Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 85: Jack’s Visit

Chapter 85 Jack’s Visit

Jack’s Visit In one of the bedrooms of the Sue Garden, Rachel was currently taking a rather disheartening call. “Boss, I still can’t find her.” Quintin’s voice came over the phone speakers. “This is so strange… How is it that a person can disappear so seamlessly?” Rachel stared down at the mocking words “search failed” that had popped up on her phone screen. Her eyes unfocused as she looked hopelessly down at them. For the past three days, she’d been staying at the Sue Garden. She was by no means idle though. She’d been busy. Busy searching for Abby. She’d expanded the search area and even enlisted Quintin’s help. But still, Abby was nowhere to be found. Two knocks echoed in rapid succession from the door. As the sound faded, Lukas said from the other side of the door, “Miss Bennet, I’ve brought you some fruit.” Rachel didn’t reply to Lukas. All she did was narrow her eyes at the door and carry on speaking to Quintin. “Broaden the area. Keep searching.” “Sure thing, boss. I have received no other orders of recent so I will do everything in my power to help you find your friend. No stone will go unturned nor corner unchecked.” “Thank you,” Rachel said softly. She was about to hang up the phone when Lukas knocked again and called, “Miss Bennet, are you awake?” “Yes! I’m awake! Just give me a moment!” Rachel called back loudly. She clicked the button on the side of her phone to disconnect the call. Then she swung herself out of bed and walked towards the door. “Boss? Who are you talking to?” Quintin asked in confusion when he heard Rachel talking to someone else. Before he could speak another word, Rachel disconnected the call. Rachel opened the door to see Lukas’ smiling face. He had a plate of various cut up fruits balancing on one hand. “Miss Bennet, I see you very much enjoy eating these type of fruits these days. I noticed that you threw up quite a lot at lunch today, so I thought I’d bring you something to eat.” As he spoke, Lukas kept darting glances into the room. It was obvious he was suspicious. He’d thought he’d heard someone just now when he’d been waiting outside. “Miss Bennet, were you speaking to someone on the phone?” he asked as casually as he could. Rachel only had to think for a second before she realized he must have heard her speaking to Quintin. She quickly came up with a convincing lie. “No,” she said calmly with a smile, “I was watching TV.”

There was nothing in her expression to suggest she was lying, so Lukas smiled and said with an air of relief, “I see. But if I may make a suggestion, Miss Bennet? I think it would be wise if you watched less TV. Just like a cell phone and tablet, it has radiation waves that can be harmful to the baby’s development.” “I see,” Rachel said obediently with a nod. She reached out and took the plate from Lukas. As she took it, Lukas couldn’t help but glance inside again. He was obviously still a little bit antsy. Rachel narrowed her eyes before she quickly forced her expression neutral again. “Is there something else, Lukas?” “No, nothing more.” Lukas shook his head. Rest well, Miss Bennet.” He left without another word. Rachel watched him leave from the doorway, making sure he’d disappeared down the stairs before she stepped back into her room and closed the door. She looked skeptically down at the plate of fruits in her hand and raised an eyebrow. She knew that he’d only brought the fruits as an excuse to check that she was staying in her room. Lukas had been a servant to the Sullivan family for most of his life. He was a quiet, unobtrusive person who was usually quite content to mind his own business and follow orders. But Rachel knew him well enough to know that he’d been trying to gauge her responses to his seemingly harmless banter. Lukas wouldn’t have been suspicious that something strange was going on in her room unless someone had told him something. Just who could that “someone” be? Suddenly, her phone started ringing. It broke through her thoughts and brought her back to reality She took one glance at the caller ID before she hurriedly answered the phone, “Andy, what’s wrong?” “Miss Bennet, your father is here.” Andy said to her. As he spoke, he turned his head to look at Jack. The man was sitting in the living room as if he owned the place. “Wait for me,” Rachel said and put the phone down. After an agonizingly long wait, Andy saw a Maybach pull up outside the Bennet family’s house. At first glance, Andy thought he was hallucinating, but once he’d shaken his head and squinted his eyes, he realized what he was seeing was real.

