Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 92: Victor’s Warning

Chapter 92 Victor’s Warning

Rachel was shocked. She couldn’t believe he’d seen her so easily. She didn’t know what to say. She was torn between so many different emotions. “What are you doing in here?” Victor asked in a deep voice. “Enjoy the moonlight,” Rachel said calmly. She stood up to face him, hiding the bread and milk behind her back. Victor stared at her expressionlessly for moment, then he narrowed his eyes as he said, “Show me what you have.” Rachel furrowed her brows in mock confusion, trying to pretend she had no idea what he was talking about. “What do you mean?” She even managed to make herself sound surprised. “I don’t have anything.” “You have three seconds to show me,” Victor said in a voice so completely devoid of emotion that it was oppressive. Rachel suppressed a shiver, and it wasn’t just from the cold night air. However, she didn’t say anything. She just stared right back at him. Victor’s already dark eyes darkened even further, making them look like endless black pools. “Three,” he said, starting to count. “Okay fine. Here,” Rachel said in exasperation. She took a deep breath and held the bread and milk out to him. It was useless to try and hide anything from him, especially when he already knew something was amiss. The hard, cold expression on his face softened slightly when he saw the food. Bread and milk? Why had she snuck out here at this time of night just to steal bread and milk? Victor looked between her and the food. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion and said, “Rachel, what are you up to? What kind of game are you playing at?” Game? His callous comment made Rachel angry. “Believe it or not, I just came here to get bread and milk.” She stared bravely up at him as she spoke. She could see by the look on his face that he was suspicious. He thought she’d stolen something else, like a **** thief. Without another word, she turned around and left. Victor glared at her retreating back, then down at the bread and milk in his hands. His expression darkened. Olivia knew when Victor would return home. She’d rushed over to greet him, and had been just a minute too slow to intervene in the interaction between Victor and Rachel. But she had heard most of their conversation. “Mr. Sullivan, I’m so sorry about this. This is my fault. I didn’t have anyone stationed to guard the kitchen. I didn’t think she’d sneak in and try to steal food. I-” Olivia immediately fell silent when Victor looked up at her with a murderous expression. “You didn’t let her eat anything?” he said almost too calmly. Olivia blinked in shock. What Victor said was true. She hadn’t allowed Rachel to eat the entire day, and she’d withheld her dinner from her as a punishment. But she couldn’t admit that to Victor. If he knew what she’d done, he would show her no mercy. Olivia immediately knelt down in front of him. In a trembling voice she said, “Mr. Sullivan, please don’t misunderstand. I would never do such a thing. You told me to treat Rachel like a servant, but I still care about the baby. I didn’t let her do any heavy lifting, and I most certainly wouldn’t have starved her!” Olivia paused, trying to come up with something else to say to make him believe her. “If you don’t believe me, Mr. Sullivan, you are welcome to ask the others. The last thing I’d want to do is starve her.”

She was convincing enough that Victor believed her. The blood that had been rushing furiously through Victor’s veins from his earlier anger began to calm. His breathing evened out and he relaxed. Without a second thought, he threw the bread and milk on the ground.  So Rachel had just been pretending. She’d made sure he’d find her, clutching the bread and milk like she’d been starved. She’d obviously wanted nothing more than to garner his pity. Victor’s eyes were glittering with malicious intent now as he stepped forward. He stomped on the bread as he walked in the direction in which Rachel had gone. When she returned to her room, Rachel drank two glasses of warm water to try and ease her hunger somewhat.

After she’d drained the last drop of her second drink, she stared at the glass until her eyes unfocused and she became lost in thought. She had to buy food. Without proper sustenance, she wouldn’t last a week under the workload Olivia had given her. Suddenly, the door to her room slammed open. Rachel snapped towards the sound, immediately preparing herself for the worst. It was Victor, and judging by the look on his face and the way he was walking, he was angry. ‘Seriously? Is this man really this angry about me stealing some bread and milk?’ Rachel watched as he approached. She unconsciously moved her hand to cover her stomach, trying to protect the baby from anything that might happen now. When Victor saw her defensive movement, the icy look on his face turned dark. To him it seemed that she was only pretending to care about the baby so she could use it again him. “Vic-” Rachel started, but didn’t get very far. “What are you up to this time, Rachel?” Victor snapped. Rachel was instantly confused by his accusation.

