Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 83: Alice’s Reputation Was Ruined

Chapter 83

 Alice’s Reputation Was Ruined

The veins on Victor’s temples bulged in rage. An explosively ice-cold glint appeared in his eyes as he gritted his teeth and slowly said, “I should thank you? Rachel, what the **** are you talking about?” “Have you forgotten already? You promised me three conditions, the third one is to fire Alice. She just got exposed to all and sundry as a loose woman having an affair with a married man. Not only was the chaotic confrontation here streamed live, but the affair has become a trending topic of multiple social media platforms; this much negative exposure must be damaging for the Sullivan Group’s image, right? This is a good enough reason to fire her. If you fire Alice now—without trying to make any public relations cover for her—then the public, including social media users, will consider the Sullivan Group a reliable company with zero tolerance for immoral employees,” Rachel replied matter-of-factly. Her words were reasonable, and most would applaud her train of thought. Victor would have applauded, too, and praised her for her astute take on the matter if he didn’t already know what she was up to. 1 “The mistress working for the Sullivan Group?” “The mistress was slapped by the legal wife?” “Alice Jenkins?” Although topics about the matter had already been removed from social media platforms ‘trending lists, comment sections in media websites, gossip blogs, and social media accounts were still abuzz with talk about the scandal. It wasn’t long before these topics made their way back to the top of many trending lists, and this time, nothing could be done to remove them. Sullivan Group’s employees probably knew nothing of Alice’s background, but Apliaria’s upper-class ladies definitely knew who Alice and Caroline were. And, they looked down on both of them. That it was common for men from wealthy families to keep mistresses or bear illegitimate children did not change their opinion of the two. Most people didn’t dare to make their dislike known to the public, though, as it was akin to airing their dirty linen in public, while others simply turned a blind eye. However, Alice and Caroline were too brazen in their affairs, so people loathed them. Rachel was notorious, too, but people still couldn’t deny the fact that she was a legitimate daughter of the Bennet family. Therefore, she was nobler than Alice and Caroline, both of whom were experts in destroying people’s families. This scandal, part of which was caught on tape, had gone viral on the Internet, and people saw Alice for who she really was. Her image of virtue and innocence, which she had worked hard and spent years to maintain, had been destroyed.

The chaotic scenes in the office had gone on for some time. Julia had gone to town on Alice, beating her black and blue. Finally, the police arrived and quickly mediated, and Alice was let go. Then, Julia grabbed Wilson’s ear and dragged him out of the office and back home. Alice was a mess. Her face was covered in bruises, and her limited edition dress was torn in many places. She looked so miserable that it seemed she was on the verge of collapse.  Caroline arrived a short while later, looking as though she had rushed there, and she was heartbroken to see Alice in that state. Caroline hurried over, covered her with a jacket and took her home.

Alice’s phone rang the moment she arrived home. It was a call from Sullivan Group’s personnel department informing her she had been fired and that they would never hire her again.  “Ah, ah, ah…” Alice cried out as her teary eyes reddened with anger. Suddenly, she smashed her phone against the wall in a fury. Tears welled up in her eyes as she trembled. Seeing Alice on the verge of a breakdown, Caroline walked over and hugged her. “Honey, please calm down. Don’t hurt yourself!” she cooed, trying to comfort her daughter. “Mom, how can I calm down? Tell me how I can calm down!” Alice cried, pushing Caroline away. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she bawled. “I was fired, mom! The Sullivan Group fired me! You know how hard it was for me to enter the Sullivan Group and how long I toiled before I could become the manager of the public relations department. I had to work really hard before I could approach Victor! But now, I’ve been fired! And they will never rehire me!”

