s eyes widened instantly, and bellowed in pain. “Rachel, how dare you…”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 98 A Cold-blooded Man Searching For Someone In The Rain

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