As he stalked closer, she started backing up. Victor was only further angered by her retreat, but he had no idea why. He whipped out his hand and grabbed her tightly around the wrist. “You were pretending to be hungry just now, weren’t you? You deliberately went to the kitchen to steal food when I came back. You planned it all out so I’d see you and feel sorry for you. You’re just pretending to be starved and mistreated.” “Excuse me? Are you insane?” Rachel blurted out before she could stop herself. Victor’s groundless accusations were making her furious. She’d been starving and had just wanted to get something to eat. Now Victor was here accusing her of pretending, just so he’d feel sorry for her. Victor narrowed his eyes and snapped, “Say it again. I dare you.” Rachel lowered her eyes just in time to roll them without Victor seeing. While she was standing meekly before him, she was silently cursing him to **** and back. ‘I said what I said,’ Rachel thought to herself. ‘You’re insane. But I’ll be damned if I’ll say it again. I’m not stupid. I don’t want to give you any more reason to punish me.’ Rachel put on the biggest fake smile she could muster and looked up at him. She blinked her eyes innocently, but said in a voice laced with venom, “What do you want me to repeat? I didn’t say anything. It’s late, Mr. Sullivan. You’re tired. I suggest you go to bed and rest. I know I have to rest. After all, I have to look after myself now. I’m alone in this world.” “Rachel, I’m warning you. Don’t play games with me. You are not alone, and you know it. Just keep in mind,” Victor reached out and clutched tightly at her chin, “that you could be dead. And with you, that baby.” 1 Rachel’s facial muscles twitched, then she paled at his threat. Before she could say anything, Victor let her go and stormed towards the door. As he left, he slammed the door so hard behind him that Rachel felt the sound in her bones. But the noise was enough to bring her back to her senses. She swallowed hard as she stared at the closed door, afraid that he’d change his mind and come back. When it seemed that she was safe, she flopped down on the bed and pressed her hand over her stomach. She could feel her heart racing in her chest from the adrenaline and fear. She wasn’t afraid of death, but she couldn’t bear the thought when it came to her baby. Rachel looked down at her stomach. Recently, she had been attaching more and more importance to the unborn baby. She was starting to care for the little life more than she’d thought she ever would. She used to be an egoist. She used to think of her fetus as nothing more than a cluster of cells. Something she’d rid herself of the moment it threatened her life and her interests. But now… Just the thought of something happening to the baby made her heart ache in a way she couldn’t explain. If something were to happen… She shook her head. No, she would make sure it never did. She would give up her life to save this baby if necessary. She was now a totally different person than she’d been before; she couldn’t decide whether that was a good or bad thing. “Don’t listen to you father, little one,” Rachel whispered to her belly. “I’m going to keep you safe. Do you understand? Your mommy is a capable woman. She isn’t some simpering damsel who is going to lay down and get stepped on. When I find your Aunt Abby, we will all run away together. I promise, you’re going to get the life that you deserve. Just trust me.” Rachel fell asleep shortly after that. When she woke a few hours later, it was to find that it was raining.

The autumn wind was pumping outside, driving the rain hard against her window. Rachel raised her head and looked out the window at the sky. The heavy grey clouds and the oppressive fog made her feel all the more sleepy. The baby didn’t mess with her appetite much these days. However, she’d felt more tired recently than she had in a long while. She wasn’t sure if her fatigue was being caused by her pregnancy or the autumn weather. The quiet, restful atmosphere of her room was broken by someone banging loudly on the door. The sound startled Rachel awake, driving away any remnants of sleep that had still been lingering in her body. “Rachel!” Olivia yelled from outside as she continuously pounded her fist on the door. “Do you even know what time it is? Get up!” Rachel hadn’t even had the chance to get out of bed before Olivia barged into her room. She obviously had a spare key. “Rachel! Are you deaf? Did you hear me?” Olivia demanded as she came to stand at the end of Rachel’s bed.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 92 Victor’s Warning

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