Caroline gently held her hands and encouraged her. “Alice, I know you feel awful, but no matter how bad things get, we have to live on. It doesn’t matter that the Sullivan Group won’t rehire you. There are many other companies you can choose to work for. When you become a senior executive of another company, you will get the chance to—” “Mom, you don’t understand at all!” Alice yelled, shaking off Caroline’s hands. “The Sullivan Group fired me and informed me, in no uncertain terms, that they’ll never rehire me! Do you know what that means?” she shouted with red


Alice clenched her fists and tearily muttered, “Other companies will never employ anyone the Sullivan Group doesn’t accept!” Caroline’s face turned pale, and she murmured in disbelief, “How could that be? Alice, you graduated from our countries best university-in flying colors, too. There’s just no way you’d be unable to find another job!” “Mom, please help me. I can’t leave the Sullivan Group. I don’t want to leave the Sullivan Group! Mom! Once I leave, I will never see Victor again. I don’t want that!” Alice panicked, grabbing her mother’s hands desperately. Caroline was hurt to see Alice look this way. If it were possible, she’d choose to bear this pain on her daughter’s behalf.

ALEC Romaron Was Ruined

“Alice…” she murmured helplessly. “Mom, can you ask dad for help?” Alice suddenly asked hurriedly. “Dad can talk to Victor and ask him to keep me. I don’t want to leave the Sullivan Group! How could you and I face those upper-class ladies if I lose my job? Mom, think about it…” Alice pleaded. She had changed tactics when she noticed Caroline’s hesitation at the thought of asking Jack for help. She knew being looked down on was what Caroline feared the most. Her mother loathed the days Elisa overshadowed her. After Elisa died, the upper-class ladies were kind to her and her daughter on the surface, but they looked down on them in secret. Caroline was clever, so she easily saw through their facade. That was why she eagerly wanted Alice to marry Victor. It was why Alice’s words had a nerve in her. “Okay. I will tell your father when he returns,” Caroline said. “Rachel’s mother saved the life of Victor’s grandma once before, so the Sullivan family owes the Bennet family a favor. I think Victor will change his mind for your father’s sake.” Alice nodded and wiped her tears. When she had calmed down, Caroline pulled her to the bed to sit. “Baby daughter, I still don’t know how things ended up like this. Can you tell me what happened?” Alice’s eyes turned murderous. “It was Rachel. It must be her!” she growled.


“Mom, didn’t you tell me her baby was gone? Why does Victor still protect her then?” Caroline frowned as she thought about it. “That’s impossible.” “Mom!” “Alice, listen to me,” Caroline said, her eyes darkening. She held her daughter’s hand and looked at her seriously. “Don’t provoke Rachel anymore for now. It doesn’t matter if she’s still pregnant or not. If she truly lost the baby and is pretending otherwise, her secret will be exposed one day! If her baby is still safe, on the other hand, we still don’t have to worry. Do you think she will give birth smoothly? Remember that the Sullivan family has another man besides Victor. Furthermore, the woman living in the Sullivan family’s old house won’t permit this baby to see the light of day. When the time is right, all we’ll need to do is take advantage of them and enjoy a free ride.” Alice was silent for a moment, and then she quickly looked up at Caroline with wide eyes. “The man you speak of is Odin, right?” It was only after three days had passed that talk of Alice’s scandal on the Internet began to die down. Although the scandal had little to do with the Sullivan Group itself, it involved Alice, the manager of its public relations department at the time, and the director of its personnel department. Therefore, the conglomerate had to take the scandal seriously and investigate how the video got leaked. In the CEO’s Office on the thirty-third floor.

The director of the technology department swallowed nervously and said, “M-Mr. Sullivan, we have been working overtime, but we still haven’t locked on to the hacker’s IP address. This hacker is very cunning. He didn’t leave any trace, so we…” He swallowed again in fright as he felt Victor’s cold stare become more pointed. The pressure on him seemed to increase at an exponential rate, and beads of sweat slid down his forehead. He couldn’t help stuttering, “W-we really can’t find out who the person is.” Victor’s eyes turned vicious, and he coldly said, “You can’t find out?”

Captivation: Want Nothing But You, Chapter 83 Alice’s Reputation Was Ruined

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