After he’d been released from custody three days ago, Andy had rushed back to the Bennet family’s house, only to find that neither Rachel nor Abby were there. That same evening, Rachel had called him to tell him to stay at the house. She’d explained that she wouldn’t be able to come home for a little while. Back then, Andy hadn’t understood what she’d meant. But now, seeing the familiar license plate of the Maybach, he finally realized what had happened. Rachel must be staying with Victor; and he had a feeling it wasn’t voluntary. Once the car stopped, Rachel climbed out, followed by two bodyguards. Andy shook his head to get himself back to his senses. He hurried over to her to greet her, and couldn’t help but look over her shoulder, hoping to see Abby. He didn’t. All he saw were the two blank-faced bodyguards. He felt his stomach twist worriedly.

“Miss Bennet, are you okay? Where’s Abby? Why didn’t she come here with you?” “I’m fine.” Rachel raised her hand to dismiss his worries. “As for Abby…” Rachel’s eyedarkened at the mention of Abby’s name. She forced herself to remain calm as she said, “I didn’t think she’d be much help in this situation. I thought it was a better idea if I didn’t bring her along.” Andy’s worry visibly eased. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank goodness that’s the case. I’ve been so worried about her recently. Miss Bennet, please don’t hide things from me. I know there isn’t much I can do to help you, but I will do everything I can.” Rachel smiled at him. “I know. And I thank you for that.” “Your father has been waiting for you inside,” said Andy, jerking a thumb over his shoulder. When Andy had called her earlier, Rachel hadn’t left immediately to go back to the Bennet family’s house. She’d told Andy just to carry on like normal, and to act as if nothing was out of place. Two hours later, she’d finally decided to go home. Rachel nodded gratefully at him. “Thank you. You can carry on with whatever work you have.”

Andy didn’t move away. He nibbled his lip nervously, cleared his throat and said in a serious tone, “I think the waiting has made Mr. Jenkins a little impatient. If I could be so bold as to say, he may lose his temper any moment now. Please, try and keep your cool if he says something unpleasant.” “So you’re defending him now?” Rachel cocked an eyebrow at him. “Of course not! I’m looking out for you. After all, you are a woman and he is a man, and now…” Andy trailed off as he glanced at the two bodyguards standing near her. He lowered his voice and stepped closer to her. In a near whisper he said, “And now that you’re pregnant, you’re even more vulnerable. If you and Mr. Jenkins get into an argument and end up fighting, that could seriously endanger you and the baby.” Rachel laughed at the serious look on Andy’s face. “Miss Bennet, please. This is no laughing matter. I’m here to keep you safe, but what happens if I’m too slow? I can’t promise that you’ll be safe…” Andy said with a frown. Rachel reached out and took hold of his sleeve, She tugged him closer and tipped her head over her shoulder. “Look behind me.” Andy turned and looked at the two stone-faced bodyguards. They were standing a few steps away with their arms at their sides and their heads facing forwards. While their eyes were guarded by sunglasses, it was easy to tell by the lines of their mouths and noses that they were serious and solemn. “If Jack and I do end up getting into a fight, what makes you think he’ll get close enough to hurt me?” Rachel asked with a smile. The corners of Andy’s mouth twitched like he wanted to smile. Then he laughed softly. “I guess I’m just a little bit overreacted.”

“Can we be on our way now that I’ve put your mind at ease?” Rachel asked. Andy gave a single nod and turned to head to the living room. Rachel walked after him, followed by the two bodyguards that were always five steps behind them. Meanwhile, Jack’s patience was starting to run thin. He took out his phone to check the time yet again. He scrunched up his nose in irritation and clenched his jaw. He’d been waiting for a long time already. He reached out to pick up his teacup, only to discover it was empty. He shoved it away angrily and shouted, “This is my third cup of tea! When is Rachel getting here?” “You’re in quite a hurry, aren’t you? What’s the rush? Did you forget that my mother once waited three days in the hospital for you, yet you never showed up?” Rachel said as she walked into the living room. Her lips were twisted into a large, fake smile that she was going to try her best to hold onto. “You’ve only been waiting a mere two hours. It’s quite pathetic in comparison to three whole days and nights.”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 85 Jack’s Visit

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