Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 96 Pregnant Woman Shouldn’t Get Sick

Chapter 96 Pregnant Woman Shouldn’t Get Sick

Rachel picked up her phone to see who was calling. It was a number she didn’t recognize, so she ignored it. After a while, her phone stopped ringing. Then it started again. She checked the screen again to find it was the same number calling her. Rachel sighed and answered the phone. She hadn’t even managed to draw a breath before a sharp voice started berating her from the other end.

“Rachel! Why is it taking you so long to get the stuff I asked for? There’s so much work that needs to be done at the Sue Garden! And none of it is possible without the stuff I asked you to buy! Stop messing around and come back, right now!” Olivia hung up the phone before Rachel had a chance to speak. Rachel pulled her phone away from her ear and looked down at the screen with a disgruntled expression. There was no way she was going back now. ‘You wish,’ she thought and put her phone away. If she went out in such heavy rain, she was likely to catch a cold or end up running a fever. While she didn’t care for her well-being, she had to think about her baby now. Rachel was too busy hunkering down from the rain, and wallowing in her own irritation, to notice when a Ferrari pulled over to the side of the road. “Mr. Scott, why don’t you come upstairs and have tea with me? We’re already here… And I’m scared of the storm. The thunder makes me jump and I don’t like the sound of the heavy rain,” said a woman coyly. She was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, dressed in a tight, strapless dress that clung perfectly to every curve of her body. She was smiling in a flirtatious, charming way that suggested the storm wasn’t bothering her at all. Carson, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, leaned over and seductively lifted the woman’s chin with his index finger. “Just for tea?” he asked with a lazy smile. The woman smiled at him. She reached up and held onto his wrist, tilting her head so she could look into his eyes as she whispered, “Well… If you want more than tea…” Carson suddenly caught sight of Rachel where she was standing under the eaves of a building, evidently sheltering herself from the rain. Carson stopped paying attention to what the woman was saying. “Interesting,” he said, cocking an eyebrow at the sight of Rachel. The woman thought Carson was still talking to her. Her smile widened even further, and she tried to edge closer to him. “Mr. Scott,” she simpered, “you’re such a naughty man…” “Naughty?” Carson blinked at her words and turned his attention back to her. He pulled out a pack of wipes, carefully slid one out and cleaned the tips of his fingers. “How am Inaughty?” “Oh, Mr. Scott, I think you know the answer to that,” the woman said with a blush. “But that’s alright… I like it when you’re naughty.” Carson raised his eyebrow at her, but otherwise gave no other response. He pulled out his phone and scrolled through his contact list until he finally found the name he was looking for. He clicked the dial button and then pressed the phone to his ear. “You can leave now,” he said to the woman as he waited for the other person to pick up.

