Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 87: Bow Before The Tomb To Apologize

Chapter 87 Bow Before The Tomb To Apologize

Jack felt displeased by Rachel’s sarcasm, but he concealed his emotion and continued, “Rachel, if you help Alice get her job at the Sullivan Group back, I truly believe that she’ll be able to become one of its senior executives one day. She’s talented and competent enough to accomplish that. And by then, I’m sure she won’t forget how you helped her.” “Dad,” Rachel blurted out. Upon hearing the word “dad”, Jack was stunned. Before he could react, she continued, “I just want to ask you a question.” Silence befell him before he answered, “What is it?” “If I do ask Victor to change his decision about firing Alice from the Sullivan Group and letting her stay, he might ask me for my life in exchange. Knowing that, would you still want me to plead this case to him?” Rachel said flatly. Such words were usually spoken with bitterness, but she sounded calm and casual about it. Upon hearing this, Jack’s pupils dilated in shock. After a moment of hesitation, he slowly answered, “But that’s impossible. Why would he want your life? There’s no point in asking such questions, Rachel! I’m not asking you to trade your life for Alice’s job. I’m just asking you to use a debt of gratitude-” “Let me stop you right there,” Rachel interrupted him as she stood up, and walked closer towards him. While staring him dead in the eye, she said, “So, in your eyes, Alice’s future is more valuable than my life, isn’t it?” Jack felt uncomfortable to hear her question. To him, this question was so ridiculous that it felt like Rachel was just using it as an excuse not to help Alice. Frowning, he said, “You have the capacity to help your sister. That’s something you can do! What’s the point in asking such an absurd question?” A smile appeared on Rachel’s face, and her eyes were as cold as ice. “Very Good.” She turned around and sat back down on the sofa, crossing her legs. After witnessing her non-compliant attitude, Jack was confused about what she meant. His face darkened when he asked, “What are you trying to say, Rachel?” Slowly, she looked into his eyes and replied, “You want me to ask Victor to change his decision regarding Alice’s dismissal from her position in the Sullivan Group, right? That’s a piece of cake. I can promise you that.” Upon hearing that, Jack’s eyes lit up. “I knew that you’re my good daughter. You—” “Your good daughter?” ‘It’s so ironic to hear him praise me like that. It’s like he has completely forgotten that he calls me an ungrateful daughter whenever he’s angry.’ Rachel’s eyes narrowed. “Mr. Jenkins, don’t thank me yet.”

Realizing that she addressed him differently again, Jack was caught off-guard again. This time, Rachel turned to Andy and smiled. “Andy, please be my witness for this matter.” “Gladly.” Although he had no idea what she was planning, he knew that Rachel had bright ideas and sensible reasons of her own, so he decided to trust her. Andy nodded and started filming. Jack was still confused, but when he thought that Alice would have a chance to return to the Sullivan Group, the smile on his face remained. “Rachel, now that you’ve agreed to my request, and since I’m already here with you today, why don’t you call Victor and ask him now?” “Oh, Mr. Jenkins, you grossly misunderstood me. I said I can promise you I’ll do that, but it doesn’t mean I’ve agreed to do it,” Rachel responded. “What… what do you mean?” “I have three conditions. As long as you accept them, I can plead with Victor to give Alice her job back.” This time, the smile on Jack’s face disappeared, and was replaced by a stern expression. “Are you trying to bargain with me?” he asked with displeasure. Rachel grabbed the glass of water, unhurriedly taking a sip. Upon hearing the displeasure from Jack’s voice, she maintained her composure, and said lightly, “Mr. Jenkins, you’re a businessman, correct? Then you should know that favors like the one you’re asking for right now comes at a price. If you don’t find my conditions acceptable, then I won’t force you to do business with me. You may leave if you want to, but I’m afraid I can’t see you out.”

Jack was livid. If it weren’t for the fact that Rachel was Elisa’s daughter and that she was the only person who could ask Victor a favor, he wouldn’t have waited here for more than two hours and tolerated her arrogance! Through gritted teeth, Jack said, “Fine. What are your conditions?” “First, you’re going to write down an official document renouncing me as your daughter. In that document, you will declare that from now on, you and I have nothing to do with each other.”

Jack’s eyes widened with disbelief. “You,” But Rachel wouldn’t give him a chance to speak. Calmly, she continued, “Second, I want you to transfer all of the shares you have in the Bennet Group to me. And third…” She paused to look at Jack’s face, noticing how sullen he looked at the moment. In a tone devoid of emotion, she added, “I want you, Caroline, and your precious daughter Alice, to kneel in front of my mother’s tomb, and beg for her forgiveness.” Everyone present was utterly shocked. Andy was so startled to hear that that he almost dropped the phone he was holding to record the video.

Jack, on the other hand, was livid. His face turned red as he stammered angrily, “Rachel, you … you!” “You have one minute to make a decision. If you can’t make up your mind, I’ll make that decision for you.” She then took out her phone and started the countdown. With every second that passed, the ticking sound of a clock was heard. Beads of sweat formed on Jack’s forehead with every tick-tock he heard. While gasping for air, he wiped his sweat using the back of his hand. Just before the timer could run out, Jack said in a hoarse voice, “I’m willing to accept the first two conditions! But as for the third one-” “Either you agree to all of my conditions or Alice’s future is ruined.” Rachel showed him no mercy. Jack fell into a moment of silence again as he gritted his teeth. “Okay! I accept your terms!” As soon as Jack agreed, Rachel smiled at Andy and said, “Andy, prepare a pen and a piece of paper for Mr. Jenkins.” When night fell, the afterglow of the setting sun shone down on the porch. Rachel stood at the door, gazing at the front yard of the Bennet family’s mansion. As the autumn wind blew by, the swing in the yard gently swayed along. Once Jack had signed the equity assignment agreement, and had written his renouncement of Rachel, he left in a huff without looking back. Andy had just come down from the study after making two copies of the documents mentioned when he saw Rachel standing by the door. He paused to look at the papers in his hand, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. ‘Jack is indeed a scum, but he’s still Rachel’s biological father. She must be feeling sad that her own father would give up her life in order to make life easier for his mistress and their daughter. Something that horrible would certainly break anyone’s heart. Even if she’s not very expressive of her emotions, I’m sure she feels sad right now.’ With that in mind, Andy approached Rachel and said, “Miss Bennet, some people don’t deserve to be called a father. You have no need to feel sad for him.” She turned her head to look at Andy. Realizing that he had misunderstood her, she smiled and said, “No, I’m not sad. I’m actually happy.” “That’s not possible. You don’t have to pretend to be strong all the time.” Rachel took the files from his hand. “Nothing is impossible for me. I have solved our troubles, and earned money at the same time.” Andy doubted her words. “If there’s anything you’d like to tell me, Miss Bennet, please do so at once.” Rachel nodded, and then he looked at the two bodyguards outside. “Actually, I do have something to tell you. But let’s go to the study, shall we?” “Got it,” Andy replied.

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 87: Bow Before The Tomb To Apologize

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