The radiant smile on the woman’s face froze. She stared at Carson as her joy at finding a sugar daddy was shattered. She blinked, frowned, and finally managed to haltingly say, “M Mr. Scott, you…” No one answered Carson’s call. Carson held his phone out in front of him and frowned down at the screen. He called again. “I’m not interested in going up to your kennel,” he said in a tone that would have been casual, had it not been for the venom laced words. “You’ve got three seconds to get out of my car.” The woman’s face paled. Now she was confused and scared. She didn’t know what she could have done or said that had offended him so much. But she wasn’t about to hang around and ask questions. Carson had already raised three fingers to begin counting, and she didn’t want to find out what happened when he got to three. She grabbed the umbrella and quickly got out of the car. She’d just opened the umbrella and turned to leave when she heard the window of the driver’s seat being opened. “Wait a minute,” Carson said. The woman clutched the handle of the umbrella and turned around to face him, hope radiant on her face. “Mr. Scott?” Carson looked at her with a blank expression. “Leave the umbrella,” he said, nodding towards it. The woman’s face darkened and her smile completely disappeared. Her hands clenched the handle and she barely managed to stop herself from gritting her teeth. “Mr. Scott, just now you said I should take it. You said you didn’t want me to get wet. Have you changed your mind?”.; She thought he was mocking now. Carson came from the wealthy Scott family. A single umbrella was worthless to them, and they would easily be able to replace it. Why did he suddenly want it back? Carson’s answer destroyed any remaining hope she’d had that he was joking. “I have,” Carson said with a sneer. He reclined against the seat, tilting his back against the headrest and lazily half-closing his eyes. “My family has a rule; I am not to spend money on any woman aside from my wife.” The woman’s expression pinched in humiliation. That was the final straw for her. She threw the umbrella to the ground and hurried away without another word. Carson held his arm out the window and caught the umbrella before it hit the ground. He’d already stopped paying attention to the woman; now he was focused on Rachel. “What’s the matter?” Victor said coldly, finally answering Carson’s calls after his third attempt. “Mr. Sullivan, guess who I just saw,” Carson said teasingly. Victor had been busy signing documents up in his office when he’d got the call. He briefly pulled his phone away from his ear to glance at the caller ID before he said, “Carson, have you been keeping busy? Or have you been idling along in your life again? The KD Group is in need of a manager if-” “No, no, no. Absolutely not. I refuse to deal with such a ticking time bomb,” Carson cut in before Victor could finish his sentence. “A ticking time bomb?” Victor asked in that low, rumbling voice of his. Carson cleared his throat then said, “Isn’t it though? I know the directors of the Sullivan Group have been getting antsy with the projects again. My guess is that they’re going to try and get Odin to return under the pretext of acquiring a new project from the KD Group. It’s rather obvious that they favor Odin to be in charge of the project. I have no doubt that they and Odin would tear me apart if I tried to get involved.” Victor remained silent, totally speechless by what he’d just said. Carson shook his head to straighten out his thoughts. This wasn’t why he’d called Victor. “Back to my previous statement; guess who I saw today,” he repeated, trying to get back on topic Victor’s hand clenched on his phone. His patience was starting to run thin. “You have three seconds to cut the **** and tell me,” he growled. “You’re so boring,” Carson groaned, disappointed that his fun had been ruined. “I saw Rachel.” Victor had been in the process of signing a document when Carson said her name. He stopped immediately, the point of the pen resting on the paper. The ink started to leak out the tip, creating a large, black blot on the crisp white page. “Where?” Victor said coldly as he glanced out the window at the heavy rain. The weather didn’t look like it was going to let up any time soon. In fact, it only seemed to be getting worse. Carson played with the umbrella, running his fingers over the metal supports and over the fabric. He raised his head and looked out the window, narrowing his eyes to be able to see through the rain. “At the gate of a building in the Fifth District. It looks like she’s been shopping. She’s got a lot of bags and I think I can see a shopping list in her hand. Victor, you know she’s pregnant. Don’t you think it’s a bit much to send her to do so much shopping and expect her to carry it all? You could have at least sent a driver.” Victor swallowed past the angry lump forming in his throat. “I didn’t ask her to go shopping.” “And do you really think she would have offered to do the shopping out of her own free will?” Carson said as he rested his elbow against the windowsill. He pressed his forehead into his hand and gently massaged his temple. He kept his eyes on Rachel, as if she was going to disappear at any given second. Victor narrowed his eyes; he knew what Carson was getting at. Carson was gently reminding him that there were people in the Sue Garden who were making it their mission to give Rachel a hard time. As Victor was staring coldly down at his desk, he suddenly remembered that Lukas had brought something to the front desk of the Sullivan Group just before he’d left. Then the memory of the other night, when Rachel had snuck in to steal food, suddenly resurfaced in his mind. His eyebrows furrowed in thought, and he pressed his lips tightly together. After a minute or so, he pressed the call bell on the landline. “Mr. Sullivan, what can I do for you?” Ivan pushed the door to his office open a short while later and gave a small, respectful bow as he entered. Victor didn’t look up at him as he entered. “Lukas left something at the front desk. Go and fetch it for me.” Ivan nodded and left the office to comply with Victor’s command. Carson started talking again, “If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t much like Rachel. She was always so dramatic over the smallest of things… But I do feel that I should remind you that she may catch a cold if she’s out in such heavy rain. And it’s really not a good idea for a pregnant woman to get sick.” Carson hung up after that. He shifted his car into gear and spun the Ferrari around so it was heading in the opposite direction; straight to where Rachel was standing. If Victor didn’t want to show her mercy, Carson would. She was pregnant with Victor’s baby, and Victor was his best friend… It wouldn’t kill him to give her the umbrella so she wouldn’t look so pathetic and poor. As Carson was heading towards Rachel, a brown Bentley suddenly slowed down and pulled over to the side of the main road near the building. The back door opened, and, strangely enough, a man wearing pajamas got out. He was holding an umbrella over his head, and was heading directly towards Rachel.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 96 Pregnant Woman Shouldn’t Get Sick

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